TERRIFYING Cliff Jump Forfeit in The ChrisMD Test With My Family 2

hello guys is Chris here and today are we doing a second video this year's version of a little test on my channel for a couple of contestants but this year it's gonna be a little tougher let me remind you of what happened last time [Music] [Music] and just in case you've forgotten ooh the contestants are let me remind you Bali's squatting outshot right now I'm really glad this goes on here [Music] why so again that this year we're joined by Kelly and Oliver Jonas alo e2a up I said say hello say hello to recap last year I pitted Kelly and Ollie against each other and asked them ten questions about my youtube channel if they also each correctly then they got one point but if neither of them got the correct answer then they both had to carry out a forfeit this year there are a few differences each question has its own unique forfeit so even if they both don't know the answer to just one question they still could have to do the worst forfeit the second change this year is we've got a pretty impressive buzzer system going on enough of kindly sponsored this video and supplied us with their new enough regulator blasters so the first person to knock over their target with these North blasters may also fast the nerve regulator itself features their new switch fire technology to incorporate strategy tactics and control into gameplay now as more of an incentive to knock over these targets I've decorated them with labels of things that Kelly nolle despise so Kelly and only have the choice of using single fire burst mode and fully automatic to overcome obstacles such as a lack of paid sponsorships on Kelly's Instagram or being told by the dentists they're coming off next time but the real incentive for today's is that the winner gets to choose any of the ten forfeits for me and the loser to suffer otherwise god knows what I they'd have agreed to get involved so I think the worst one this year is probably it's gonna be jumping from quite a height around some of the rocks in Jersey okay [Laughter] pretty prepared yeah let's get into it right so Kelly nalli are gonna be shooting from behind the broom stick on the floor just over here folks using at the same time and if you pan back over to me they're gonna be trying to hit these targets here first of all we've got Souls Souls because you're both ginger and you both don't happen ginger okay so the first question the forfeit from the first question is you have to do sit in our bird cave we've got a few pet birds and you have to eat a stick of millet the treats that they have okay that's the first forfeit if neither of you know this one first question who was the only legend who I didn't flick the ball over playing in the Wembley Cup 2016 start shooting Oh Allie Scott Ollie has on it very quickly I like my girl okay so you've got all the time in the world to think about your answer now okay it's annoying I know five other legends that played all just put your heart out that's great oh he has got the buzzer question right which means neither of you sit in the bird cage that's really disappoint you Oliver okay moving on to question two this time the targets have changed Kelly now has people calling her ginger and Ollie has been told by the dentist they're coming off next time I'll be adding in laughs at that bit the forfeit for this one is being buried in the sand down at umbrellas okay so this is quite it's quite a big one so what I want to know is 16th of November 2012 it's quite a few years back delving into the archives so I went in [Applause] see that's a win in Pocket given [Applause] pretty damn top class material am i right what I want to know is right you get ready to cuz soon as I finish this question you can shake you know how many subscribers did I have to the nearest thousand at the time rock road of that video okay oh I mean I mean that's gone well probably to finish messing around okay oh you know what the question is it's not boring oh wow before this because you're both getting buried in the sand don'ts umbrellas if you get this wrong you were more than three away close that close together oh my god you're lucky people I'm saving you right question three you lucky little people so moving on to this one we have footballs which everyone knows Kelly is absolutely terrified of and Simon's penalties after Kevin de Bruyne was smashed in the face by time as penalty weather in Abu Dhabi the forfeit for question three is probably the worst tool extents and purposes it's jumping off a cliff there's a rock formation with about a 10 meter drop on the north coast of Jersey and we've done pier jumping and stuff and lots of times before but never anything quite this high it's called the Reiner [Music] sweaty palms anyone who is the first footballer I ever filmed a football video with I jump very high job no he wasn't fairly sure this is wrong as well right I'm really frustrated right moving on to question four and this time the targets are unpaid video appearances Kelly oh man that was pretty hateful thing in your life and then the friendzone moving on question yes this videos become a bit of a cry for help hasn't it for this question we've brought back the age-old swimming pool for face but this time it's a back flop and it's greed how many videos have a raid on my channel clubbing with Harry oh this is oh this is going badly on both sides oh he's in it he's got it you gotta get down you gotta get down Kenny I'm gonna have to push you oh I'm gonna super-fun saver again so there's the very first one where you were begging for ages many did one and then you are jong-kul with your phone I don't remember I saw that video the two Jersey versus Guernsey challenges yeah there's the Halloween one yes finally it is actually seven you are really badly wrong there and you guys deserve to back flop into a swimming pool slight turn of event we've just found a hedge mystery look sad I do just want to point out how this happened is it must have just cooled in overnight I mean we didn't even know you got hedgehogs around here in our garden so that was a bit sad but does make the forfeit a little more interesting so there's a slight change of plans with the bat flopping Kelly has um Kelly has refused but Oliver has come through with flying colors okay Ollie is prepared to jump into that swimming pool backflip into it after its had a hedgehog in it and it looks like that I think that more than makes up for it you ready ollie when you're ready ollie the picture of health I got what why would you not turn it off okay you can stop right now the forth of question number five I've just bought two football goals for our pitch hugs is quite nice to give something back to the club I played ball for 20 odd years making yeah it's very true it's very true maybe I didn't need to okay about 15 years I've played but anyway they'll seen in our garage at the moment they need to be set off the forfeit for this one is setting off these goals and they don't look easy right they're probably gonna take about three days where whoever tries so yeah no paper targets this one first of all all about what do you have why I hate how they turn their heads Kelly is one for this one is people who hate oh right so the video that we filmed at the pitch last year one where we were testing youtubers goalkeepers and I fear draw or one of you two could have got more but who made the most saves in that okay so was it one of YouTube or was it a draw go for it quick Oh owls might be taking a beating here oh oh that would have been that could have gone down to Hawkeye that which means there's a 50-50 feel like they just give the videos em already what do you do it you just inside what you want videos I feel I feel like this is a little bit unfair that's question because it's clearly between ollie or draw because I was gonna say I can hit crying Roger scores currently stand at four points to nil as ollie is taking quite unprecedented snot restraining orders gonna be sent home the sixth question the forfeit for this one is wearing embarrassing outfit through town got a few Darth Vader we got Indiana Jones parts the cavalry it's all that after stroll through Jersey town stroll through J town with that yeah this time Kelly is shooting at the lack of paid sponsorships on her Instagram and all he obviously hates channels who upload more than once a year we did Tough Mudder this year what I want to know how many miles was the Tough Mudder course we can believe it Oh Oh Ollie's got it buzzed super fun okay you won't have halves police are [Laughter] not gonna lie wasn't expecting it to be quite that one-sided so it didn't go brilliantly however we still have the rest of the questions and lots of forfeits to get past yet but now we know that it's me and Kelly doing the final forfeit whatever it is that all you choose is for us question number seven includes the targets of FA goal keeping all right we've discovered that over the years the forfeit this time round is Kelly and all you have to sacrifice their Instagram accounts and also themselves because we get to post one post on their in-store account of whatever we want could be including them within limits now pack opening I did a Christmas so as this one okay I called us well you never see a packet me like this ever again okay 25 minutes long got five mils quite depressing this is even a question did I spend over 10,000 pounds on that pack opening oh all of us hit it fast don't it let me tell you a thing or two I think yes yeah I didn't really think about it's really a two on some question getting writers like Chris is just like ruining I knew too many pack openings these days right the four fit for this one the for fit is a YouTube classic okay it's just gonna be egg cracked on one of your heads or no both of your head sorry alright for this one we've got our two new targets obviously flavored teas for Kelly particular hatred any comments on that one and then skimmed milk what I want to know for this one obviously I should call off my football videos sorry a call off my football games upon my in my videos in total I'll give you to the nearest five how many goals and assisted I score did I get on the board throughout the whole of my games last season can be first I played 12 games so yeah it's gotta be 5 10 15 20 you know those sort of numbers 25 30 25 75 [Laughter] give me your answer okay let's think about the expected goals you know let's talk about goals and sets not net goal we have a to four-fifths of the video I mean this wasn't pen so I got so actually got 12 goals and sis which is bad over over will he overestimated him yeah over 12 games I got way or way well how it's gone up I think right now is eight goals and four assists so that's this warning game I think that's respectful you to getting an egg cracked over both of their heads now as we recorded all the forfeits after I decided to tie them in to each other so this is the full footage or for the swimming and forfeit probably go and wash off the various diseases right for the second egg forfeit this will never become a chicken do you understand how eggs working go [Music] well either of the headache and on that bombshell we played a Kelly I was never taught hugs mean Kelly hates incorrect grammar only just salary that really is the devil's food hoping for this one it's gonna be Apple on Kelly and all these heads and me and whoever's not got the apple on their head gets kick footballs of them trying to take the Apple off see you until the Apple comes off okay which was my favorite diss track Ollie you've gotta shoot Leslie just picked up the blaster and just say Harry which one so you can say the same answer remember really yeah that is another point in all of us count he gets not number six if I don't with the one that Ollie would have said I would have not got a point yeah yeah I don't know you know you won't put yeah obviously the last question Ellie is gonna be shooting out being reminded she worked at Madonna triggered only it's gonna be easier just not a general hatred of my knuckles I don't release all right now the forfeit is you literally have to go and get in the bin we get to wheel you around okay you know we leave in okay right that's afraid very high quality content for furs here right ten question on your eyes okay so my video like I just film we were an out oh did I go at star the video when I met him just like meeting him for first time did I go for the normal hand or was it the tennis player up I go oh oh my incredibly efficient I'm gonna go with the normal handshake okay I'll go at some point you definitely went like that I just don't it wasn't them at the beginning I only noticed you do that like at the end you might not have had the confidence to go with the the old slam good Cristiano well I can tell you that it was a normal handshake so over just give me a normal handshake right now no don't call an up high you've lost the Sonia well played though seven points seven points to one Wow check this kids hard drive Oliver so me and Kelly now much like last year have to do one of the four fits as usual as you won we have to do one of the four fits from this video you can pick anything we have to now go and do it so let me just remind you get in the bin there was the Apple on head target practice the insta forfeit wearing embarrassing outfit through town egg cracked on head set up the goals backdrop Interpol jumping in to grab the leg buried in the sand and at the end of the birdcage you need to stick a minute okay so similar to last year's and forfeit I'm gonna go with jumping off the rock you wouldn't would you that's not what we wanted it's what they wanted was not what we wanted with it quit it cuz that's quite a top forfeit quiet because you've won both of them I think you can do it with us yeah right 7 1 YouTube well done thank you very much let's head down to Karev Dalek not looking forward to this one [Laughter] the effort we've gone to get this forfeit right we're down the track in position today we're gonna be jumping off one of these rocks known round here it's one of the most feared rocks around the island for local coast errors it's called the Rhino [Music] [Music] right because all he doesn't that she have a wet suit he is gonna be jumping off quite a mile lots more a jump all right oriental apples he got roped into the forefoot at the end he's doing it in the other desktops three two one go so graceful however that's not what we want the GoPro is on Kelly 42% of battery so that's quite a long time we can mess around for I think all right Kelly's up first cuz he's always been the absolute lunatic okay three two one go higher how's that yeah come back I actually couldn't do jumping from Heights or anything for quite a while because of my ear operation I literally like for about three years maybe so I've done something quite who are the things I do for some views three one young [Music] I don't believe I did how is the technique OnPoint can reach out [Music] [Music] you [Music]