hey guys it's me Miranda as you can see today I'm doing a mukbang I'm so excited about things so first gonna give some nails so please hold while I do these [Music] so today I am obviously on tour 2 right 1 2 so I thought be fun steal mukbang IX Eli's on Instagram what kind of if you want to see and what's you saying my song so um you also send a lot of other stupid things so I thought while I'm doing my Mac bone I can talk about all the other things you guys said on my Instagram don't give me one second let me pull this up so anyway used to make sure get tickets to my tour if you haven't got it in already alright so let's get some ladies I'm gonna have a smaller hair thick hair Haley wonks said bandung collect Gina please so I'm always working on a good band Iike like Jim but I just restarted this morning so right now I have this band-aid right here and this band-aid right here so as you can see um they're looking pretty good I like it when they get a little furrier and little pieces come off as you can see like this little piece right here starting to come off mmm so that's all I have right now as far as band-aids so I won't keep you updated on my band-aid Clank gene um I've been trying to make new scamp's so I am more Pandey's so I'm like you know I'm not pretty whore oh love it ok the scarlet says eating foods from a different country well I'm already doing that because this food is from Mexicans something Caitlyn waiters said none um that's really rude of you to assume that about me I I'm not a nun I don't believe in that I am a Christian so as they like whether I am um said you should do a new song I think this is a great idea it's not almost sing a song about my don't go freakin money's drinking ladies on my uncle it's ruinin eight who likes to eat plants nobody stopped being in the plans our world is dying because a global warming because people are eating the plains haven't you been paying attention to that Swedish girl that little sixteen old Swedish girl she say we need to plant more plants so why are you eating lame inglese I've been working on that song because I've been thinking about becoming an activist so that's what I'm doing right now this is a Mexican please son I might eat Mexican pizzas because I do not discriminate against any language against any cultures so I like to combine cultures so we have pizza which is American and we have um Mexican for Mexicans mm-hmm shouldn't kidding me with that meet Chelsea son ten reasons why okay that shows about suicide so I'm not doing that oh there's more ten reasons why me I am the best person in the world I don't know who you are um so I doubt you're the best person in the world because if you weren't I would've heard of you and I never even heard of you zone nice try about faint little things but to see you next one Zoey said is more so um ASMR or some people call it a smart is a thing you can do too when you wanna waste sperm really good lean so for example I will show you some ASMR right now so here's we made skin cancer [Music] do you hear the sound are you getting sleepy are you gonna hurry Franchini released I have a beam stuck at my teeth he's not relaxing so that's a s'more so you're welcome blanked Lawrence the squats saying some sort of tutorial I think a tutorials are really good idea this is very old-school new tune was to do tutorials so right now I will do toriel and how to eat things this is sin ball so inside of these is special spawns so you have to eat these very carefully one they could be piping horns you can have lava flavored type of heats in your mouth burning your tongue and your result for games then you can ton enjoy the rest of your meal no way nose that means no beans in Mexican so you don't want faint also you have to make sure to just take a small spine so that you can see some of it in sign the best part about balls is seeing the cream that's inside event to come out some take a look I'm gonna do tutorial right now don't squeeze too hard see you Marty kind of squishy needs if you squeeze you too hard it gets under your nails then it's hard to get out later you can you scrape it out from under your nails with your tooth but then you will also get the other Krusty's from throughout the day sometimes that's a plus sometimes not so much if you don't clean some take a plain tongue first always time first when you're eating one of these cream balls wrap around see that don't con you with the beauty gurus do cocaine skimmer bulky scam wrong Guinea funkiness you see that beaut coming out so that's how you eat um a creamy balm look up the songs don't chase no once the sauce is going as you can see inside no it is empty inside now this is useless there's no point in eating a squeegee ball if there's no cream inside so once that's done in the drain the line is also the cream is probably healthier because it's not deep fried I've been learning a lot about how lately I was thinking about becoming a nutritionist and one thing that's important you don't need too many fried things so obviously if it's creamy and weights is not be frank so that means healthier something it's a little tip of a dream for you alright well thank is these please saxophone plays thanks of only are you serious I don't want to get T monetize I'm not gonna do phone sex right now or ever all for that matter [Music] thanks wound prank calling 99-cent store this sounds really fun so let's try that right now I'm just gonna look up and I 1999 st. storm oh my gosh she can't get out since how come it's not popping up 99-cent only stores okay here's one 99 cents only stores as you can see the closest one is in Tempe Arizona no stone it's pretty far I'm gonna give it a call man ain't the only help you hi just won't let you know this a prank call [Music] Thunder still good it's a really good one okay that looks fun so um anyways I'm gonna move on to my for my town so I love burritos they're sold only jeez one thing I'm really ticked off about with Taco Bell is the fact that they put freaking onions in their food sometimes disgusting if you ask me I hate onions also it goes against my vow and my charity work right now was saving the earth onion is a dream so not gonna eat that Gramp there goes it was the wettest oh sorry anyways sorry I said the c-word I just get really ticked off and patron ain't what I'm talking about my pension projects own four thousand onion