Superbook Classic All About Dreams Season 2 Episode 6

[Music] Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] our storyboard today is all about dreams in the house just down the street and around the corner Chris and joy have joined the computer to ancient Egypt well Chris there's give my way Harry thank made the trip to Egypt safely healthy fine ruffle where's cousin oh he was with you I surmised he was he was here but he laughed he's impossible to keep tabs on but what about you me you be a good boy and come out in the back and help me do some weeding right away I'm busy I'll help you professor how sweet of you thanks jon-christopher boy we needs a drag I can get this way to fight come on Christopher stop complainer how very strange you see father you can't pull up ok clamshells believe it or not if there are clam shells here it must mean that this was an ocean once seashells you see me eat yeah our yard was under the water runs yes i found these clams to prove it we've made a remarkable discovery oh what a fantastic contribution to science this would be garbage Oh clam shells dear but I always throw the shells here [Music] right I'll see if Yuri is still an agent each hoping found rat lost my hook it's coming home soon before mother and father miss him and asked us where he is because if they find out it's me a good blend well after all you are helping him to go rescue truffles now I watch him careful look what Wow why do you think of that palace it's beautiful [Music] Joseph yes sir here find my cows for a while oh yes Alba I'm off to town to enjoy myself you've been taking quite a lot of time off from work aren't you afraid our master Potter fires going to find out about it sooner or later your upon a fire slave but I'm not [Music] oh we we must have planted in Egypt master that could be the palace of the Pharaoh what does that well my man oh right while we slept what a dream I had what was it about I will give you my interpretation of your dream about ruffles it signifies that we will find bubbles in the pharaoh's palace Oh what I dreamed really could have happened it was very wishful thinking oh you are having trouble Weaver [Music] you've been shirking your work to go off and play and that's irresponsible if you're not willing to do your work you must leave Potiphar Oh Salma wait how dare you be so mean to my own brother wife even though Alvez your brother I expected him to do his job faithfully we mustn't be unfair to our workmen oh do you mean Joseph isn't that right I don't need a worker like Alf oh and I have Joseph Joseph so be a slave you bought from Ishmaelite traders that may be true but he's a better man than your lazy brother that is a matter of opinion one of these days you'll find out what a mistake you've made brother come oh excuse me I told papa he should make you his overseer but he wouldn't listen to me hmm Joseph's the one he wants my husband's little pet listen Alba we've got to find a way to get rid of Joseph do you agree yes but I don't know how wait a minute I've thought of a wonderful idea we'll be rid of him by tomorrow oh we've got to be careful not to make on a farm angry make up your mind if you're mad a mouse little brother once Joseph's out of the way I'll make Potiphar give you his old job and you'll see you're better than Joseph I don't know what a pleasure to hear my husband admit is a mistake [Music] mmm it's me Joseph want something cool to drink master my wife's brother is a troublemaker duh master may I speak in there master I think he resents that I've been in charge of managing your livestock and pastures in place of him although he's your relative I wouldn't trust him with your job I'm sure you know as well as I do our unreliable Alvar can be well I am aware that you've had to do his work for him so leave this problem to me Joseph and go to bed now and get some rest yes sir [Music] pun upon polliver hmm cerimon what's the matter when I got up my money it all disappeared someone came and took the money out of my chamber do you mean what's this gone get in there dude there's I found it is wrong yes that's my money that fell well it seems Joseph's guilty how dare you brought me after the way my husband trusted you I wish mistaken wait master I promise you that I did not do it please sir I'm innocent no silly he's going to fib about it you don't believe Joseph instead of me do your husband you can't after all I'm your wife well he's merely a slave you purchased hmm Selma couldn't be lying but you what a traitor you've been Joseph no I'm not a traitor please let me have some time and I'll prove it will you be quiet Selma told me whom were in trustworthy however put him in the dungeon and lock him up at once no master not that all right let's go but I'm not guilty [Music] Joseph was locked in a dark dungeon we're prisoners of the Pharaoh were also gift he prayed to God to bear him up in his misfortune dear Lord in heaven give me the faith to believe that wrongs shall be turned to right although falsely accused Joseph did not despair for the Lord was with him he'd been taught to rely on the Lord by his father Jacob his faith that remained strong through all his troubles even when his brothers had turned against him and sold him into slavery [Applause] [Music] it's been a long time since that happened my brother Benjamin must be a man by now and a father he's still alive long to see them are you all right oh why have you been put in prison I recognize you your servants of the Pharaoh your right hand chief Butler for the Pharaoh but he's mad at me for some strange reason yes and I was chief of all the Baker's but it seemed as if he's angry at me too so he put us both in prison mm-hmm what made him so angry I'm not sure but comer said he was upset that his breakfast wasn't warm he likes things hot real hot but that's where I went wrong when I served him hot grape juice he was mad no excuse me I was just wondering would you been put in here for my name is Joseph and I was in charge of Potiphar's livestock and property but one day my Master's wife accused me of stealing her money which I didn't do but the master put me in prison mmm Potiphar treated you unfairly Joseph just as the Pharaoh did us mm-hmm yes you must feel dejected not really being locked up in this prison is pretty awful but I'm sure the Lord will help us if we have faith what how could you possibly believe in God after what's happened [Music] [Applause] [Music] you haven't eaten a bite Gomer something wrong well it's strange what I dreamed last night's been making me upset what was your dream all about a vine a vine in the pharaohs garden there were three branches on it with flower buds on them which burst into bloom right before my eyes the flower clusters turned into ripe grapes the Pharaohs cup was in my hand so I took some grapes and pressed the juice into the cup then I presented it to the Pharaoh I wish I know what it means but there's no one here to interpret it I can interpret your dream for you Gomer you a span of three days is meant by three branches Oh Pharaoh will summon you to come back to your job within three days that's the reason you dream that you served him a drink you'll be chief Butler as always and fill his Highnesses cup as you dreamed oh great do you mean within three days he'll be our prisoner back at work mm-hmm I had a strange dream last night myself yep maybe it means something great will also happen to me yeah super do it don't you think of my dream out if you can that's right I had baked and I had three baskets on my head the one on top was full of fresh bread I made for the Pharaoh supper suddenly some birds came and landed in that bastion and began to eat before I knew it the Pharaohs bread was all gone Joseph do you think it means the Pharaoh wants me back to pay for them since the birds ate up all his bread mm-hmm then what does it mean if not that the three baskets on your head also signify three days within three days you'll be Heber I can't what will happen to me speak up what is it within three days how long you'll be destroyed you're going to be hung on a tree and you'll be devoured by the birds who are you talking about oh sorry Eber interpretations belong to God Joseph's interpretations were correct three days later Eber was hanged and Gomer was released Gomer don't forget about me now try to help me get out of here don't forget to mention me to the Pharaoh as you promised please Gomer all right ruffles there's no such animal in the pharaoh's palace now beat it go look for that creature down in the marketplace sometimes the traders from the caravans have strange creatures for sale where's the market we should have a look cause waffles might be strange to some people it's a mile up that way wait if waffles is for sales he may get sold before we get there Joe yeah got to prevent that from happening we must capture the market before John uh-oh looks as if gizmos pressed the wrong button click on two years forward in time [Music] this mystery later mm-hmm meanwhile back at the Pharaoh's Palace come in here Guardsman I want you to make an announcement throughout the country yes order an assembly of all the wise men and the magicians quickly Guardsmen yes sir wise men and magicians may I have your attention please you've been summoned by the Pharaoh to hear about a dream he had you'll be expected to interpret it if everyone is listening we'll begin Pharaoh was standing on the bank of the river seven fat cows came up out of the river they fed on the grass in the meadow beside it then seven thin cows came up after them the seven cows that were fat were eaten up by the ones that were thin please be quiet because I am not finished the Pharaoh slept and then dreamed again he dreamed he saw some grain he observed seven plump ears sprouting from the top of one stalk but after them seven withered ears sprouted on the same stalk after that the good ones disappeared from sight for the withered ears had swallowed them up quiet please well those of you who've interpreted the dreams come forward what was no one here able to figure out what the dreams mean it's hopeless sir excuse me but I know somebody who can interpret your dreams for you well who Butler this man I should have mentioned before you locked me in prison remember two years back thought if our servant was in there with me one of my servants yes sir I promise to tell the Pharaoh he was falsely accused his name was Joseph what was it really yes he's only a servant yes sir hmm I'm sure he couldn't be wise enough to interpret dreams him but your highness when me Burr and I were in prison we told him dreams and he knew their meanings who what's more Joseph's interpretations of both dreams turned out to be correct you were put back in your job but Eber was destroyed that's what you mean yes sir amazing all right we'll get him here and find out if he can do it what are you waiting for captain bring Joseph here as soon as possible yes sir and verify Joseph's claims of innocence part of our yes sir all the rest of you are dismissed now leave the guard has arrived kneel before the Pharaoh yes sir your highness your name is Joseph yes sir I have told him your dreams Pharaoh and he assured me he can give you other meanings splendid please explain them to me right away yes your highness but what I will tell you comes not from myself but the Lord our Lord the seven fat cows and the seven ears of good grain signify that seven years of great Plenty are to happen now throughout the country however the withered ears and thin cows they predict that following the seven years of great Plenty will suffer for seven years from famine and want famine come on it is fixed by God Pharaoh he shown you what he's going to do therefore you must prepare for the years of famine immediately have all the surplus grain gathered up while it's still plentiful and put it away where it'll be safe I see furthermore pick someone wise and careful to rule over this with powers to match yours protecting your land depends upon him Joseph why Alva I've discovered the truth Pharaoh Joseph was innocent my servant Oliver has confessed to accusing him falsely thank you I'm truly sorry Joseph I wish I'd never done it will you forgive me now please you are forced to do it by Potiphar's wife really I forgive you over Joseph I'm at fault you must despise me for the way I misjudged you then nothing would make me happier than to have you come back and work for us again what but a faraway hmm in as much as the Spirit of God is with you and has shown you all this there could be no one wiser than you you're the man I want your word shall be law throughout my country i name you governor of Joseph oh if I I set you over my house and all the land of Egypt Joseph [Music] I hey Joseph you've got to obey the Barrow swish [Music] wait please forgive me sir but Potiphar deserves this job no you're the one who's best for it not myself but come Joseph I mean governor it's time for you to begin your travels all over the land shall i mm-hmm for once Joseph yes sir save Egypt from perishing I will with God's help I'm tired we've been looking for what for so long that I stopped Master you must eat sleep yeah we better find a motel hey that man looks like he might come and everybody has to bow down before this man since he interpreted the Pharaohs dreams he made him the governor move on I tried and that's how Joseph who was betrayed by his brothers and sold into slavery became the governor of Egypt the Lord moves in mysterious ways [Music]