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ladies and gentlemen of the Internet it is your uncle Jack here how're you doing start on another great fortnight video as you guys know it's literally my whole life and sometimes they get some awesome opportunities and today is one of them friends over at moose toys hit me up it's a jack we got our brand new fortnight battle royale collection coming out happy to say this video is sponsored by the Battle Royale collection they set me not only a bunch of the figures that are out now there's already I believe 17 figures out but by the end of this year they will have 100 figures now I'm gonna be honest with you guys these are available in stores now but they sent me a little teaser one - I believe now look at this I've got carbide and Sergeant Jonesy in this one skull trooper which obviously major fan favorite Raptor rust Lord Rex and Raven apparently this is the letter R collection and look it comes with pickaxe back bling there's an impulse grenade in here grenade launcher Dooley's stands for them to stand on Omega and bright bomber oh my god I just saw I just saw I think this is the unreleased one they sent this in like an unreleased little plastic bag like no one else out there has this yet is what is the vibe I'm getting here look at that I'm the first ever to have this well let me open up another box look at the look at the quality of ragnarok Black Knight and Triple Threat you look you could put on his back shit back bling - they all have like a spot for a backlink shield on his so again as you guys can see the detail on these is absolutely insane for how small they are and they send me a piece of paper they said they're sending me all the rest of them - so did I just break my chair I might he just broke my chair but either way thank you guys so much for watching this sponsored segment of the video now onto the regularly scheduled programming enjoy got this Teague get off us baby you just a whole lot bored yo please don't walk by the other seven seven not your videos videos down here I'm doing it Turner I love you bro [Music] okay I'm just gonna click ready on squads until until someone makes it until cloak gets our fourth in here oh hey man can you join the disco that I sent you in the Twitter didn't you guys hear me knocking do you have one a gateway to let me let me turn up my mic hey do you have any good waiter all right I'll see you guys later do you wanna see hey t food look like Cooper look what I got in the item shop Thank You misty d9n yeah you know in India okay you know in India no courage whenever you want to ready up by the way just feel free to ready up you know hey cloak I hope that the next time you go to get a chicken Caesar salad they accidentally leave cheese on it again idiot sorry that was too far that was that was too far I know you don't like cheese oh hello beautiful boy playing because I Benz here I don't know how you deal with these two enjoy buddy Joker no are you kidding yes how much chicken do you always talk about a bathroom after stream please are you kidding me like like a little your Marty over bro I bet you have an extra big still or no not sure what big shield I am to turn oh you having it - okay you gotta help the weaker players like it so do we even we can literally just like afk I think the next few minutes we're gonna win this game yo check it out dude I have two shovels wait wait what the one guy hi yeah yeah one guy with yeah yeah gonna check top to bottom most of Limbs chat you know Maury limbs and aunty foo confirmed I'm back thank you screenshot that kills a teepee I have a guy laying on me he's short I should go to kill him right away oh it's talk about height like that front Jack do this myself okay then oh my god I got two below us at a plane fly after me I'm just fly past but there are then it seems like ride isn't you getting Friday are we actually gonna fight this I'm delighted I got one super weak super super weak yeah we're over here there's two teams here and they're just confused got another knock that's two knocks right now he's on the zip line Dada Dada edited it raw someone needs one there's three right here I'm pretty sure he's sick I just threw six dynamite at him Ben are you building I'm soft I'm dude I got them both [Music] [Music] Oh what to pick back up it did it worked no oh wait wait wait wait wait do this game just got a whole lot more just ah I got one right in front of me 40 shield whoa Masum jeez not reloaded I have no SMG left oh man no he got this tee food tv1 yeah yeah where is I'm over here actually our courage to drink the chug chug yeah I think we value for anything yeah what's up you say to me a little dude plane laser me in my jumper lock him down you know I'd be not be 100 get off us baby I got you Betty boo no one's killing my man thanks to the mats BOTS 154 dead I'm somebody near the lowest police below weak weak weak weak weak weak weak weak no shit he's got more yeah he's gonna walk right out there 77 not your landing I was leading us down here yeah because one shot on me company poking could be you come good job I'm popping minis with kwik-lok Tommy dead no knock I'm low low I'm low I got a mini again med kidding I don't I'm though I don't think I don't think I'm gonna tell em I we can you drop it for me oh my god three two one drop I'm gonna die I'm gonna die yeah oh my god still got that rib dude yeah we're good all right it's two people hi did you try he was at 17 you guys wrong right you clutched it out no I miss you t foo I added you oh wait with me wait do you want to have a puppy when we all live together I just can't have one that sheds I don't like shedding dogs I don't have a husky oh dear God Shrek the bounder bits gonna pet llama name to Kendrick Lamar oh my god I just got snipe from a different area knocked one over here knocked one down low boys yeah last camera said last guy ripped it out we got all the sweet down here wait another another go I'd like this more year - you're right see Bootsy right the Greek god I've gotta be able to put the hell there's another you know what I'm building up to the sky who's with me I thought I Pfeiffer take that oh your God no I'm not Schumer remote so they probably gonna focus me but I probably grapple up knowing my luck you guys got a sticking now you got can be way to get traffic yet okay if we got rolling up to us fine weird grapplers something I have a launch that I'm gonna drop it I'm a high I'm actually gonna build out Frank's a good cocoa we're going further then don't know yeah it's going on right here I'm like Lily I just got switched in the wall can move I'm down again turn it turn it I went back I'm sticking on turn on signal Turner I'm doing it Turner I love you bro I got you Turner got you oh my god what are the highlight reel not [Music] behind me behind me [Music] victory Street don't did you see that the same I had in our glorious leader Thank You yoke lotion le no effect kiss ah okay are you kidding me win-win Wow one shot please I got you young man [Music]