TENET New Trailer My Thoughts

all right we have a trailer a new trailer for Christopher Nolan's tenth tenant I'm going to put another end in there an extra end and I apologize if I call it tenants it's just how I naturally want to roll the word but tenets you put an extra and in there then you can't spell it forward and backward and have it spelled the same thing don't do that Jeremy you'll ruin an idiot but then your trailer for tenant really shows us what the first trailer for tenant shows us is that we're dealing with the story in which time goes forward but also backward in some instances for some people kenneth branagh can apparently communicate with the future which is funny because when I worked at the theater I worked with this Russian dude who would always pick apart Russian accents and look that person sucks that that person sucks at it but Kenneth Branagh in that Jack Ryan movie he was like it was actually good that was a legit Russian accent so he says now that I'm a master at Russian accents it's just funny that he's playing a Russian again I have to assume the consensus is he's pretty good at it so they're trying to prevent World War three which I do like that World War three is no longer seen is what will be this nuclear holocaust that's so 80s that's so Cold War because now I mean as technology has grown it would probably be something else so in a world where it can be something else why not have it be something like time going backward because it also gets the curiosity flowing as to how like how is that execution going to happen in this noland world it's no one's story the story of this director who is known to be a craftsman of imagination and this trailer show there's a little more of what was shown in the last trailer and definitely mentioned in one scene there's like what happened in this room it hasn't happened yet well now we get to see some of what hadn't happened yet which is bullets going backwards into guns rather than being shot from guns which means the only thing more fun than seeing the footage go backwards in the trailer as it's going forward is reversing the footage in a YouTube video watching it go backward which means it's going forward I don't know I just get a kick out of it it's probably do the whole video like this but I like about Nolan is he's always been good at taking these extraordinary scenarios you know these concepts like we saw an interstellar with relativity and how he Illustrated that like we saw in Inception Nolan's always been pretty good at taking something complicated and making it accessible in his movies is accessible for the average moviegoer to be like God but in wondering how he's going to execute time going backwards like is it going to be a can the future affect the past kind of scenario this is great episode of this called through the wormhole in which I think the title is can time go backward because more three dimensional beings going what we perceive is forward through what we perceive as time so we see action reaction rinse and repeat as we go one direction but what if the reactions are actually the actions and the actions are the reactions what if time goes backwards simply put if you drop a plate it shatters on the ground now the plate shattered because you dropped it or did you drop it because the plate was shattered in the future question for the philosophers so is it gonna deal with something like that it's fascinating but I don't know but this is what I like about Christopher Nolan trailers there are a lot of trailers out there where you see the trailer and you're like I know exactly what the movie is about but Christopher Nolan trailers you have the gist but you don't usually know the the meat and bones of the actual plot where some directors don't have creative control over their trailers which is how you get dubstep in the warcraft trailer you feel like no one has a lot of control over the trailer if it was something that he wouldn't want you ever really be like nope and it'd be like yes sir mr. Nolan alright take it a seat right here we have a table right here waiting for you gar Saul fix him up with anything he would like we will get that fixed full everything that Nolan does is just feel like that's definitely Nolan and how we wanted to do it that or he just gives whatever company cuts two trailers together enough this is what you get to know and I do wonder in a world where you know we live in a world of causality one thing leads to the next thing did interstellar directly influenced him to make Tennant interstellar dealt with space-time and relativity but still going forward until the very end but I wonder if that was a springboard of him going re I want to look into more of that and we'll deal with something else that has to do with time but time going backward now I don't know maybe I'm projecting because interstellar was kind of it was a thing for me it really was here's a story I'll try not to make it too long we don't want to make this some big indulgent piece but it's a story nonetheless interstellar was kind of a big deal for me because I watched interstellar and then I liked it but I had things to say about it people in the comment section had things to say about the things I had to say about it and instead of doing due diligence and looking into it you know looking into the science my spoiler talked video I did what youtubers should never do which is double down and some act of hubris the dunning-kruger effect my friends were all susceptible we're all capable of falling in you don't know that much about something know enough to know that you don't know that much you'll be say for the most and someone in the comments section bless them the comment was something along the lines of maybe you don't know as much about this as you think you do I remember seeing that we unlike maybe I don't maybe I should look into it and from there started me down what I would call a mental quest of gross cosmos Neil deGrasse Tyson Carl Sagan Stephen Hawking have all been influential figures in my studies of space-time reality the universe itself and my quest to understand it all and now I know that much that's so much more than I knew and you realize by the end of your life you won't have even scratched the surface but it's not about knowing everything it's just in these studies this is why I essentially tell the story it gives you a perspective that I don't think is an exaggeration to say that it's life-changing as I heard Carl Sagan say it's a humbling and character-building experience and totally true so I encourage anyone out there look into it study thirst to know how the universe works and once you start down the path forever will it dominate your destiny in the best way possible it was a very big moment interstellar was that thing for me but also that comment which does show the power of constructive criticism over shit I think that person for that calmness so maybe I'm just projecting because interstellar was that thing for me I'm like well maybe interstellar springboards on to this I don't know regardless I'm interested to see what he does with tenets and how he deals with time going backwards as well as forward but have you seen the trailer what do you think about it whatever you thought comment below let me know and what's a movie that influenced you in your life and kind of inspired you to research and grow it you know that movie I'd love to hear what that movie is for you so again comment below let me know and as always if you like what you've seen here and you want to see more click right here to see more you [Music]