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well connect to new rockstars I'm Eric Voss and Christopher Nolan's pin it is looking like one of the most exciting films of summer 2020 with a real twisty trailer that came out a few weeks back just as I began my youtube hibernation because all Star Wars that no play makes America sleepy boy but at mine pennant trailer is still there just beggin to be explained so I'm gonna pull a Nolan in Reverse time back to mid-december to break it down for you a shot by shot for all the fascinating visual clues that could help us unravel this insane plot warning against any my analysis predicts the movie to good and let's get started we all believe we've run into the burning building but until we feel that heat we can never know okay the opening shot of this trailer is a cut from black to an aerial shot pushing in on a building and it matches exactly Nolan's shot then open the Dark Knight but instead of downtown Chicago this is Mumbai if you're loving the music the composer for this film is live the Curenton he is on fire right now you want an Oscar for black panther and he composed the music for the mandalorian on Disney plus a voiceover says we all believe we'd run into the burning building but until we feel the heat we can never know this is kind of a clue explaining the conceit of this film in which specialized operatives appear to use a kind of localized time manipulation to reverse the flow of time from their own perspectives so that while time moves forward for them normally everything else moves in Reverse and vice-versa so that way they can kind of rewind time back to the start of a loop in evade coming danger like a fireman getting a second chance to run back into a burning building knowing where the dangers are Christopher Nolan as a filmmaker has always been obsessed with time as a concept and memento he intercut the narrative with a timeline that flowed in Reverse to convey his protagonists memory disorder inception played with time dilation and dreams interstellar times relationship with gravity Dunkirk one battle told at three speeds based on land sea and air the prestige used chronological trickery to conceal a sleight of hand even the Dark Knight trilogy films featured ticking clocks unfold in precise real-time so with Tennant nolan appears to be combining in many of these to generate a new story based in localized time manipulation so that single actors within a physical space have the ability to reverse time within a loop and use that to tinker with causality I know I'm using loud words and none if it really makes sense but I feel like it's a visual language that will make sense when we see it on-screen the unusual physics of John David Washington and Robert Pattinson ascent of the building might be this kind of time reversal in play like Politis in Reverse notice how it's kind of like they're reversing them repelling from the tower nolan showed how time and gravity were linked and interstellar so maybe by manipulating the time of things you can also manipulate the gravity of things I know it's a lot to process and I'm not certain about any of this I'm just doing my best to make sense of this bonkers footage hopefully it'll make more sense as we move on with this trailer but don't get your hopes up you do you chose to tie instead of giving up your colleagues okay so we get another Nolan trademark here with the setting of a train yard once it's on a track similar to the suicide train moment of Inception that Cobb and mal used to wake themselves up to reality there is such a thing now it could be wrong but the train to the left of Washington could actually be moving in Reverse like that first car is not the engine but you know trains and train yards will often reverse down tracks like this to link up with other cars I don't know train imagery could be another way Nolan conveys time manipulation in this movie like you can move forward or backward on the track but you're always on the track the voice says you chose to die instead of giving up your colleagues and Washington confusedly coughs a death rattle as a man now holds what looks like a spy poisoned suicide pill so perhaps Washington was a spy or a soldier who to avoid capture swallowed poison but that was all a test so this organization of time manipulators reversed his suicide so now the pill is out of his mouth back in the guy's hand and then recruited this soldier for his bravery and his loyalty if you think about it this would also give that organization and insurance policy because if the agent were to go rogue or betray them they could just fast forward back to that suicide moment and let them die so their life is always in their hands let's move on that test you passed not everybody does welcome to the afterlife okay here we see them heading out on a boat across the water passing these wind turbines Oh saw the blades rotate clockwise keep that in mind but then we see Washington waking up in a hospital bed and the voice is coming from actor Martin Donovan longtime character actor he appeared an ant-man a few years back and there's a clock behind him time he says welcome to the afterlife that's probably him joking around because Washington's probably like hey I thought I'd try to kill myself there but this could also be the way the organization describes their existence after that suicide test like their detachment from time makes them kind of ghost-like moving on with the trailer to do what I do I need some idea of the threat we face as I understand it we're trying to prevent World War 3 okay this section Washington meets with what looks like a technician for this organization played by French actress Callaspo se you might know where's Fleur Delacour from the Harry Potter films interesting that she has a rotary phone maybe this is just an antiquated office maybe it's in earlier time or she's just like a hipster maybe she's actually really old and wise and she uses this time manipulation to forward in Reverse in the loop over and over to stay young and beautiful just actually like losing it up there he asks her about the threat that they face and she says as I understand it we are trying to prevent World War 3 and Layne in the trailer she clarifies it's not a nuclear holocaust but something worse and I'm guessing that the worst fate has to do with this time manipulation Tech just ask Doc Brown or the ancient one about the dangers of meddling with the space-time continuum and before we move on there's a shot of this driver in an audio CD in a boatyard he's wearing a medical gas mask could be later see Washington freaking out with a similar mask on he's also often shown with a briefcase so perhaps this is the time manipulation tech it could be like a breathable gas that displaces the breather from time it's dispensed from a briefcase similar to how the dreams sharing technology and inception was a fluid dispensed from a portable briefcase let's move on something was in this clip there's a brief shot of Elizabeth de Becky on a boat holding hands with someone else is close-up of their hands is similar to the shot Nolan use of cob and mauls hands an inception in cobs memory flashes of that train moment may be the driving force will be a desire to turn back time to prevent some horrible tragedy involving his wife then Washington is held in his red and blue lit rooms separated by a pane of glass as this heavy concrete door curves open this same room shows up at the end of the trailer with Pattinson and Washington's maybe there's some significance to this location it could be a chamber or a portal connected to the time in The Daily Show but more on that as we move on to the rest of the trailer open the right doors some of the wrong ones too okay here we are now halfway through the trailer and things get real interesting first there's this uncanny shot of the Magna Viking supply ship moving through the same waterway with the Wayne turbines we saw before but it is now all in Reverse waves on whole notice the turbine blades now rotate counterclockwise yet as this all reverses Washington can be seen on that vessel doing pull ups in normal forward time so whatever Washington's mission is it appears that it requires him to follow this boat to its place of origin maybe connected to that boat yard Audie SUV that we know is involved in the street chase and it is here that martin donovan drops the term at the crux of this film and the title all i have for you is a word tenant okay I'm gonna explain what I think this mean but before I continue thanks to bang energy for sponsoring this video every can of bang is 16 ounces that's right no wimpy 12 ounce cans here it contains 300 milligrams of caffeine it's sugar-free and zero calories yet it tastes great with over 30 different flavors to choose from this one is peach mango but you really should pronounce that peach man go where's this man going anywhere he got him once - it's like getting kissed on both cheeks 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word used by the people who use this technology the word itself is a palindrome and the title design makes it so that the word can rotate like the wind turbine blades and read the same forward and backward the word tenant is actually one of the most famous palindromes in history as the center word of the famous Latin Sator square it's a five word palindrome grid found in the ruins of Pompeii and a number of other excavations it can be ready to top to bottom bottom the top left to right right to left all with the same five word sentence dater AREPO tenant opera wrote us but no clear consensus among historians over what it means some have translated as the farmer named AREPO works wheels or the sower works for mastery by turning the wheel one of history's greatest riddles those are worth noting that word opera in there because to the locations in this film are opera houses the Kiev Opera House and the Oslo Opera House so perhaps Tennant refers to some code that the people in this world have unlocked about the nature of time how it is something that like the Seder square can be perceived and experienced palindromic clay from multiple angles and multiple dimensions perhaps Washington will be the sower of the SATA Square riddle working for mastery by turning the wheel of time in hopes of avoiding the fates of people of the ancient world of rome and pompeii annihilation it's also interesting that these big reversals in the word tenets come halfway through the trailer one theory that I really love is that this movie tenants could itself be a palindrome in structure reach and a halfway point and then reversing back to its origin there's a lot of ways that could work like reversing through the settings reversing through the mission reversing character deaths I'm just really excited to see what no one doesn't this this section also introduces us to Michael kite who appears in nearly every Nolan film check and at Kenneth Branagh who might be a villainous character patented in Washington leap off the Mumbai building while on the lower balcony you can see the Indian actress temple Campania her character's watching and we'll hear from her in the next section I have to start looking at the world in a new way [Music] okay this section opens with this SWAT officer on the floor this is movement kind of creepy he appears to be sliding backward up the hallway toward the gun as if a reversal of him sliding down the hallway but sliding that's also kind of weird physics is this building tilted but notice he's wearing a gas mask maybe he's on that same time Ben Ben gasps and then we arrive at they drew what the moment of this trailer Street chase through Estonia on the Linda hall / new highway Pattinson Washington appear to dry being pursued by that Adi SUV which is driving in Reverse but what if what we're seeing is actually reversed and Pattinson in Washington are the ones chasing the SUV they are the ones reversing like it's weird this whole sequence is kind of a palindrome you can play it in Reverse perhaps they're the ones pursuing a guy a guy who already tried to use reverse time to escape and now they are using another layer of reverse time of their own like notice that Pattinson appears to be steering as he looks over his shoulder when Washington's gaze is locked on a sideview mirror I think they are moving backward following him yeah I know this double switch would be super disorienting to experience which we see from Washington in the next clip and try to understand it [Music] feel it whoa okay we might be getting the clearer picture of what's going on here that guy and the SCV is using reverse time to mess everything up and flip over a bystander car but by double reversing time they reset the car back to its normal state they're fixing things whatever is going on here it seems to me that Nolan is trying to top himself from that mind-bending multi-layered chase sequence in Inception remember which Yusef flipped the van on the first stream layer causing an inverted gravity on Arthur's Hotel layer below this is somehow even more confusing and on to the final clip okay so we arrived back at that bullet hole moment that was the focus of the first teaser the one that was released only theatrically over the summer that teaser featured some hiccup - editing suggesting that we might actually be seeing several different examinations of these bullet holes in the glass and then Washington was actually walking backward but it was verse make him look like he was moving forward similarly here Washington and Pattinson are in Reverse seeing the results of a shootout that they're about to experience the backstory - and interesting Lee they don't realize they're in Reverse initially however the time reversal mechanics work these men do not have complete mastery of it or someone else is influencing it in a way that requires them to regain control of it maybe that's their mission this glass barrier may be a kind of tenant midpoint that gets revisited and looped indeed notice here the Pattinson's hair appears messy from the first angle but then as it cuts to the other angle it's now neatly combed most likely these are two different moments two different scenes oh I don't know do the complex time mechanics of tenant confuse you too much or does it make you more excited to see this movie when it comes out in July comment down below with your thoughts follow me on instagram twitter at Ieva subscribed into rock stars or breakdowns of everything you love and including some super in-depth breakdowns of donald Nolan's pass work like Inception in the Dark Knight trilogy also be sure to check out our awesome new Q&A show the big question which we apply real-world logic in physics and science to pop culture like how many people Hulk would kill if he ever clapped his hands oh well baby Yoda hit puberty thank you for joining me and now I will make this video a palindrome by reversing back to its origin [Music]