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[Music] are you serious that's a huge deal ben it's not my kid are you saying you got lexi pregnant i mean what's up guys oh my god i'm sorry why oh anyways what's up guys welcome back to my channel i'm with the boys right now we're about to play a little game of who can hold on to their food the longest we have these very full blades of expired spaghetti lemonade and my very crazy friend paris yo boys ready to ride we're about to hop in his car last one standing with the food wins let's go i don't trust you oh oh my gosh guys i just bought these pants i think it's safe to say oh yeah oh wait yeah holy crap that was insane um all right well let's check the damage okay guys comment down below who you think are the messiest i think dawn i think it's dog i don't know what happened all right well we just got destroyed but um on to the video back for subscriber of the week this week we have mia aubry sarah veronica and isabella you guys are the best if you want a chance to be subscriber of the week next week all you have to do is subscribe to my channel like this video comment down below when you are done and you might have a chance to be on the wall at my warehouse next week all right so i'm with the boys right now we're starting a new thing where we challenge each other to a one-on-one and the loser has to do a terrible punishment let's go all right so i have to have challenges right here and i have the hat of punishments right here okay here we go yo basketball arena let's go and the loser of that challenge has to oh god no god oh my god no jump in ocean oh my god no no no you're joking it's so cold today all right guys it's the coldest day of the year but let's go you're going down my guys my game starts now i got the ball i got the ball come on come on shoot no three-pointer come on oh my god you're already ahead by so much come on do a joke yes oh i got it no let's go guys you can get this game on the app store basketball arena is also giving away 50 000 in prizes literally insane uh derek's winning by one point so i better catch up it's time five seconds left or over time we're in overtime oh you see that deal guys yes i'm freaking lost basketball arena is now hosting a 50 000 win streak event that ends on march 12th top 10 players on the leaderboard will win cash prizes from 1 000 to 25 000 well uh you know what time it is then it's time for you to go in the ocean now so uh let's go all right so we're at the beach i'm about to jump in the ocean fully closed fully closed yes all right screw it send it yeah oh my gosh yo it's freezing hey it feels really good to be a winner today i'm so cold so i don't really know how to say this but i have some pretty big news for you guys so recently um i've been talking to this girl and um some things happened and a long story short um i got her pregnant so i'm like literally i'm gonna be i'm gonna be a dad i don't really know what to think and i also got the news that um this is a big fat prank you guys just got pranked and that's exactly what i'm gonna do to my friends first stop for the prank is brent and lexi's house so as i walk in i'm gonna prank lexi right away my plan is to walk right in front of lexi and then reach for something in my pocket and then accidentally drop this positive pregnancy test right in front of her and then get her reaction and then pretty much just run with it and then see what happens so wish me luck let's go all right the camera is all set up here we go what's up what in the world sorry i don't think that no still says that sorry you weren't supposed to see it you were this is such a prank there's no way he's pregnancy test it's positive none of your business well it's positive though that like that is my business that's a big deal you're just gonna brush it off like i mean okay well now that you saw it i guess i might as well just tell you pretty much like you know ever since you kind of ended things i've been like seeing someone and you got her pregnant i got her pregnant are you serious yeah but like the thing is though like she doesn't really like we're not on good terms anymore and she doesn't really want to keep oh great i was going to ask you like if you wanted to be the mom are you serious it's not that big of a deal that's a huge deal ben it's not my kid it wouldn't be that hard it'd be really hard it's not my kid maybe i'll like ask like peterson or something i'm just kidding what i'm just kidding okay lexi it's a fake pregnancy test i'm so sick of you it's fake so literally you're literally trapped we got her but i believed it so what does that say about you ben okay shut up well i'm pregnant so i'm just kidding okay the next person we're pranking is brent for this one i figured we'd take it to the extreme after all the pranks that bran has pulled on me i think he deserves this i am literally about to tell brent that i got lexi pregnant um i'm probably gonna get killed but wish me luck this is about to be insane okay brent i have some pretty big news to tell you how big it's probably the biggest news of my life you're kind of like scaring me a little bit what is it you probably should be scared i'll just i'll just get right to it there's no other way to tell you besides i got a girl pregnant there i'm gonna be a dad you gotta go pregnant yeah okay um so like you're kind of an uncle now but because we're like why would i be an uncle are you saying you got lexi pregnant i mean yeah come on you got to be a little excited to be an uncle though you're you're messing with me this is just positive it doesn't do it i don't know what will i have another one so like i don't believe you at all you did not do you have any like name suggestions maybe like i like names that start with like a p all right you know what no i don't believe you how about how about we name it like it's a prank so is that a good name it's a prank that's what i thought that was so stupid are you kidding me brad's gonna be an uncle oh these are fake no one's pregnant this is a joke um i'm probably just gonna break these before please do i'm done that was freaking that was weird all right so for this one it's gonna be a little bit different i texted jeremy telling him that i have some news for him i plan to get him in the car and then break the news to him that i am pregnant literally like me myself like i peed on this pregnancy test made it come back positive and that i am pregnant i don't know why but i have this feeling that it's gonna blow over his head and he won't even realize what i just said so anyways let's see if we can trick jeremy to thinking that i am pregnant this is going to be hilarious let's go hey jeremy what's up man um today there's no like fun surprise like i have some news to tell you huh i have to like break some news too um so as you know i'm single right yeah which means you know i might go on some dates and whatnot but something happened and what um i'm pregnant oh what dang you're moving fast wait wait wait wait wait this is real let me see dang yeah so i'm gonna be a dad are you ready to be a dad do you realize what i just said what did you say i said i was pregnant yeah oh wow i can't get pregnant oh my god i thought you meant like you got someone pregnant stop i heard that right i told you guys i don't even notice you said that um there you have it guys um i'm pregnant congratulations man i'm gonna be a dad but no actually like these are real like i did get to go pregnant i'm just kidding so i feel like this prank wouldn't be complete without pranking my mom my mom is coming home right now and i have the perfect plan to set this up i feel kind of bad but i literally have to do this on my mom it's gonna be the funniest reaction so let's do it okay hidden camera is set up i have the fake pregnancy test right here i'm gonna be leaving it like on the countertop she's gonna come home see this and then obviously get really mad at me so [Music] hello [Applause] what is this what the ben this is positive what hello what is this what what is this oh you weren't supposed to see that what do you mean you weren't supposed to well i saw it now like we got to talk about it okay well who's is that it doesn't matter yes it matters this is serious not that big of a deal yes it is a big deal ben i thought you what is that all right well i got a girl pregnant oh my god why are you mad i thought you wanted to be a grandma yes i want to be a grandma but not right now why are you laughing ben this is serious lava what this is fake okay now no one's pregnant you're gonna so brent yes do you know why you're here no but i'm scared so last week as some of you guys might know in my youtube video brent exposed that he was the one that stained his mom's couch we had this huge stain on my couch don't tell me that was you you really did that i know and uh you know luckily she didn't even watch it and we also mentioned that if the video got 300k likes we will get brent's mom's reaction forgot about that yeah what is the video the video has 400k shut up really 400k which obviously means we have to get brent's mom's reaction no she's gonna kill me there's unfortunately there's no way out we're gonna bring brent's mom in here get her reaction brent i wish the best of luck to you thank you oh this is about to be very awkward let's do it all right so we are with miss rivera hi uh brent's mom so miss rivera you guys obviously have a couch in your living room yes and there's a stain on it right that he did it's okay i mean accidents happened then it wasn't me no okay well um brent do you care to explain yourself did you lie did i lie okay you know what oh my god come on come clean tell the truth tell the truth here's the thing it might have been me are you kidding me brad did he blame it on me he totally blamed it on you i knew it oh my gosh i'm so sorry ben it's okay anything else you want to tell her that you haven't told her yet no i didn't do anything else anything else anything else no absolutely not before you leave tell her hell are more than oh no she got the perfect face