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oh mY GODAHAHA WHA-HEHEHEY, HEY, HEY, HEY HELLO? *dank epic intro moosic* Guys, I got an eye tracker!! I watched Greek God use one on his livestream and I- I was so curious about using one so I bought one, right away. I have it here. So I have it very neatly stacked on my Monster can. *giggle* But yeah, it's basically staring into my eyes, I don't feel it or anything like that You're supposed to put it on a laptop, but I didn't have a laptop. Let's try it out I never tried it out before Tobii Eye Tracking. Okay, here we go. Whoa. Oh, it's working Whohohohohoa! Whoa, this is freaky stuff. Okay, this'll definitely be interesting. Oh my god. This is so weird It works pretty good. I would say I'm trying to like cheat it Alright, so I tweeted uh-: 'testing out eye tracker, link me some videos I should watch' Good. Good start on this video. Oh my god. No nOHAHAHAHAHA THERE'S NO WAY I CAN'T LOO-- AHHH *dun dun dundun* Okay, someone linked me this video. STOOOOP OH MY GOd OH MY GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??? This is not funny, hoo, this is stressful man. Sexiest Girl on Twitch. Okay, sure. oH MY GOOOOOD STAAAAAAAAHP I'm not a inte-. OH MY GOD IT'S EVERYWHERE! What is YouTube? This is not interesting I don't feel like if- if I- if I have a face-to-face With someone I don't really struggle with like trying to peek or something like that, But if it's in my peripheral, and I don't know what's there your subconscious sort of takes over *teehe* I don't have a problem with this. OH MY GOD you see what happens? This is so annoying... Stupid Twitch thots. I just feel like the- they win over me, okay? and they're not gonna win over me, stupid Twitch thats. NO I am engaged. I don't need this! Here we go. Some real quality 'shower thoughts with CinnamonToastKen'. [Ken] - Oh hello there. i didn't see you come in ;) I am CinnamonToastKen and today we going to have a... shower thoughts video. Have you... you ever had T H O U G H T S while in the shower? No, good video, Ken. [Ken] - -wait in the middle of the night, the cold sweat is screaming-- Sorry, sorry not doing it for me, Ken. I'm sorry. It's not it's really interesting. I didn't realize my subconscious Haha, great. It's the evolution of the bikini with your favorite girl Amanda Cerny *why* *pewds laughs* It's not hard, it's really not hard. I think I need something with some peripheral stuff. Oh my god, oh my god, the peripherals. Stop, try not to look--, Ok. vale? Ok gracias Que pasa cuando yo no estoy aqui con ustedes? Not even hard. I-If a girl dresses like that, she wants you to look, right? Am I crazy for thinking that I might some sort of misogynistic? I'm not gonna let them win over me. Alright? I love myself more than my own boobs. Okay, so I don't care Selective attention test. Okay "this a test of selective attention" Yep "Count how many times the players wearing white pass the basketball?" Okay *omg its harambu* *byeee harambu* "How many passes--" I don't know 12 or 13. "The correct answer is--" Oh my god, I missed so many. Oh my god, that was epic. "But did you see the gorilla?" What? *rewinding* OH MY GOD ARE YOU KIDDING-- no. No, there was no gorilla. THIS STUPID GORILLA-- STUPID GORILLAAHAHA-- Oh my god, I'm an idiot, my god. It's really interesting. How you really just look at a specific spot on the screen, right? You see the whole screen you do-- You're literally just looking at one spot. I never realize how focused our vision is. Here comes the real challenge. Impressive bulges. No! Oh my god thehoho, look up Felix, look up. no nooOOOO D: DAMN IT dooon't don't look at the bulge don't thi- don't thiaAAA- don't think about the bulge ... You're completely fine. Why am I do?-- AAAAAAAH No, no, I'm not doing that. I'm not doing that. Jesus Christ! Oh my god, seriously. oh no o h n o The real challenge begins. Oh noooooohohoohoho. nonononohoonho *groans* doho my god-- Oh my god, I'm trying to look away. I mean, I don't need too. I don-- Guys, I don't need to look away I don't need to try to- to maintaining any form or self-control. Because I have plenty and more to look at-at home. Okay? I have a hot beautiful girlfriend and I don't need to be distracted b y t w i t c h t h o t s okay? Genuinely not interested. This is pathetic. You think I would fall for this meme? I don't think so. (Baauer - Harlem Shake) ♪ Con los terroristas. ♪ Now, that's what I'm talking about. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah *giggle* No shame. *another giggle* yes! What the hell is- what does that mean? This is the same picture, YouTube is so perverted *laughs* My tracker is so much bigger, I can look wherever it doesn't matter top 5 Minecraft sexy animations ᵒᵏ What.. this is so dumb. what am i watching...? legendary bewb scene.. *pewds laughs* Marzia loves- High School of the Dead, so there should be no shame here oh my gawd WHY?? *pewds giggles* oh my god... oh so that he ca-- ohh i get it oh mY GODAHAHA WHA-HEHEHEY, HEY, HEY, HEY HELLO? no.. I see why they think it's a legendary boob scene. I saw it right away. ˢʰᵘᵗ ᵘᵖ *pewds laughs* Oh, damn it... Guess I'm not a true Barcelona fan Oh no. Those are some lovely cupcakes right there. They look... delicious. if you saw the dinosaur first, then- Oh my god, alright. Well, Brad 2.0 is gonna have to do some godlike editing on this video to censor everything. *laughs* Pretty fun to try out. I think it would be cool to use this for gaming and stuff like that Thank you for leaving a like on this video Let me know, if there's anything else you wanted me to try out with the eye tracker and as always goodbye (Ali-A Outro) *pewdsiepie doing Ali-A's Dank Outro* stay awesome bros :)