TBT Episode 7 Cadillacs DinosaursFULL EPISODERETRO RERUN

a world where only the strong survive a world of Cadillacs and dinosaurs [Music] you sure we can grow these things closer to home sorry cargo the soil won't support him there could be enough raw rubber here for a dozen gasket seals maybe even a couple of fan belts I'll go check on the two we tap down the hill jack you can stop complaining fella we found what we're after and our poaching D's are over look at all this stuff I'll be able to do anything I mechana can and what we don't need Scharnhorst I'll pay a fortune for [Applause] all we gotta do is blast away that hardened slag [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] baby watches where there's babies there's usually [Music] Hey [Music] what do you think you're doing [Music] [Music] come on [Music] what happened somebody just paid a stiff price for his greed okay so you found a trainer not a train Cairo a cache of technological miracles we couldn't begin to imagine it's got freight cars and one of them bears the markings of general Technic and the ancient research laboratory [Music] [Music] repeat this is lazy dog lazy dog the ancients called it a handle it's an old tradition why not just jacked Enric then we just set a new distance record for radio transmission [Music] what makes you so sure it's worth breaking open it's airtight and the seals are still intact except it's nearly 200 feet down that tunnel and the mold can't hold their breath long enough to connect the salvaged equipment well neither can I you're still an engineer aren't you or has that fool tenrec talked you into giving that up fool huh Jack Henrik wouldn't open up that train till he was sure it was safe general techno can you staff are you sure why what's the problem we uncovered a train like that in was soon after an earthquake [Music] it contains silver canisters when they were opened they unleashed a plague [Music] sounds like toxic materials but chemical weapons are something you're lucky your word wiped out we nearly were but we were able to come up with an antidote we found these flowers that grow in heavy shade whoo stop go back to Scharnhorst tell her not to open the train until Hannah and I get back yeah and that means it'll be too late to go looking for an antidote once we get there look Jack the dark forest we could look for that flower now and get it to the city by nightfall [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] now see here chiral the moles have already created a device to pump out the water all right then but don't open the car till Jack and Hannah get here just in case I'll take it under advisement jean or stole a shirt come in this is Lassard Jack Henrik will be passing through your sector within the next 24 hours in one of his Cadillacs so what soon is with him I want them detained by at least two days you got it Lasher it out but if it's tenrec I'll do more than detain him I still don't believe this the whole city's in trouble and we're picking flowers jack the ancient pharmaceutical companies made most of their medicines from tropical plants I knew that so it really is Henrik after all this time [Music] the fun begins [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] tell me you didn't drop the box I dropped the box terrific come on we've got to go down there so you're gonna try to salvage your wheels eh looks like I'm gonna have to stop that buggy flat [Music] pull there it is [Music] [Music] [Applause] let's face it she's totaled including the shortwave now we can't even radio for help founded so now what what else we continue on foot that's the best you can do unless you've got a flower that can repair this car yeah wait you hear that a vehicle I've got news for you Dundee it's a stampede we've gotta get above them figure that out all by yourself did you Anna the box [Music] [Applause] [Music] sure tell me again how this is gonna work or the last time I'm begging you don't open that door you can't just go blindly close that door now didn't you see the symbols on those canisters they're leaking toxic chemicals now get an acetylene torch we're going to fuse this door shut I thought you said this was Shiva territory we're dealing with something a lot more dangerous we've got a human after us that was no human that ran over us in the canyon you don't understand Hannah those hornbills would never go where other predators could attack from above they were driven there I knew that Mostafa this is what your great discovery has done inside the Train biohazard just take it easy I'll get you to the hospital Kairo didn't you say ten reckon the wound could cure this shirt you got no wheels no weapons your mind lacquered not now [Music] but if someone's out to get us why are we looking for him he couldn't make those hornbills Stampede by himself he's got to have a vehicle I don't see any tracks those are tracks he's got an eraser an exhaust blower that wipes out tire prints but even an eraser leaves tracks like those you're clutching at straws jack oh yeah some straw Wow don't just stand there let's get moving [Music] [Applause] [Music] forget it that would only make him matter you have a better no but I need to get at that vehicle just keep him distracted yeah right just don't get too close and you'll be perfectly safe [Music] [Music] now what we wait for the owner to come back but it's getting dark we need a place to sleep within sight of that vehicle there oh great of course if you'd rather sleep with the ship it's you but what if he comes back in the middle of the night ah don't worry he won't be going anywhere oh well how do you expect me to sleep on a branch I thought all you were soon slept in trees very funny [Music] we're filled to capacity here and the medics can't do a thing for them I thought you said 10 Rick was on his way I thought he was I don't know lash should come in its Scharnhorst blast you answer me lash heard jack jack what we've got company yeah oh it's too early for this [Music] so what do we do nothing we wait for them to lose interest those cutters aren't gonna lose interest for days mechanic don't you recognize the man you nearly destroyed you look I'm really glad you survived that cave-in and no thanks to you because of you I lost a fortune and nearly my life then maybe you should think twice before you play with dynamite those cutters aren't going anywhere mechanic I said three with Samba essence it's the one thing they can't resist Jack we've got to do something if what he says is true those cutters will never leave then let's make it his problem [Laughter] [Music] looking for this it's the distributor cap the car won't start without it [Music] [Applause] come on we can't just let him get eaten [Music] [Music] oh right you want to play chicken [Music] going somewhere [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] need any help a rope better [Applause] [Music] he's getting worse they all are well hello there Scharnhorst we brought you a bouquet [Music] tell me again that this will work trust me jack it will you get some rest old friend we'll be back again tomorrow I told you it would work I knew that [Music] you know I feel like telling anyone who'll listen about how the great Jack tenrec scoffed at the very medicine that saved his tribe look if I really thought you didn't know what you were doing would I have gotten us back here so quickly but you needed my help to do it yeah I have to admit you did some pretty fancy shooting back there what was that a compliment that just escaped your lips maybe but if you let it go to your head next time you can take your chances with the slithers [Music]