I got a sound sigh remember cycling out of the air well knocked ooh yeah i'm saucy with it follow me on Soundcloud i'm about the cannon launch trading in the town but I love that mentality I'm on the way I'm here young man oh dear God what about me Oh Pete oh I'm dead I'm at a bad that guy's gay bird I'll be he's real he's really not the best to ever play this game Wow like he's really good at scaring you with shots you know that was actually that if that's what he's doing then I was really scared okay I knocked one oh my god I'm insane and crush octopus pre-emptive pogs it's cracked a month I just had John I'm not the launch at him yeah oh you're just doing this okay can I see alright I think I'm pretty on point I might hit the hail shit I'll nail this gentleman watch this stream you got to kind of hold that for a second here that guy four times I just got sniped this guy's just the best I'm dead no you're not doesn't know where I'm at armor whoa I know you have higher expectations for both T foo and T food right now okay he is the highest Hornet earner in history I am the one hundred and tenth highest fortnight earner in history but who's counting you know right now we're turning this around well I'm 5050 miss chess is great oh my god ah fuck let me get a job oh god damn it need help watch and learn maybe watch this copy of the chills I'll get the chills I'm not ooh I got a shoddy gggg to the chat stream roof it's all over now I got one - did I think this is a game we just learned real quick yep that guy's lunch time Oh guys it's by the pump and went bye-bye I saw at least one bogey but I believe it's two over both their double bogey please Oh bye-bye chills nice chose another one gliding on you 51 shield tag on him he landed on the roof right below you will kill one Gilardi is nice at least to actually sue okay I'm gonna box at the top he's right out the trap fighting right here fighting right here home I'm on my way buddy - below us as well they're actually like the lighting right at us I'm going in I'm gonna lay a little see right here full thrust oh he's got knocked by someone else you kidding me Westside noscoped there's another guy knock come here I think so yes Bunny's got a car oh yeah in the bush on my marker are we nasty shadowy nasty dude he's got a sniper said why thirty-five she'll attack dead oh my god bro she got one tag the shields one shot they're like literally be was weaker he beat other ones top Viking Amy get us oh oh it's God it's about setback a season three I think edit into my box down here to mark attack oh my god I'm literally this kid's father bro all over the place dawg no sheesh synchronize both taught me the same exact time what are the other guy Oh point 95 okay I need to see the most exquisite gameplay of skills and athleticism have ever witnessed in my entire career [Music] really all of us stolen really but that gotta wait you have to help this pot get up there bro Alberto had asked in so much better than you kid take your shitty soccer skit off and go play a different game go play fifa you bought thank you do you hit me in the air you're my dad if that guy hits you midair that's my mom yeah mm-hmm in the back no way who the fuck is that kid of hers Oh bro are you kidding me hobbies only kill four kills holy shit it's Dakotas I'm probably dead here though why is this guy have a minigun in the face man I'm hip firing my scope I'm wkw King him no shield no problem watch my shots on this guy that your thing I'm hacking chills you know time it is launch launch time watch this chat [Applause] what did you do how'd you go with what just happened I've got about Lulay I made it not one ah during the whip in the water in the water in the water here as the guys go Valerius turrets are fun turrets are fun flying and flying and flying and flying in 37 shield oh hey kid have a good cube no idea Sparkle specialist welcome ago shopping it's suicide what a loser did I like being a little bit more toxic tonight this is great head white got him he's super we came to trouble you get the kill I'll get it just give me a sec knock him dead I might add I'm out of pump am oh my god thank you how was that a very remote was about killing two dudes army yep but he got that wall don't look at me buddy I'm not your threat oh my god I looked at the wrong guy oh this isn't good no I'm blocking your ramp I gotta crawl forward sorry sorry sorry left Walt block to your half again nice site your wall okay go you're you're actually literally right now like you know people I put up posters in their room and they're like big fans of certain bands and pop like like they're like stands like I'm your Stan bro I want to get a tattoo of your face on my leg like you did with Jones eat it if I got head millions of porta craters during the next four times it I will seriously tattoo turner on my leg just get like a poster to put on your ceiling when you sleep yes go sleep look at me and then when you wake up you see me well I have that one already I'm ready dude there's still 20 people left oh my god hi kill game good we could potentially drop thirty-year I'm sitting up them to land on the red guy okay red guy 98 hi people Oh keep my factories like flying at it did you get the pattern up nah but I am redeploying slowly once on the lake of the island up top he hit me once my literal father I missed him standing still in so trashed never talked to me again Turner 150 Jon wait below okay just focus then I go yep get you buddy you look at you pal good job there's a lot of action north a couple teams baby bunch people around here should make her break right here did I love this I love this I love this come on break it nice out on how East yep that bit you're good oh we can shop from north to there late there lit push I'm going more out south east see that build yes sir I'm in there I think you're fighting something play aggressive it was just that hard real battling over here I got reading fucking pull I'm coming right in yes sir knocks one atop below me once landed above I got on my skies above I'm gonna bust why did we kill this guy it's a dirty bomb go away there you go you do it like this chat tea food xt Phu 30 bombs stream it's that easy it's like clockwork chat let's go baby open the wrong way chills [Music]