hey guys it's me Miranda so today I'm gonna pretend to be one of you I love my wife and I so much because they bike tickets to my show say behind my blowing or to my diary please right now I'm writing so long they watching my videos they make fan accounts I love me more than anything but the second best thing is my Miranda so today I'm going to pretend to be the second best thing my Ravana's and very say about my video today I think if somebody wants to fun so let's get started so I'm gonna do this on Twitter today because I loved him so hi what's your name add your entrance and Tommy who have fallen wants me to follow the pulp okay fine all the pomp iPhone like 30 people and now I think I'll be really fun I'm gonna get some people and follow me and start talking in song I'm new to this whole tune or thing wants to be like my profile should be of a crevice okay so I'm getting lot of retweets yeah he's getting so many retweets right now I don't fight followers that's you name off let's talk to Jillian my chillin delusion are you in love Miranda she saved my life me too yes delusion loves me what are you doing delusion we're too near for Apple let's look at it ah delusion is so sensing mmm give him over here branches fatty I think I just fell in love with a fan huh watching super girls or you're watching got it alright let's see who else we didn't talk to humans I want oh my gosh Ariana Grande follow me long Briana it's been so long you know if she's following my fan account she's such a supportive mutual I have 13 phones yeah I'm gonna keep following a bunch of people I'll see what happens I'll be back gonna be okay it's been a long time I've been waiting and I have gotten lots of followers 27 phone I'm going to go back to my DM and go wrong I read you're new here so he won't be friends hello no thanks Holly said hi to him she's really bad like really like thanks delusion sent me a jam he clapped for me such was the port up wait friend he smokes so Jenna you smoked before Wow delusion is perfect for me it's like so cute and he doesn't smoke and he also loves magic because his name is dilution and I'm a magic chain keeps pictures of me in it oh my Randy's might be it's a facial oh my god this is moving so fast I never bought this what happens we've only ever dated famous people I know Indiana fan it was really hot look at his little face I can't believe martini me so cute so in this group chair just told me I have dandruff in my profile picture okay I've had enough of this I'm so excited I found my boyfriend he's amazing and Allegiant and I are gonna be happy together I would really appreciate some fan and ants of me and delusion together you can please make more fan edits more fan accounts here's all the porn AIDS I'm doing right now so I'm going to Las Vegas Los Angeles monopolise Denver Colorado all these different fun places getting tickets for any sing songs for the ball you guys like this video [Music] [Music] [Music]