Supernatural Entertainment Weekly FlipThrough




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hey guys it's stacey welcome back to my channel today i wanted to do something a little bit different and do a flip through of the new entertainment weekly magazines featuring supernatural so as you can see there are two magazine covers i went ahead and ordered both through the mail because i wanted to have both just for kind of my collection as you can see on the left we have misha jensen and jared and then on the right we have jensen and jared so the insides are the same but the covers are different so i'm just going to go ahead and start going through this i haven't looked at this even though i've had it for a little while so this should be fun oh this is cool see i didn't even know it did this it opens up to be a little bit bigger it shows the full photo it's a great photo by the way of course you guys these photos are so nice i'm like getting emotional even though i don't know why i guess just because it's you know getting towards the end and it's a celebration so this is the actual first um page of the spread or the beginning because of course there are other things in this magazine besides just supernatural so here it says the long goodbye which that's funny because it has been a very long time that this show has been on up here we have jared then we have jensen of course in front of baby and misha over here this is a great photo all of these photos are wonderful you can find them all online if you haven't seen them all already and of course you can see them here in the magazines here it says we only get one shot at this which of course is true but that shot hasn't even totally happened yet because as we know with kovid uh things are getting extended through the fall which i personally am okay with um and then here we have a couple of stills from the show this episode hasn't aired yet this is one we haven't seen i believe this one is filmed um obviously which you can kind of tell from the still but we haven't seen this episode yet so i'm excited to see that one and then over here it looks like we have another episode with felicia day which we haven't seen that episode yet either these photos here are just wonderful i've seen these online but it's nice to see them in print i especially like this one that one's probably my favorite here is a really old old shot from the pilot oh this is a wonderful photo too i posted this one on my instagram i mean all the pictures are gorgeous but this is a good one of all three of them and i'm going to go ahead and read this article later on obviously i'm not going to read that now with you guys because it's rather long but i'm sure there's some really great stuff in there this is more about you know a flip through and seeing the photos here we have some other old um stills from episodes oh these are uh you know extended family actors that have been in the show as guests like sterling k brown which of course he's huge now and this is us he's an awesome actor um and then we have bella up here missouri um i don't actually recognize him but it says he played diego so that looks like that was the end of the spread uh and entertainment weekly awesome photos as i'm sure all of you guys can tell you can see them all online or you can get your own print version of this entertainment weekly and of course like i said there are the two covers this one and then the one that we have of all three of the boys so that was the flip through of the entertainment weekly magazine for supernatural i hope you guys enjoyed this video i had fun going through it with you it was my first time seeing the print version of all the photos and some of the quotes and stills from different episodes i hope you guys enjoyed doing that with me and i will see you guys soon with another video bye