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Subtitles brought to you by Ancient Sword Team @ Viki.com Where is my money pouch? Mine is gone too Mine too Stealing in broad daylight? This is obviously a....! Ling Chuan, go and get the innkeeper Sir, all of you have already stayed for a few days. It's time to pay for the room. You want us to pay up? You are the one who should compensate us! What do you mean, sir? Look, we're doing our business as usual and you came to stay at our inn It's natural that you should pay for the lodging Can't be that I have to pay the customers, right? Our money was lost at your inn. If it wasn't your doing, who else could it be? This must be an unscrupulous shop! You spiked our food... ...and took the chance to steal our money Clearly, all of you want to skip out on the bill! What did you say? What do you want? Guys! Catch them! You stole our pouches and now you want to hit people? What absurdity is this? We only beat up frauds like all of you people! Get them! The second stage is a success! Next is the third stage! The third stage will be my turn Alright! I'm going to call the magistrate over now! Hey there, Constable Sir! I'd like to report on a serious crime! Aren't you all trying to catch one person, right? I just saw him around there Really? We've been after him for a while now How dare all of you come to our inn penniless? And you even beat up our staff? Get lost, get lost! You're a bunch of gangsters! What now, second senior brother? What now? What do you think? All of our money is gone! Sleep on the streets, of course! Second senior brother, why don't we go back to Hua Man Lou? Aren't you ashamed? We got no money, you still want to find girls? 2nd Senior Brother, you've misunderstood We were tricked that day and left without having a good search I suspect this Baili Tusu is definitely there If we can catch him ...and leave Jiang Du, we won't have to suffer then! Okay We'll go to Hua Man Lou Hey 2nd Senior Brother! What now? Look! 2nd Senior Brother When did you commit robbery, murder and arson? Are you dumb? I was with you these days. You think I'm so free? Are you going to do it when you're free then? You stupid idiot! This is clearly a false charge! False charge! Its him! Its them, lets catch them What now 2nd Senior Brother? Quickly run! Stop don't run! SuSu, do you even know how embarrassed that LingDuan was I say that they wouldn't dare to come back to JiangDou for a while Finally there is someone who helped you get revenge. Who told him to wrong you The reason why LingDuan has not given up chasing me must be because of what happened with Zhao Lin You didn't kill Zhao Lin Moreover, aren't you tracking down the killer right now? I think if not, we should take advantage of the fact that whilst they haven't recovered to quickly leave JiangDou Shao Gong has there been news about the jade from JinNiang yet? But I will ask her to hurry. If we really cannot stay any longer then we'll just leave JiangDou first If there really are difficulties with the thing about the jade Then there is no need to bother We still have many things to attend to and need to immediately leave JiangDou Today, we will part here Please wait. I'll try again Please wait. I'll go inside and try to divine again for you Thank you for your trouble (used when asking for a favour) JinNiang! (x2) I'm alright. It must be because my cultivation is too shallow Forcing luck, and resulting in my inner strength being affected by the magic I was too impatient Don't have to force yourself anymore. Forget about the thing with the jade Your business is my business. I'm not forcing myself I've always regretted not being rational at that time Causing even more trouble for you I've always wanted to make up for it It's rare to encounter an old friend JinNiang only wants a chance to help you with something You've already helped me with a lot There is no need to mention again what happened that day If you are willing to give me a chance I am willing to stay by your side even if it's as a servant, or even to the ends of the world JinNiang is willing to follow through life and death, serving you for life Aren't you looking for the jade pieces? Why don't you take me along? When my body has recovered a bit I can help you do divinations and look for it JinNiang The person who is capable of going through life and death with me has already returned to my side I really cannot take you In that case, then JinNiang has no way to help you divine about the locations of the jade No matter Health is important; I won't trouble JinNiang then I'll take my leave I think it will be difficult to find out about the location of the jade from JinNiang's side I'm worried about minor peripheral issues if we keep delaying it It's better to pack our things and quickly leave Hua Man Lou I'll go and tell QingXue In the past My big brother also loved drinking wine But YouDou's wine is used for worship Big brother used to get confined for seven days due to stealing wine Once drunk solves all worries Unless your brother was also tired out by the chaos of this world I think he is just a drunker. What about you big brother Qian Xiang? Do you drink to rid yourself of demons? Who has so many demons? This world has pains and beautiful moments You can't discern everything to clearly Drinking is just to make yourself nice and comfortable This wine, should be the best thing in this world Big brother told me before that the human world was lots of fun and said he'd bring me one day, but till now there hasn't been a chance Then what do you think of this place? I think it's full of people and love Its much more fun compared to Youdu Is this stuff as amazing as you said? Drink 2 cups and you'll know Since your brother so loves to drink, your alcohol tolerance shouldn't be that bad Here! drink 2 cups What's wrong? afraid of drinking? Are you feeling a little.....? Big Brother Big brother QingXue No way Drunk after 2 cups? Good thing she isn't my little sister If she were my little sister then I'd be embarassed She doesn't drink wine Why are there 2 big brothers? I heard Shao Gong and his friends are leaving Jiang Du Is that true? Before, I thought that with this reconciliaton his identity is different and so his personality should be as well and can get closer. But I never thought that he is still that heartless. I could tell early on that you have good feelings for him He treats people kindly and warmly, and very willing to help others. He also treated you with respect and honor. Jin Niang Shouldn't you tell him your feelings? Sister It's not like I haven't, I've said it thousands of times already But... He's always just politely replied to me I just don't understand, why am I not good enough? I would do anything, even be a maid for him he's still not willing to keep me with him Qian Xiang is exactly the same. He comes and goes as he pleases He's used to freedom. If I try to keep him he might not be willing to come again Oh well. Shao Gong and Qian Xiang are the same. They're both men we can't hold onto. No. If I don't extend my hand then I'll definitely never get him. Sister, dont you want to marry Yin Qian Xiang? I know Qian Xiang likes me, but I've never hoped to marry him Of course I've fancied it in the past But at this age, my heart has tired of the idea I am me, I wont change Also I know he will definitely come find me I am me, if I weren't me.. Would he treat me differently? It looks like he's really entranced you If you're not you then who are you? What's wrong? What's wrong? I suddenly don't feel so good. Why don't you go back first? Why don't I go find you a doctor? No need, sister you should go back I'll be okay after some rest Okay, get some rest. I'll come see you later. Clear and refreshing white flower honey. Give it a try! This indeed tastes a bit different from before Did you put in another type of flower nectar? Amazing! Amazing! Qing Xue said the alcohol smell is too strong, so I added a little bit more. Qing Xue? She made it for you? You and that little lady are quite intimate Calm down Don't take things the wrong way! I'm not a forward person It's QingXue who is mistaking me for her long lost brother It must be that I look a lot like her big brother But I do think along the same lines as this little sister! If you are fated, you will meet. If the fate is gone, then you will part company. Fate is sometimes good, and sometimes it's bad Could it be that you think Qing Xue and I...? It could be considered that I've met numerous people. Qing Xue is real and true. Tusu is cold on the outside but warm on the inside Lan Sheng and Xiang Ling are both innocent in personality In the past, I have never seen you close with any of your friends. This group of people is definitely different. Shao Gong is my friend They're Shao Gong's friends so they're my friends too of course! That's true. We don't even know what you went through in the past. Have you thought of anything recently? Because of Qing Xue's issue, I've suddenly had a thought I've thought if I could have a little sister or something too But as soon as I think about it my head hurts So I don't really wanna think about it Lady Jin can do divination Why don't you let her divine for you and see what you can remember? All this divination is just a bunch of mockery What's in the past may not be good things Besides, every time I think of it my head hurts so much It must be that the heavens don't want me to think of anything Why should I go to such trouble? When Lady Jin divined Tusu's life fortune, Qing Xue and the others were nervous for days on end That day I saw Shao Gong leave Lady Jin's room, and his face was also full of anger I wonder if it's that something bad happened between them Just by looking at it, Shao Gong won't be staying here for long anymore If he goes, then what about you? Hua Shang, I don't want to lie to you If Shao Gong needs my help I understand Your habit of coming and going, I've gotten used to it If you're going to go then hurry and go. Don't stay here and waste my money while making me worry Then I'll give you some more white flower nectar I guarantee you'll like it, okay? Come I'll pour another cup, another cup I got news about Yin Qian Xiang I heard the first time he appeared in Jiang Du was 11 years ago 11 years Isn't that when my big brother left Youdu? Where did he come from? No one knows where he's from, just that he knows some magic and wanders Jiang Hu When he was in Jiang du he helped people drive away spirits to make money I think he's probably your brother If he is my brother, then why doesnt he recognize me? Perhaps there's some unspeakable reason If he still won't say it then you can test him a bit QingXue Susu Are you guys in the middle of something? I was asking Little Black Hair about my big brother How do QingXue's problems concern you? Stop bothering her Besides, Lady Jin has already said it. You are the unlucky star of unlucky stars Whoever is with you will die Unless you want to harm Qingxue Don't spout nonsense! Susu, don't bother with him.. Aren't all of us with you and well? Right now you're fine and well. Who knows if later-? You.. Dont worry Im leaving Jiang du with Shao Gong anyway If you want to return to Youdu then go Susu Don't be sad. If he leaves I'll take care of you me and Susu's issues are none of your concern Okay okay, I won't care about it Do you still want to investigate about your brother? Yes Sneaking around, what do you want? You getting drunk and throwing cups everywhere, what's so unnatural about that? Be careful to not be a bad influence on us young people Little demon What is it you want? There's a house that's been haunted by a spirit. I want you to go get rid of it Okay, but, let me first finish this jug of wine No no no. If we wait for you to finish the wine, the 100 taels will be taken by someone else! 100 taels?? There's nothing that great in the world Then it will depend on if you have the ability Are you going or not? Subtitles brought to you by the Ancient Sword team @Viki.com Qingxue Qingxue! Qingxue, are you okay? Big brother Qian Xiang has good skills What good skills? It's just some crappy martial arts I never thought I'd end up injuring you Any heavy injuries? I'm fine I just wanted to play with you How annoying Such a big girl, but still acting like a child Let's go, I'll bring you back for an examination with Shao Gong -No need -I'll help you I'm just afraid that if Susu sees me the way I am now he'll definitely be worried again You silly girl. Is your body more important or is he more important? That's right, why should you care about him? I already said I'm fine I'll be okay after a few days rest, don't worry Then I'll accompany you I already said that's unnecessary You better go back with Big brother Qian Xiang How can I do that? You are my future wife, I must take good care of you I already said it's unnecessary! Just give a message to Susu and Shao Gong for me Tell them, I've left to go play for a few days I'll go back in a few days I don't know where Qian Xiang has gone again, I haven't see him all day Same with Qing Xue Really? I was planning to discuss with them about the issue of leaving Jiang Du Now neither of them are here Did big brother Qing Xiang go to places with the winehouse or casino again? Then I'll go take a look Ice face Qing Xue has gone out to play for a few days and told me to tell you not to look for her Where did Qing Xue go? If she's gone to play then she's gone to play, what's it to you where she went? She hasn't gone with you anyway Are you stupid? She doesn't want to see you She doesn't like you, so what are you following her around for? There's something I need her for Something you need her for? If you're looking for her to tell her to come with you then I think you shouldn't waste your time I don't think Qing Xue wants to go with you She said that? She went out because she wants to avoid you obviously Do you expect her to tell you to go away to your face? Our Qing Xue is so kind, why would she do that? You should hurry and wake up What can you do for her if you stay by her side? Make her happy or play with her? Look, you've made this kind of face again That Qing Xue bothers with you is weird You can't do anything for her. In the end, do you expect her to give her life up for you? Like you who brings bad luck to relatives, friends, and your wife, how can Qing Xue take it? At least I'm a loner If I really have a sister like you, who looks for her brother until she puts her life on the line, I don't know if I should be happy or not I guess it is because of this silly little sister, that my big brother hide and enjoyed his life. If your relationship with your brother is so good, why did he leave you behind and run off? I also want to ask him that I just don't know, with such a long separation, if he's still okay or where he is With a good younger sister like you, your brother might be somewhere living a good life. May it be true. I think If my big brother is still alive, he must be thinking of me. What do you think? How many years has your big brother been missing for? 11 years I heard you also arrived in Jiang Du 11 years ago Back then, this place wasn't as developed But when I think about it, its already been 11 years Your big brother has been missing for so many years already It's hard to say whether he's still alive. Where do you plan to look for him? I don't know Right now I can only follow Susu around slowly looking for him Did you know In the past big brother gave me a bracelet with a magical stone As long as it detects big brother's magical aura, the magical stone will light up It's just a shame that the bracelet is broken now So i have no way of finding him Magical stone? Is it this one? What's wrong It's just an after effect of my old injuries Your head's been injured before? Let me see There's Tusu and there's your big brother. You can't even take good care of yourself and you bother yourself with me? I'm telling you If young ladies take on too much worrisome things, they'll turn old I it's better to drink alcohol. Sister Hua Shang, sister Hua Shang! Please lend me some money! What do you want to lend money for? It's to make my future wife happy of course! You little demon actually want to find a wife? Of course, my future wife is nice and pretty. Of course, I have to put some time to it. So, would you help me? I can lend you some money, but you can just waste it on anything. You are still young. Don't be like your big brother Qian Shang, who only knows how to drink and gamble. I promised, this money is for my future wife. Also, I promised that if I could marry her, I will definitely bring her here to be filial to you. You little kid laughing at me. Am I that old? No. Sister Hua Shan is the youngest and the prettiest person I've seen. Alright, no more sweet talk. Come with me QingXue Look. I have bought some pastry for you from the restaurant. Taste it. You dont want to eat? Then I will take you to eat some other good things? Why are you sighting? I was thinking what if I can take care of you in future? What should I do then? Who needs you to take care of me? I am a man. Wait, Im a male demon If you become my wife, of course i'll take good care of you Do you understand what is love? How many years have you been here? I will understand in the future. I don't want to explain to you. Just eat some I will pour you a cup of water. Wait a moment It would be hard for this gentleman to escape death curse. The Void Star is reversed, the Tian Xu Star (death, sorrow) occupies his life and a weak destiny with his family. These betoken extreme ill and ominous omens. Are you stupid? She doesn't want to see you She doesn't even like you. Why are hanging around her? The torment of illusions To be reborn is also good YunXi! Han Yunxi! I'm waiting for you to embrace me Let me get drunk with the sword And you don't like me to call you Yun Xi. I felt weird calling you TuSu. I felt that SuSu is very suitable to you. It sounds good and good to utter. Susu Let the rain clean the memories of sand And let me be free of all thoughts Then wander the world Time has dyed your hair white The years have scratched my face The legend of the sword being unsheathed The blood is sprouting and it blossoms into flowers The legend of the sword being unsheathed The blood is sprouting... Brother Tusu, have a drink. This time come drink, leave the depressed look Don't be bored by yourself. Come, have a drink. It's because of little sister Qing Xue? Oh, it is. There is too many things that I couldn't understand. That's why I felt somewhat troubled. Oh, how could there be so many troubles? If you can figure it out, then figure it out. If you can't, then forget it. Why forced yourself? By the look of it, you are troubled with love, right? Listen to me, we men cannot be like women full of headaches. Human love is ever changing according to time and events. Those love forever type of things are all women's ideas to trick us. They are all unrealistic like smoke to the eyes. Look at me. I'm alone and free. You Jiang Hu scoundrel. If everyone is like you not respecting love. Then who are all the girls in the world going to marry? TuSu, stay away from him. Don't let him lead you down the wrong path. Brother, you see? Even feelings will fool you This is true On the surface she looks like a little white bunny, but she is in fact a mother tiger inside. If you are going to get a wife, never get one like this. You are the mother tiger! -Oh, that felt good. Who is the mother tiger? -Oh, that felt good. You are heartless. It was a waste for me to be so good to you. From those words, it sounded as if I have not been treating you well. If you are good to me, then when have you decided to marry me? Well that. Uhm, you see, I'm so poor. How can I marry you, the great beauty, Miss Hua Shan? How about this? You wait for me to go out & make some money with Shao Gong. Then I will come back & marry you. Ok, you wait. I knew you'd try to run Let me tell you. I am not going to wait for you. If you don't give me a definite answer. Then don't come back after you leave. You. I.... Hua Shang! Hua Shang! Hua Shang! Hua Shang! Wait for me, Hua Shang! What is it that can make you stay? Subtitles brought to you by the Ancient Sword team @Viki.com Do you have any trace of the Jade Ornament in your memory? Jade Ornament, do you know where is the Jade Ornament? Aren't you an ancient talisman? How could you not know where is the Jade Ornament? Lan Sheng Xiang Ling, where have you been? I've been looking for you the entire morning I just saw Jin Niang used a very weird magical talisman. It's very small and can glow. Glow? Scared me to death. I thought it was my Green Jade of the South. That broken jade of yours? It's a thousand times better than your broken jade of yours. I saw Jin Niang when she use the magical arts that talisman float in mid-air and emit a green light. It's so pretty. Really? What were you doing in Jin Niang's room? I want to ask her about my mother's whereabouts Who knew she was doing a reading. Do you think that this is the talisman she used to open the heaven eye? There is a possibility. Then if we use this talisman, would we also be able to tell fortunes too? That's right. Then if we want to know anything, we would know it. That's right. Since you want to find your mom why don't we go and borrow it from Jin Niang? Borrow? Would she lend it to us? Xiang Ling, did you stole it yet? How did you get it? -I of course have my way. Let's give it a try. -Okay. Nothing happens What talisman is this? There's nothing. How about you use your Green Jade of the South to give it a try? Ok But how do I use it Hu Zhi. Hu Zhi. Hu Zhi, don't cry. Hu Zhi. Hu Zhi. Hu Zhi, big brother is going to find some herb medicine for you. Wait for my return Brother Brother Brother Brother Child, wake up Dad What did you see? I saw 2 kids My dad carried one away. Then who is the other child? Your dad didn't tell you? No, I have to give it another try. Shao Gong! Where did you get this thing? Don't worry. I definitely won't cause harm to TuSu this time. I'm asking you where you got it Its me.. It's me. I..from....Jin Niang's... borrow it to for use. So, Jin Niang used Zhu Long Talisman for reading. Oh no, we've got into trouble again. Jin Niang Jin Niang! Let me in so we can talk You don't want to let me in Is it because of Zhu Long talisman? Since you don't want to see me, then let's not see each other from now on. You take care of yourself. Good-bye. Don't want to see. No need to see again. I won't! Even to death, I will follow you. Grandma QingXue, tell grandma Are you injured? I'm not It's just that the food is not very agreeing to me these past few days. So, I have a little bit of diarrhea. So, I don't look so well. Do you think it easy to deceive me just because I am old? You have been injured by the force. Tell me what happened Okay, alright. It was because I wanted to find big brother. Plus some small issues over here, so I got injured a little bit. But I will recover from these injuries very soon. Grandma, don't think of it that seriously. Dont use the search for your brother as an excuse There's no news of Guang Mo for over ten years. Grandma has already given up all hope. But you, as the Spiritual Girl, don't forget your status and responsibilities. Grandma, I did not forget my responsibilities. You know that the force of the Sword of Burning Solitude is very strong. If I want to bring back the Sword of Burning Solitude, then I must bring SuSu back too. End Of Episode