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yes you read that right it's a podcast about sex in detail this is the episode that many many many people out there have been waiting for for the longest time we've got one of india's premier health experts one of the world's premier health experts he's also one of the world's premier wellness experts luke coutinho the world of royalty the world of films the world of sport and the world of billionaires turns to this man when it comes to health and wellness advice and on the runway show today he's going to break down sex in detail from an ethical loving relationship standpoint you guys gonna enjoy this episode just before i let you slip in let me remind you this month was massive for me on a personal level became an investor for the first time in my life at age 27 invested in a company called ready set jet the products are linked down below make sure you check them out make sure you show your support but for now lu coutinho and ranvira labadia breaking down the act of sex on the runway show [Music] so with luke coutinho here again on the ranvir show uh you're a trs ulcer today we're talking support what's up thank you for being here again yeah we're talking about love and sex in this podcast okay let me let me remove all my masks let's keep it real all the masks are off okay go for it um we've spoken about sex a lot on this show we've spoken about concepts related to sex uh you know i just want to dive straight in i believe in ctas which are called to actions let's give the young listeners initially a guide to good sex or you know maybe you could begin with what's the role of sex in the human existence then how do you enhance your sex life we can talk about everything from foreplay yeah to bedroom techniques to food to stretching and yoga if need be yeah to of course love of course the spiritual aspect of it okay so look i'm gonna hand it to you uh you take the conversation forward okay cool so i think there's no rule book around sex again it's an energy okay now we can change the energy right now by moving from the word sex to lovemaking massive difference massive difference okay so when i talk today you know you know keep all this feminism all this stuff out okay i am talking my story based on my opinions what people make out of it but if you're trying to take textbook knowledge of sex you know a lot of guys come and say hey luke i'm forwarding you this cosmopolitan article where they said 15 ways to please your woman okay and stuff like that i said if you want to be successful with that woman okay you think of 15 unique ways to please her not by the opinion of a journalist who has collated what women like and a lot of women don't know what they like the same way before the feminists jump up a lot of men don't know what they like as simple as that we all go through our first experiences more driven with hormones and stuff like that and all of these things i think the first thing that i want to break right now because we counsel these young kids and stuff like that i can tell every young kid out there every young male okay if your self-worth is dependent on the size of your penis okay you have a big problem right now okay i know porn has made you think like you know the bigger you are the more happier the woman now today we've worked with models actresses beautiful women pretty women normal women all of that stuff okay i asked them one question what makes you happy in bed okay not one of them till date have said the size of the penis not not one of them they say that look okay we want to feel secure we want to feel appreciated we want to feel cared for i get that in a guy i'll get wet the foreplay is going to be good i'll give my all okay the second thing that guys have to know about it is a woman doesn't have to orgasm all the time for you to be successful women have said it all the time that we love orgasms we love them okay but we don't get them all the time so if you've not given your woman an orgasm every time you've made love to her doesn't mean you're a failure but when you keep watching porn like every 30 seconds a woman's having an orgasm so you your benchmark of success is something that isn't true it isn't true so number one advice if you are comparing your life your sex life with porn right now i can guarantee you you either have premature ejaculation okay you can't keep it up okay and you have insecure feelings because it's the wrong benchmark you are designing to fail for yourself okay and all of us have done these things all of us when we like done back in college we had magazines like hustler and playboy and stuff like we didn't have the internet back and go at that point and stuff a few clips of videos and stuff like that and on limited knowledge of sex was like oh it's got to be that way but we learn and evolve that's a phase that you're going through but don't link your self-worth with that i can tell you up front right now before we come to the main parts of sex if you're eating crap too much of sugar too much of oil not exercising there is no reason that you're gonna have a strong erection and keep it up period okay it's it's not gonna happen it's not gonna happen because we know too much of sugar junk food impairs blood circulation what keeps you hard is your blood circulation cigarettes smoking sick definitely 100 down alcohol as well okay but a lot of people come say but luke you know when i drink alcohol i i really you know i feel like doing it and stuff i said did your woman enjoy it after that i said no i couldn't really keep it up but what has alcohol done given you a sense of power why because it drops your gates when you drink alcohol you can say so many things that you can't say when you're not an alcohol but again everyone's different there are some people who drink alcohol and say i can only do it when i have alcohol everyone's different but i'm trying to say comes down to science again okay when you're intoxicated okay your liver is so busy trying to clean out your system and stuff like that blood flow is less circulation is low so do the math works for you do it yeah my point when it comes to sex okay again when i ask a woman what do you like in sex what position you know what they say it depends we don't have a fixed position that we enjoy one day we like a doggy style one day we like it missionary one day we don't want to have sex we just want foreplay one day we don't even want that we just want to cuddle in bed for that that's great sex for us but again the media is showing you that it's got to be this explosive orgasm and every guy is like who is she getting it is she getting it is she getting it all of us we've been there been there done that the first question a guy did you orgasm did you climax here you come and stuff that a woman says you know we hate that question because it doesn't matter if we want to we tell you to keep going it's as simple as that so communication communication yep you know i have this uh thing i figured over the years i believe that while you can break down sex as a very complicated concept and you can keep improving at it there's two basic ground rules or ground concepts when it comes to great sex one is speak about sex in non-sexual scenarios yeah in a very non-sexual way when you're talking to a girl who have a platonic relationship with who's your friend if she's talking about sex don't don't look at her in a dirty way yeah just talk about the subject it doesn't have don't bring the emotion in it you'll especially from women and many guys are not capable of that because the moment sex comes out of a woman's mouth they start visualizing about that moment that's how guys and they think they're loose and they're i had a woman who said luke you know i feel [ __ ] at times because i'm turned on the guy's a girl it doesn't make me a [ __ ] and i was like yeah wow just listen to her she's like i feel that you guys you all feel horny you all feel like you like animals you'll want to jump on us and stuff we respect that feeling if you respect us the same way you respect us if i want to feel dirty talk dirty in bed it's because i'm turned on but i do that and i'm termed as a [ __ ] and now no matter how good the guy is i will never ever come with that guy again or orgasm with that guy again so you see you're very right about that when you talk about it don't look at that person if a woman is being vulnerable and talking about her sexual fantasies a lot of guys say oh wow and they start fantasizing that they're gonna be with that girl and stuff and they mess it up all over there so you've broken down honest communication right then right then honest communication is one yeah and the second thing i'd like to highlight is extended foreplay this is not just physical for play for play begins in conversation yeah absolutely it starts from the time you've picked her up from the time you hold a hand or the time you do all of these things today again foreplay in normalcy is oh i'll go down on her that's going to turn her on and stuff like that and he can be down on her and she's not even getting a little bit wet because she's not ready yeah she's like you know i think a woman's body and a man's body is it's like a well-oiled machine you know lever everything has to work together for it to start working you can't just go on and say oh wow i read in cosmopolitan that you know women love their nipples to be fondled and sucked on or a guy likes this and they just go and they start doing their stuff like that you could lead we've all done that we wiring every second guy who started off as always like you know i'm under am i in the right place right now we've gone through that that's fun don't don't get so attached to it but again it's a process like you said it starts from the time you know you probably pick her up you start talking to her you lay that whole thing out you know um you know we can go on and on about emotional and intellectual foreplay i believe uh just human beings away by wired we love vulnerability yeah so if as a man you're able to show a certain vulnerability to yourself that could be career insecurity yeah life insecurity physical insecurity emotional relationship based insecurity and by that i don't mean possessive miss i mean just showing your real colors yeah that's foreplay absolutely um you know obviously intellectual sex is also foreplay where you're exchanging deep thoughts about life about yourself about each other um which is why a lot of women actually prefer older men because women and men definitely mature at different rates yeah so it's the intellectual part that they get attracted to see let's understand uh physical attraction chemical attraction i'll break it down okay because uh we've always tried to understand this okay there's a girl and a boy there's conformity they share the same you know likes dislikes music okay so you're moving closer on the basis of conformity you're conforming to each other's ideals now as you come closer you know the dopamine is going up you hold a hand there's oxytocin going up it's a chemical reaction okay and i'll tell you why it's a chemical reaction it's never love at first sight i don't believe in that i don't believe it depends on your definition right it's first the chemical reaction okay because the dopamine everything is giving you that sensation everything together now and i'll tell you exactly why so you have the greatest sex life for the first year after a while you know it comes down they like they say the honeymoon period why okay now for the relationship to grow dopamine and serotonin and oxytocin it's you know there's over stimulation of it you've had maximum sex now for the for the partnership to mature i need to find new dopamine and new oxytocin you know generators through conversation that's our relationship growth so if you're building a relationship only on sex your relationship is going to die at some point build it it can some start off with great sex but then mature couples which i'm learning now at the age of 41 you have to build up other aspects like i can have a conversation my dopamine stimulated attraction again if you're only dependent on sexual attraction it's gonna die it's over stimulation that's why they say the honey boom period oh the sex was great in the first year now my husband is not even in the moon now my wife is able whatever because while you're still dependent on the stimulation source which is overstimulated what have you done to generate new sources holidays travel movies together holding hands doing all the things that excited you in the first place that's how you keep it alive man you know what you're basically saying is self-growth fuels a good sex life absolutely because when you grow yourself you have more stuff to talk about you have more stuff to exchange to exchange to talk to you know vulnerable stuff like you know like you know with you're changing all the time i can't expect ranvi to be the same on the next show we do together you would have evolved in many ways you can't expect me to be the same we can't expect our partners to be but the men men will come and say oh my wife when we were dating she was like this this this she was into me she was that then the guy the girl was saying my guy he was he would buy me gifts he would do this whatever yes at that point that's who you all were each of you all have also changed now can y'all communicate and you know go up and say you know i loved it when you bought me flowers any guy will say like wow i'll go and buy her fly instead of like you don't buy me flowers anymore and you start the nagging all of that stuff which guy's gonna want to buy flies or the same opposite sex i'm gonna talk bought before the femmes wake up you know so my whole point is uh you have to evolve mature of course the sex is going to beg you're a partner for x amount of years you've tried every position in kama sutra if you're flexible and agile and you can do anything what else is there to try what else is there to try and then you say like a woman doesn't turn me anymore turn me on anymore let me become bisexual or let me change my gender example okay but sex is one part of your life for dopamine if i've built 10 other mechanisms i have a balance in my life if i haven't i am going to change my partner i am going to have affairs i am going to probably become bisexual after i've tried every possible position because it's dopamine once you've done it 10 times 100 times the same position new positions it doesn't excite you anymore it's called over stimulation it's not our decision it's the way chemistry works 100 um i'm gonna say something a little spicy right now which is a theory that just popped in my head uh when it comes to long-term sex breasts gets saggy penises get less hard vaginas get loose and guys grow out moves yeah with time but what keeps growing is the brain the brain grows and if the brain is growing the brain needs to be stimulated with so many other things you know when i speak to my couples i have a lot of couples in the age of group 6 60 70 and i asked them straight how's their sex life what's good there are some of them are who look our sex lives are unbelievable because they connect because of love they connect because of love and for them it's no longer about like you know there was a lady sweet 68 year really she's saying luke the same pleasure i would get in my 20s if my husband and i are sitting holding hands looking at a sunset i get the same feeling just in a different way dopamine and oxytocin wow different sources of stimulation you're playing a video game you're getting dopamine and oxytocin so chemistry can't change but the levers and the mechanisms can 100 change that's when a woman says that i said yeah but you all want that physical yeah they say yes we want we want our gas we want this but luke we can get the same feeling not physically if we feel cared for we want to give our all automatically automatically so you see these are things we learn later in life and stuff but the young guys out there who follow this advice right now and work backwards you know before trying to get into someone's pants do your groundwork make them feel cared for lover it's going to be easier you don't have to like go through video after video compare yourself in the mirror with someone and then assume that oh i'm not getting lucky tonight because my skin is dark i'm not getting like no you know you're not getting lucky tonight because you've not said the right things you've not laid the foundation it's not because you're dark you're not because you're whatever sometimes you see really pretty women with men who i'm not going to say are ugly or fat but you know you say it's a common thing how did she get that guy and then oh he must be rich you know or the same thing with a guy like a super handsome guy she get that girl maybe you know yeah maybe he has three other mistresses on the side but they don't understand that it's a beautiful example of people connecting beyond just physical sex into so many different ways yeah you know so it's the more porn you watch the more messed up you're gonna be it's as simple as that so here's a note for young men who are trying to get into a woman's heart you won't get into a woman's heart by making a physically attracted to you you won't get into a woman's heart by getting into a pants you'll get into a woman's heart by getting into her soul and you're going to get into her soul when you inculcate self-confidence and a positive energy have genuine intention absolutely bro i'll give you a simple example no disrespect to any of the guys out there to girls who have great physique six-packs size zero figures no disrespect but you know what we did this exercise where we took pictures of guys who are ripped six packs whatever and we showed them to girls do you find this guy attractive do you find this guy attractive it's not it's too much it's too much right so every guy out there build a great body i like maintaining a six pack 360 degrees of the year or 360 days of the year whatever and so but that's because i feel good but if you're building a six-pack because you think you're gonna get a woman i'm telling you right now you're not you're probably gonna get them and you're gonna be in the friend zone you're gonna keep that they want you for the pictures that's it but believe me very rarely are you going to be lucky develop your skills develop how to talk how to do all of these things just having a six-pack body and i've showed many men women with you know brilliant figures and they said yeah she's probably good for a little while i want someone deep you know they have the assumption that beautiful women and models are shallow like assumptions and stuff they're not they're intelligent super intelligent ones but you see perception so it's not about that it's way way deeper than that and if people can figure that out i think they can build more you know realistic more realistic relationships i mean everyone wants great sex but it doesn't end there there'll be days when a man can't do it there'll be days when a woman doesn't do it it doesn't somebody meant i failed i failed will she love me so [ __ ] if you based your love of your relationship on your performance bro what's it going to be five years down the line by saying failed most guys mean they either came too far so they didn't get an erection they didn't get an erection they failed or they've done everything but the woman didn't orgasm and women say and these same women say luke we tried to tell him that orgasm doesn't mean the sex wasn't good for us and orgasm is many things coming together i could have had a bad day and that's why you know i'm not in clear thought i'm enjoying everything but i didn't orgasm so when there's communication then a man understands and imagine the pressure it takes off a man that you know it's fine it's fine if she doesn't orgasm every single time i'm sure a woman will have a problem she doesn't have gasm at all every single time that's a different story but it is like that we all go through phases like this there are some days where you feel like you're just a rock star and then there are some days where you just feel like you can't perform and then you got to step back what's going on in your life are you too stressed out are you sleep deprived you're drinking too much of alcohol smoking too much of weed ask yourself you'll find a reason there's always a reason why it's happening i'm not getting an erection let me go and get my heart checked yeah yeah do i have high blood pressure big issue for rec for erections and stuff why do i have diabetes big issue for erections so we have to step back and look at these things i've had a lot of young bros of mine who have dealt with erection related issues and in 99.9 of those cases and there have been a ton that'd be more than you'd imagine and a lot of them come to me and speak about it because with my brothers i'm very open um i feel in all the cases it's more a mental game than a physical game but someone just needs to tell them that yo this is normal it happens even if you came too fast it's normal it's much more mental game than anything you need to be relaxed you need to accept that this is happening you need to communicate with your partner that this has happened yeah and often i've i've actually spoken to them after they've come out of that phase of their life uh their female partner their girlfriends their wives actually had them come out of it but they were very supportive that can be it for a guy and if there's any girl listening to this yeah and support your guy yeah support your guy and if it's an issue on the other side guys support you're a girl you know if she's going through a period of where you know uh it's it's painful for her all of that stuff you know i mean she's not changed she's going through an issue support her through it what's the girl equivalent of not getting a boner dryness vaginal dryness oh wow very painful for them you know a lot of a lot of women i mean there are a lot of cases of women who are in married relationships who still can't have full penetration because of the pain wow so the solution there's lube it doesn't even work then so then they have to work on because they have fears in their mind a lot of them have been either abused earlier or they've had this fear or they've heard stories of you know their girlfriends who have been raped and stuff there are always and that's where a guy has to help the girl through it that's that's again when love is to the rescue so understanding understanding i wouldn't say love i would say maybe for you different perceptions for me i would say understanding i would feel understood let me say like like like i said all masks are removed okay in one night if i don't perform well i want understanding you know i don't want anything else i want understanding and i feel good and the next day or you're a horse again it's like that you know so it can't the body won't always work that way so you're right about erectile dysfunction a lot of most of them are mental but a lot of them juvenile diabetes wow it's huge the moment someone comes to me i say please get your blood work done first okay first because if you have diabetes you know a simple thing for guys let's add this to the sex guideline uh boys and men we wake up for erections in the morning sometimes a couple of them two three four five if you find that you're not getting your morning wood it's called morning wood nocturnal uh tumescence if you're not getting it you wanna get your heart checked in your blood sugar levels okay let me explain why in the morning what happens okay it's not like you're you know a lot of women get angry like they wake up and they find like they're guys sleeping and they have an erection who are you thinking of no no they're not thinking of anything it's a normal thing just before we wake up in the morning the body is doing its final check blood flow everywhere blood flow to the penis up down it's like a beautiful machine that's where morning wood comes from it's the body doing its final check so if you're not getting your morning wood you know if you're very stressed you can relate it late night fine but if you're constantly not getting it you want to get your heart checked and your sugar levels checked and women listening to it no your guy's not thinking about a woman unless he's awake and he's got an erection probably then but you know this is the science of the body erections are absolutely normal it doesn't mean i have to be aroused i think of another woman if i get it there's so many times i'm at work and stuff like that working on something like that you suddenly get hard you go down again you look am i what am i thinking about i'm working it's your body just doing its stuff leave it leave it you don't have a problem just chill leave it at that point so morning wood uh is very very important for men it's a very good indicator of heart health and uh diabetes and it happens till you're old yeah it decreases over time it decreases over time but you know as we help people to sleep better i have men in their 50s also he look you know it's becoming a problem it's uncomfortable by five in the morning i have this erection that doesn't go i'm saying that's that's good for you and that's where morning sex was brought up morning it's like that so it's different it's the way you perceive it some people love morning sex some doesn't depends on the partner depends on so many things some men just don't get an erection in the morning so how will you have morning sex you know some people are night people some people are afternoon people but everyone's different that's why you cannot compare your sex life or how you perform with other people the best is ask your partner honest questions what do you like does displease you and i do it communication is the most sexiest thing the most sexiest things and a lot of women say i like to be guided i like to be asked what i like or i like to tell you what i like but a lot of men will feel egoistic about it don't tell me what to do i know what i need to do and you just go on licking randomly and not you know achieving anything and stuff like that so i think communication is key um okay now usually in this podcast we have a rapid fire kind of twitter verse based q a at the end i think that'll be a whole other podcast when it comes to sex so we're not going to take the audience's q a i'm going to talk about the final part the climax of this podcast pun intended uh it'll be all about the actual act of sex right from physical foreplay what do you do when you've penetrated and although what you do after right before that i would request the listeners and watchers of this podcast to share this as much as possible we grow through your shareability sharing it on whatsapp sharing it on your social media when you put out conversations like this that's when uh sex is going to be a much more easily spoken about topic yeah uh i have gone out of my comfort zone to create this kind of content on beer bicycles something we've never created before no one better than my big brother luke coutinho uh which means i'm not an expert i've learned this over the years and stuff i've probably done everything that i'm now telling people not to do yeah but we learn through it it's as simple as that but you know you also come from a scientific uh place health and the human life is something that you study day in day out you want the best communicators i know and often for a guy if you're talking to guys your age or younger about sex it always becomes explicit it becomes oh man when you talk to an older guy about it it's a lot more educative so i hope that that's the energy people pick up from this podcast and i hope there isn't some dude masturbating somewhere that would be weird but coming to the final uh part of this podcast here's what i know about physical foreplay we're done speaking about emotional foreplay and warming it up when things actually start um again every woman is different every man is different everyone's bodies are different everyone has a minimum of two spots on their body one is your obvious spot which are your genitals uh for women there's another spot which is the breasts and women have probably a third spot also which you have to find which is different for like every woman am i right insane yeah you're right actually women have quite a few spots and the beauty is if you discover it for them but by saying by saying oh that's it is sometimes if you really explore you find a spot on them which is like they'll say you know this stimulates me more than my nipples and then you feel like so it's all about exploration you know because they're nerves at the end of the day there's so much to explore in a woman's body for women to explore in a man's body but like when you're limited with your knowledge from porn you just do the same crap all the time you know all the time and um you know i mean this is something you can only feel the third or fourth or fifth spots can only be figured either through communication or through experimentation and it could be as random as your yellow the back of your absolutely the neck the shoulders it could just be a random part of the body you're not um aware of yeah uh every human being man or woman wants to feel like their body is being explored because sex at its core is vulnerability yes that's the key to great sex i feel explore each other's bodies before you go into the final act yeah would you absolutely anything to this exploration that's what kama sutra teaches you as well sex is not just the act of it it's exploring you know what turns on each other you know and again it starts from the emotional part everything and physical so many so many different things so many different things you know there are women who have said sometimes they orgasm without even penetration oh really like you mean by someone going down on them or fingering no not even that no penetration at all just those moments and stuff being in them in in an erotic hug during a massage all of that stuff which shows you the capability of the human body that foreign orgasm you don't need men can orgasm men can orgasm through certain yoga poses and asanas and certain you know when you do this pose called the mullah bandha it's not a pose it's a lock you find yourself getting stimulated because all that sexual energy comes alive kundalini yoga teaches you that it teaches men how to orgasm without act without a woman even being with them okay so these things show you the reason i'm saying that is it shows you the capability of the human body and the secrets of the human the secrets of the human body so that that's what makes exploration huge for us imagine discovering something new you know with your partner or with your lover or what it is you know whatever it is and stuff like that you know i think that's that's very very you know necessary yeah i feel i mean without revealing too many details uh i didn't know that there's a second spot on a man's body and most men don't because all the attention usually goes on your own penis and your balls like you think it's like everything's down there and someone told me no no that's not true and helped me discover that and i was like what the [ __ ] like i didn't know my body was they were talking what are you talking about i don't reveal it because okay i just revealed it someone just like placed a kiss on my yolo here's the other thing right um in bed there's givers and takers yeah you realize this once you've had sex with more than one person unfortunately most human beings are takers but i'll give you some advice hundred percent okay you be i'm talking as a guy okay you be the giver and what you get back's gonna come compounded i learned the power of compounding in money maybe at like the age of 35 but the compounding of giving a woman genuine love sex foreplay whatever and then you just lay back and and and it's massive be a giver be a giver but if you're not getting back then also you know kind of whatever i feel till a certain age of my life uh and yes i have had my share of fun um but certainly in my life i happen to just be with takers and i do believe that in sex it is the duty of a man to give i learned this from a youtuber called elliot hulse he talks very amazingly about the penis and the vagina the shapes of it and that's a good representation of not a man's nature but i'd say masculine energy masculine energy is very go out there yeah do it just like the penis it's shaped forward feminine energy is very kind of ending correct yeah taking care come in i will help you like the vagina it's got a slot for the man to put his penis in uh now i'm not saying that all men have that oh i'm gonna go for it yeah everyone has a balance of masculine and feminine energy and if you feel there's too much of masculine energy in you you have to inculcate some feminine values like endurance like compassion like emotional thinking like spiritual growth yeah similarly if you have too much feminine energy you need to inculcate some masculine energy traits like determination like like risk these are all energies that you have to use exactly right yeah but purely when we speak about sex i do believe it's a role of a man to really generalize his divine masculine and it's the role of a woman to channelize her divine feminine absolutely and you know ranvi you make a very good point there's no fixed rule about this you know sometimes the same woman will be like you know [ __ ] the foreplay i just get straight to it and instead of some days there are like you know just go slow it's changing it's an energy it can never remain the same sometimes it's a guy you just wanna you know give and stuff like that and a woman wants to take it at us sometimes you'll want to extend it so there's no fixed rule about it they're all different energies depending on who you are in that moment how you're one hour before your sex started what were you in that moment so these are all energies and that's what should be kept open and that's why some some women will say that you know you're in i'm not talking about me you're an amazing lover but sometimes be rough with me i want to be i want to be dominated i want because that's the energy they're feeling at that time you know so i think that it comes down again to that communication but the the most beautiful love making is when it unfolds naturally it may start off as gentle move on to really really wild in between become gentle again and it's just flowing because energy flows i think that's the most beautiful lovemaking now if i sit i'm going to say okay tonight i'm going to start off by going down on her i'm going to do this i'm going to tie her hands behind her back then i'm going to put her on her knees no no no that's you're supporting a vision in your mind and it could be completely different so what you said about these energies is real but they can change according to how she's feeling at that point how the man is feeling at that point absolutely right men yes dominate because go back to go back to uh the caveman the job of a man was to inseminate a woman create create all of that stuff and a woman was meant to you know take that egg become a baby nurture all of that stuff that's how it worked today it's moved into so many so many so many different things and stuff like that which is okay it's evolved it's moved into diff but it doesn't change the fact that you know this is what it is for and how how does science explain that every time a man makes love to a woman okay ovulation every okay at that time of the month if you're pregnant the body's preparing for it but if you're not pregnant the sheets fall off and you go back you know all of that stuff if there's an egg it will move on so the body expects penetrate i mean it's it's a natural process it's a natural process you know so this is the beauty of sex and this is the beauty of the body there's so much more depth to all of these so i will look i want to learn tantric sex i want to learn a lion i think i said for what aren't you happy yeah but what if i can extend in orgasm i said great for you go ahead and try but again i always say what is your why why are you there no no these people yogis do it you do it like you're doing it because a yogi does it fine you want to experiment okay and stuff like that now the happiest people they make love they're happy they build and that's it that's how it is so everyone chooses their whole thing but today oh patrick's coordinate my breeding if you're doing your yoga practice in the morning you're doing your pranayama you're already in rhythm that rhythm flows into your daily work conversations love making eating everything that's the purpose of yoga i shouldn't have to do yoga to have a better sex life it's because i'm doing my yoga automatically every part of me is functioning in rhythm so that's how it is so coming back to yoga yes we have so many people today who have gotten into yoga sorted out their premature ejaculation you know issues a lot of women with you know vaginal dryness and all of that stuff combining their pranayama with their yoga kundalini yoga you know everyone has sexual energy and i think your body's capable of healing itself absolutely you know a woman the amount of sexual energy she carries is something to be in awe of yeah i'll give you a case i had a lady and she came you know and your vagina dryness all of that boils this that whatever so i went to not a food problem i said relationship my husband doesn't make love to me i feel unwanted i feel this spoke to the husband and she's saying like you know the honeymoon period is over and stuff and this is how it is right it dies i said yes maybe it dies but your wife perceives it as feeling unwanted you know all of these things saying but i don't feel like i said fine i don't know i asked the woman i said do you masturbate she said look i can't that's a sin so i said okay fine then you're going to sin okay for the next few days you're going to masturbate okay and when i have these conversations i always have a lady nutritionist so hardy covers with me but how to take this through and stuff like that one week later you should see the testimonials that come that's come in why did i make a masturbate to release sexual energy energy put into just imagine a pressure cooker it's gonna burst women have sexual energy that comes out in not just sex the way they mother a child the way they defend themselves the way they protect their children the way they keep an eye on their husbands all of this is protect this is sexual energy it's a beautiful thing if the woman cannot release it why does an orgasm feel so great for a woman why do when we ejaculate why do we it's a massive release of sexual energy which is why like you know if you're working on an important project all of that stuff and you want all your brain energy don't masturbate then don't do it then you're going to decrease all your energy all of your energy do it when maybe you want to go to sleepers you're bored or whatever you're not working on a project it's an energy release and that's why you feel so good it's like you're stressed right now okay everyone watching this now take a deep breath you're going to feel good you are going to feel good you've just released so much of energy because right now we're talking shallow breeding and all of that stuff so sexual energy is such a beautiful thing women build empires driven with sexual energy now most people think oh sexual energy sex no it's an energy it's a physical energy and it has to be released it has to be released like a man as well so a man not getting sex in a marriage okay becomes frustrated angry all of these things again sexual energy is contained energy has to flow that's why you'll have nightfalls all of these issues and stuff like that the body has to empty when it needs to empty so it's a beautiful thing sexual energy i think women should be so proud of sexual energy and work with men to harness this energy harness this energy ask any woman the craziest orgasm okay would have happened with everything working in sync with each other not just like that you pick up a girl one night stand you bang each other and stuff like that i can guarantee you in most cases that woman's not orgasm and the guys just had it's more of a you know one night excitement kind of a thing under the influence of alcohol drugs or just high dopamine oxytocin and stuff like that but for real orgasms any woman will tell you i need to feel cared for yeah i need to feel loved i need to feel at least respected and stuff like that you know this is how it is um coming back to the actionables um is it safe to say uh that after we've finished off the exploration process in the foreplay i'm talking about this like an engineer but uh you know anyway that's how a man's mind works okay men do think in structure not all men but i i personally have a lot of masculine energy which have balanced out over time with a lot of feminine energy as well but my natural inclination because i've gone through engineering cultures to think in structure and format uh so if you have gone through the exploration you've kissed you've like used your fingers you know you've caressed um is oral sex the next step before penetration see i just think that you know every guy's goal is to get the woman to orgasm or climax and probably in a hurry if they you know tend to have premature ejaculation so the best idea would be the more foreplay the faster it is once you start penetration to get a woman there if you're going to start directly with penetration like i said you got to be there really one in a i don't know how many men to like get the woman to climax and orgasm just with pure penetration and most women don't like it that way i mean there could be somewhere i'm not gonna talk for them but you know we ask these direct questions that's how we learn and we get better at counseling people and yeah we want foreplay it means that guy and look at what they say pleasure is the second word versus they're giving us time they they they like us they love my body they want to go down on me so you see in a woman's mind is working in so many different directions you get the woman wet you go down on her all of that stuff you've prepared like i said it's a well-oiled machine you've got to get all the levers working the right way and then the climax and the orgasm usually happens the right way you know so i think that would be definitely the next step of course some women don't like men going down on them really yeah a lot of them like what's the logic a lot of them so spoken to a couple of them a lot of them in certain religions it is considered disrespectful for the guy to go down on a woman and many religions are kind of sexist yep absolutely so a woman brought up with those values that your job is only to give and not to take so when a man goes down on these women they've never had a man go down their mind at all for them it's like an explosion of different emotions there's a lot of resistance and again communication because as a man if you find a woman who's never been gone down on that that that would be my first priority give her that pleasure so if you try to force her it's not going to work but you ease her into that ease her into that ease and you know you break the barriers and stuff and it's going to be beautiful it's going to be and there are a lot of women who don't like to go around on guys because for them they've been brought up and i've asked these women they're saying yeah because you know our families told us that men pee from there so we shouldn't put it in our mouth not the woman's fault but the upbringing it's like what do you tell them at that particular age so they see it as dirty same guys also how can i go around around her she pees what if she's not clean so everyone's different but again true communication all of that stuff everything is possible and if you don't like it you don't like it there are other ways to do it it doesn't mean oh no this is not going to work my sex life is over this is over that is over you know there are find other ways to do it yeah find other ways to do it completely you know i mean you look at hiv patients you can't have oral sex there are hiv partners who are together you can't have oral sex you can't do that so does that mean they don't have a good sex type they find other ways to do it what's the logic of that like they they have the hiv or viruses only one of them has it no no both i love to marry right because you it's very rare for you to find a park so why do you have hiv and stuff like that why can't you have oral success because the transmission right to oral sex hiv can be but if both of them have it anyway yeah but then you're creating an overload on the immune system right the idea is to keep the virus dormant right so yeah these are real problems that people wow that's the whole thing i mean you don't even have to have hiv people should know that through oral sex you can transmit sexually transmitted diseases as well so it's not about that hey you know i'm not going to have penetrated sex i'm going to go down on this stranger tonight and stuff like that you still got to be careful of it you can still get a sexually transmitted disease through yeah that's that's something we need to highlight which we probably haven't highlighted in this entire podcast safety absolutely and there's a lot of stds flying around absolutely it's huge and again people say i'll get it i'll get this but if you get the virus that screws you up you know everything's over herpes and hiv are huge not curable either uh it's it's a virus that has to go into remission so your immune system the moment like i have a lot of patients who suddenly get herpes when their immune system falls like some they get oh flared up or rashes and rings and all of that stuff could be painful all of that stuff it lives in you but you keep it in remission you can live a normal life if your immune system drops it comes up again yeah so so safety first no matter what safety safety first and be very conscious of who you're exchanging your energy with absolutely i love that i love what you said you know every time a man has sex with a woman and a different woman you are exchanging different energies and absorbing different energies as well this was very well explained to me by you know a lady called christina who's a sexual sexual wellness expert and she told us how it's not just about you know pleasure you are exchanging energies your energies and that person that person's energy is in you so you know do it with clarity if you want to do it and it can really [ __ ] up your head like it can mess you up if you're just you know sleeping around multiple people also the the spiritual aspect of sex is uh they say that when you choose to have sex with someone you're accepting all of their karma's as yours absolutely it's a sacred thing to say we see it as pleasure come on i'm not going to try you and be a saint over here for most of my life in my earlier days it's seen as pleasure good bonding and stuff like that but today you see it as a very sacred thing you know you are giving your energy to someone else you know someone else is giving your their energy to you and then you go home and you have sex with someone else or your partner and stuff there's a energy mix that's happening that can emotionally affect a man and a woman yeah but we don't look at these things so we ask direct questions how many partners do you have you're feeling depressed yeah this that whatever i'm sleeping with four different women let's consider part of your depression is also the mixed energies in you take your medication that's not your solution you need to also change these habits you're strengthening these habits which are the wrong habits for you well for you know so and a healthy sexual relationship within the confines of a romantic relationship is possibly one of the most enriching things you can go through i think so um absolutely final aspect of it uh penetration two two questions one for the guys actually you know i'd probably say uh this section of the questions are mainly for the guys one okay if you are dealing with premature ejaculation is there some kind of mentality you can use to prevent that or you know if you're dealing with again erectile dysfunction if you start losing your reactions after you've gone and two about um i don't know how to put this in a classy way but like thrusting like when when you're actually in the act of sex yeah what's the other rules is everyone different everyone's different see for premature ejaculation it's always good not to be ashamed of it and just discuss it with your partner okay very very good because the moment he understand fixes everything they understand now you're no longer pressurized you're no longer pressurized they understand i'm gonna give my best but i try foreplay is very important for people who have premature ejaculation very very very important or they can't keep it hard long enough and stuff like that you know you want to you know use oral sex you want to use the fingers you want to use all of that stuff and there are loads of happy couples living out there whether husband has premature ejaculation the wife understands and they figured ways around it and there are couples that fall apart because they built their whole relationship based on sex and pleasure and stuff like that okay thrusting is very very you can look at it differently everyone's different that's why i feel when you are making love to a woman you have to be so include if you're only thinking that oh [ __ ] am i as good as that guy i saw in the porn video today am i performing well does she like it you're missing out on the signals from her so you decide your thrust base based on her body language based on the sounds she's making and a woman will communicate and always ask they like to be asked like you know do you want it harder you want it faster is it going well and every guy she says just don't stop it's beautiful you've got the pace that's what you want so communication is everything because today she wants her heart tomorrow she wants it slow you know it's different all the time but porn teaches you bang like you know just go on so you think wow that's the right way but most women will not want it that way maybe general okay now i want it fast okay fast i'm reaching an orgasm don't stop okay but start off slow so i think it's a beautiful communication process at the end of the day and just stop watching porn i mean once in a while you want to watch a video you're bored you're sitting in a hotel fine do it but i'm saying if you're watching all the time you are preparing yourself for premature ejaculation you are preparing yourself from failure because then the only thing you compare your performance with is this your benchmark of performance is communication how did she feel a man knows when he's pleased when she when he's pleased the woman he knows it's like you've done it she's orgasm and you're like done it like you know yeah you know you know and you know when you haven't and be okay with it you know there's a beautiful affirmation i tell people that you know it's i'm okay it's gonna be okay you know it's not okay today it's gonna be okay tomorrow you've not failed so people have made sex complicated it's the simplest thing yeah it's the simplest thing it's like making a dish it's like making okay i'm not going to compare sex to kitchen even though i like ketchup you get the ingredients right the right amount of ghee the right amount of turmeric all of that stuff the right heat and stuff and you serve it well that's comfort food it feels so good the same thing with a woman it's i'm not saying you're like jigsaw puzzles but it's like putting the pieces of a puzzle together and you put it together and you've got a beautiful picture you know that's the way i would see it it doesn't have to be complicated that's gorgeous i'd probably conclude by saying that uh do the one thing that enhances any human communication and sex is a human communication at the end of the day if you want great sex just be completely present yeah be aware and have clarity on the other person absolutely compassionate absolutely and be okay to ask women women like to talk about these things you know i like it if i like it if a woman says that you know hey you know what turns you on what you know what all of these things rather than assuming that like just go down on a guy and stuff like that you know i think communication is such a beautiful thing such a beautiful thing and sexual energy is also such a beautiful thing i know people who this energy bills in them they get sick and stuff it has to be released that's why masturbation is a natural process for a woman and a man it's a natural process it's not something which is bad it's bad if i'm abusing it okay it doesn't make masturbation bad if i'm watching porn video after another and i'm trying to like shack five times in a day obviously you're abusing a you know an intelligent system and stuff like that but it's so natural for a woman to masturbate you know a man a guy to masturbate all of that stuff that woman you know who came and said luke it's our fifth year it's a fifth month of marriage and i saw my husband masturbating and all that i said so what so what am i not pleasing him enough i said you may be pleasing him you know whatever he's masturbating doesn't mean he loves another woman he's thinking of another woman or whatever i said for all you know a lot of women while they're on top of a man they're thinking of another guy a wrestler an actor whatever these are fantasies this doesn't mean they don't love you you're doing it all the time you have a problem it's as simple as that so i think you got to break down these complications and not hold on to it no holder your guy is sleeping in the night and he has a nightfall what are you going to say to him you're going to say oh you you were thinking of another woman and you came and stuff like that i know it's a nightfall there's science to back it up so i think people should uncomplicate sex so you feel the essence and the beauty of it it's non-complicated it really is and the beauty of the simplicity of sex is in our own we as indians we should be so proud of kama sutra just read it people think ulu kama sutra positions i'll learn positions no you learn a way of life through kama sutra what a beautiful book what a beautiful book and if you look at the images in kama sutra do you see models the guy has a punch the woman has a punch but they have the most ecstatic sex life because it's not about how you look it's not about whether you have a six-pack you have a whatever and stuff like that that's the beauty of kama sutra and i think everyone should read kamasutra to understand that sex is so much beyond just pornography once you reach kama sutra you realize that porn is just a joke just a joke you want to hit it off quickly watch a quick video fine good but you really want to learn the essence of sex read kama sutra it will change your life and the way you look at women the way you you look at yourself your own sexual energy as a man it changes the way you look at you know sex sex is one of those topics that we can keep breaking down i'm sure that this is in the last podcast based on sex that we're doing so i would request listeners watchers to post your questions down below uh take active part and growing the podcast share the podcast with your friends subscribe to the youtube channel if you're listening to this on youtube make sure your notifications are on and what i'd also request knowing my big brother luke coutinho is that we will be doing more episodes but you have to check out the older episodes we've done together uh luke what do you think wow making this about me again why why why are we able to like speak like this and uh like it's intention bro i mean what what's the big deal about not speaking about sex the intention over here is so pure there's so much i've learned to it so people think i'm talking about it because oh luke must have had so many women and stephanie's talking about it it's not that i've had my shay i've done my stuff that doesn't make me an expert i've learned from my profession because every second or third person has a problem with sex problem with understanding and relationships so i learned from them i'm sharing it over here because that's what's gonna grow that's the change we're gonna make so today one guy out there can say like [ __ ] i'm gonna reduce my pawn we've made impact we've changed someone's world yeah it's as simple as that and that's all that matters right you're a gift to this world man so are you after that so you bro i'm just glad i get to create content with you i am i'm forget the content i'm going oh you know what i'll go back i know it may sound cheesy but everyone is a gift to the world but the sad part is everyone's not using that gift everyone's a gift to the world every child born as a gift to their parents a gift to the world people should be encouraged to find a gift and go out there and use it that's what your purpose that's what your life purpose is if you've been given a gift and you're not using it you've wasted a life you've wasted a life so everyone's a gift but sadly people are not using that gift that they've been given everyone even a disabled physically challenged person has a gift and you'll see that musicians who are deaf have created the most beautiful music that people who have their urine cannot create today gift they chose to use it rather than sit there and say i don't i'm victimized and stuff so everyone's a gift i just want people to find that and use it that's when the world is going to change automatically automatically yeah so um so much more to create with you man so many more questions i again every time i speak neo i get overwhelmed that's why i'm probably just going to end this particular podcast look if there's one content piece that you and me have created i know you're conscious of everything we've created we had the the first interview which was just a brief look into your mind yeah the second one which was uh on fasting yeah about help somebody uh yeah we did one more we did the lsd and ayahuasca one ayahuasca yes yes we did that as well uh we just did one right before this which was a deep look at your life and mental toughness toughness yeah and there's our fifth piece together yeah five out of maybe five thousand coming up but yeah we'll do it of all those pieces which one would you push people towards the most um i think i would push them to the mental toughness part because see mental toughness is everything if you don't have it you can't intermittent fast you give up in between example so i think you need mental toughness for everything like you know you you give people you share so much of knowledge on how to build you share your skills with people you've given them the best content for skill building but if they don't have mental toughness what do they do with it so i would put mental toughness first for your sex life to be better you need mental toughness if you think you're a failure in bed you're never going to be good in bed again mental toughness so i would put mental toughness first first yeah and a selfish reason of calling you on this podcast is that your gorgeous mind and a gorgeous face and we get more lady listeners on this show and they are honestly driving the growth of this show or telling their friends telling their family uh requests for the lady listeners from one mr luke coutinho and myself keep watching keep listening keep gaining value look any signing of note especially for the women i i just think that you know uh i love women who are empowering themselves today you know i just want to say it yeah i mean like i said i honestly you know teach people that it's okay to be disliked and by teaching them that i reassure myself that everyone doesn't have to love you so i'm gonna say what i have to say i removed all my masks right at the start of the show an empowered woman stands up her own values she doesn't need to become part of groups you know that push certain points in a way you know you're empowered to gain your own self-respect build your own values do it on your own you don't have to fight to try to change the way men and society work it's never going to change it's never going to change you know so what i'm trying to say is empower yourselves i mean i know incredible women today who have built empires empires they're juggling family life i mean my wife natasha yeah she's a superwoman like everything that i am today i am for what i do with my people but she's running the entire business okay there are so many women out there and you know the difference between these women they follow the path they follow and there's a whole group of other women who try to become activists not in a negative way and they're trying to make a point and a point and a point and a point i mean you know what about the other women who have built it they said like yep i'll go through these obstacles and i will do it i'm saying be that woman i'm not preaching to you i'm not preaching to you i'm saying be that woman because there are women who have done that and there are women out there since you asked me a question about women i'm only speaking about women i i think uh women are just this beautiful source of energy they play such an important role in a man's life in their own life you know i want women to be empowered to build their identities and stuff like that i don't go to these extreme groups that try to pull down the male community all the time yes there are bad male behaviors that need to be corrected and all of that stuff there are a lot of women out there who are hurt in previous relationships hearts broken doesn't mean you all men are like that that was the problem in your relationship don't pull down all men all men are not just after your body sex don't put yourself on a pedestal you know empower yourself instead of draining your energy in this whole feminist thing be a feminist but don't make it extreme don't create hatred between the man community and the woman community we want equality for y'all we want equality you have proven it to us you can earn more money than men you can build empires you can lead industries you can become billionaires millionaires we respect that value that do it that way don't do it by pulling down communities pulling down other women making women giving them limited knowledge that oh don't do this you know your man said this end the relationship right now no don't do that let them figure it out let them try i'm not saying you're if the woman's being beaten up except that teach them how to evolve in a relationship don't just say oh he said that it's not gonna last get out of the relationship right now men are like this don't do that so as a woman have your own mind have your own mind and your own logic look inside get your own power don't look for validation all the time if you need 10 of your girlfriends to tell you to break up with a guy all your relationships are going to fail take opinions mentorship but what's my heart telling me should i give it a chance should i give in a true towel be your own woman be your own woman that's my advice look and i hope that this podcast based on love and sex actually brings the world to a better place honestly that's the intention again from the bottom of my heart brother thank you pleasure bro good seeing you always enjoyed this conversation with you always great learning from you man and until next time we will see you guys later with luke on the runway show again see awesome [Music]