Sylvia Massy Taylor Hawkins Recording with Galaxy 64 Synergy Core


Antelope Audio


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all right [Music] [Music] [Music] all right yeah it was a pretty good day for this project that i'm working on with taylor hawkins the drummer from the foo fighters we're setting up his drums with two complete sets of microphones the main set is the workhorse mics that i would typically use on any session and then i've got another set of around 60 microphones that i brought from the mic museum and there's a lot of historic mics there's some unusual technology there and we're able to do all this because we have an i o that handles everything this one io by antelope it's the galaxy really just replaces everything in this rack you get 128 channels of pro tools processing the sky's the limit with this thing it's a monster so we have uh our mics coming back on this massively giant analog console it's a neve 8078 and it's so big that i can have two completely different microphone setups on taylor's kit he'll just play the song once but i have two completely different setups uh for mics and my workhorse mics are on this end and then down here are the uh alternate mics the museum mics and the historic mics that are more unusual and then in the middle i have my returns from uh pro tools so i can listen and adjust as uh as we're recording also i've got inline i'm using more mic pres stacked on top of my monitoring so that i could get all these mics in the session it's a big setup which has at least 40 mics on the drums the galaxy handles everything flawlessly there's no jittering there's no clocking issues there's no synchronization issues it's all just straight in and out plus i have all this processing power on board with dsp and fpga processing so i can actually record my tracks with plug-in processing and it's committed to track on the way in which is the way i love to record now that the great thing about the antelope the galaxy is that it has everything on board that i need to set up an immersive mix system because it has dante it has all the digi connections with pro tools it has asebu plus just it's the processing power is immense in this one unit one two u unit i'm looking forward to taking the galaxy home with me so that i could set it up in my studio we have a lot of drum mics here on this drum kit just to go through the high points i'll say that wide the widest part of the room i have a pair of royer microphones which are modern ribbons that are very very nice then i have on the overheads here's my c24 which is a vintage austrian mic but i also have these antelope edge mics and these are modeling mics and they sound so good and are so versatile that i've really just muted the akg c24 and we're just using the antelope mics for the overheads to capture the whole picture here so i can try different types of microphones with the plug-in as i'm recording and i can commit those while i'm recording as well i can take it later and continue to try different sounds with the antelope edge until i get something that i really really like [Music] sounds good huh that's cool sounds great yeah it's cool yeah so do we have the ability to go into some of the other takes and pick phil's yes absolutely yeah yeah i mean there's a few cock-ups in that one too but just a few things yeah yeah but what do you think of the feel i love that it sounds good yeah i i you know i really do need to know where the vocals lay in it so as soon as we get a good cut uh or if we pick that as the main the main uh take then i'd like you to just throw down a vocal we could do it right in here if you'd like okay all right good no worries cool i'm not afraid i'll do that for you all right nice well do you want to edit the track right now yeah me to bail and let you do it or um or do you want me to do it with you well why don't you take a break okay and i'm going to um i'll see about like getting this ready uh and then i'll just get a mic and if you could just throw down a vocal for me and then i'll do the edit got it okay take a break thank you awesome sounds so good great that's one of the rarest drum sounds i've ever had awesome [Applause] but what's unbelievable is that that we have the ability to fill this whole console and record everything at the same time without like syncing anything up right you know like having to sink like a whole rack of ios yep it's just great amazing that we shall be the day [Applause] so it was a star-studded event but you know what the real star of the show was this antelope io and let me just say that this one thing two units handled everything that we needed in the session and it was a big session there were 40 mics on the drums this is a beautiful unit and i can't wait to take it home [Music] you