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ladies and gentlemen what is going on Jack courage dumb up here bringing you a brand new video today a little bit different of a video you know you used to see me destroy people on fortnight or have fail moments or laugh of my friends but today want to do a little catch-up I'm going to an event this weekend thought you know what let me just go ahead and do a little Q&A answer some of your guys questions I haven't done release and so long I don't even remember swap but when was the last time we did one of these Wow it's been that long well we're back again we're almost at 700,000 subscribers on the channel first off if you haven't subbed and you're watching this video please subscribe it's free it helps me I mean the world that he could we're on the road of 1 million but I've got questions selected here you guys treated them at me I went through and like some of the ones that I think I could have some good discussion about could have some good laps so let's just get right into it first things first how would you feel about halo doing battle royale if you know me you've been following for a while or you've seen some of my other videos or have watched my streams a lot when it's been brought up I first fell in love with halo 2 and then halo 3 was the game that changed my life I mean some of my favorite moments in gaming took place on Halo 3 I think it's a game that could totally have a BR write a VR genre already has to be our the battle rifle but a full-fledged battle royale mode imagine if it was like the king battle royale of of Xbox for example and they put it on Windows 10 for PC as well like imagine what kind of draw that could potentially have for Xbox but it has to be done well it can't be a side thought like for example blackout there was worries originally with blackout that doesn't a bit this little side measly thing but then Vonderhaar took it over and built out this incredible incredible game experience blackout take take the zombies and multiply our white blackout is still a standalone game that you could still have fun on it's well polished and it's getting consistent updates halo would need to not only match that but I think improve on it if it wants to beat out the likes of for lighter or pull people away from for tonight are you subscribed to PewDiePie I've been subbed to him forever I mean I wish I could check and see when I subscribed to his channel because I've been around for a long long time this whole tears t-series PewDiePie thing is absolutely nuts he's had 5 million new YouTube subs in the last 30 days that is just mind-blowing I think it's a super super interesting thing to watch I'm always a little fan of those drum type things right there not get a lie so I definitely keep my eye on it love doing love seeing the charity stream you did the other day for the for some of the children in India it's awesome awesome to watch and you know I hope the battle never ends I hope it's an ongoing thing for years to come how long do you think fortnight how long do you think we'll fortnight still be the demo game how long day fortnight was somebody in a morgue a mega you flipped a couple words around for a very long time genuinely in my opinion people thought blackout was gonna be the fortnight killer people thought red dead and all these other big first single-player games ready to come out and kill fortnight and that's just not been the case at all I think fortnight has gone away from being a global phenomenon which it once was with everyone and their literal mother playing it too far and away the number one game with a very healthy fanbase and it's still growing the numbers that have come out about it the hundreds of millions of players and the consistent updates I mean look at what they just did with season 7 they added the creative mode new battle pass huge map update overall quality of life improvements to the game that happens that's like a huge it's like a huge breath of fresh air every 10 weeks and then add any consistent weekly updates they do it's just gonna keep going it's just gonna keep being the best until somehow they either ruin it themselves which I'm hoping they don't or another company does an even better version and it has even better updates which I just don't think it's possible next up from Luke says what did you spend the money mr. beast gave you on I haven't spent much of it I mean I'm saving it you know something that caught me off guard doesn't mean I could just throw it away I will say I bought myself a little gift I bought myself a watch that I've always wanted but that was mainly due in part to already the money I earn myself but when people ask it's just something I can tell them the real answer is saved the answer that people want to hear bought myself a dope-ass watch so I'll say that next question do you usually play with boys this age knew that was coming I knew that was gonna be a question that clip is still so funny that clip just for people that don't know I basically surprised a fan one day joined on in a game the kid starts crying say can I invite my friend can I'm a friend my friend Avalanche who is streaming you know he was one that met him originally random duo's the kid said I was his favorite streamer I was like sure but your friend friend joins or about a minute into playing the kid starts crying - they're both so excited the mom man comes over and is like what is this can I talk to them yet I gotta get to the mic basically accused me of being a pedophile the good together quickly the clip went viral I gained about a hundred thousand followers on Instagram in like five days so that was awesome but yeah that's the that's where that comes from if you ever see that my comments why is Tim better than you at fortnight HKD Kings I don't know if you have poor eyesight or if you struggle to comprehend how fortnight is played but there is no way Tim is a better fortnight player than me flat-out that's how serious I just took that dude next up i JD plays what's your favorite food and drink far and away favorite food chicken parmesan if you go ahead and give me a little chicken parmesan II little cheese oh my god a little pasta on the side with some sauce and some Parmesan cheese oh my god I'm gonna put in work you could put eight you could put a slab of chicken parmesan on this big and this thick in front of me I mean the whole damn thing by far my favorite food favorite drink to be honest it's gonna be really boring but water water I love water I drink so much of it III love how refreshing it is you got some ice in there nice refrigerated I love water it's boring as hell but if I had to pick up an alcoholic beverage that I enjoy love me a good Red Bull vodka but I am of age and I do drink responsibly thank you very much I do not condone underage drinking thank you before anyone says anything next up chosen one if your queen ariana grande was to accept your date proposal what would be a perfect first date you would take her on would you what would you do besides have our sub you switch by first off hopefully get hurt which for himself yes second I barely put any thought into it but I probably start off meeting her at wherever she was staying in New York City because I would assume we would have the date there if not yes we could probably do this in Los Angeles but we want to make sure it still works out the perfect way I would I would go ahead and meet her and meet her crew because I'm sure she travels with an entourage of people I then go ahead and get us a horse-drawn carriage to take us to our five-star dining experience over candlelit dinner I would have rented out the entire restaurant myself even though it would triple my bank account just so that we could have a wonderful private experience we would then share a wondrous dinner maybe a couple glasses of wine then go back to our horse-drawn carriage and I would have a full orchestra ready and prepared at the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center if we went before Christmas that is thus we would have that shutdown as well so we could go ahead and walk on up there take some instagram-worthy pictures then we would get back in a horse-drawn carriage and go to a helipad where we would then lift off and have a private tour of the outskirts of New York City yes would it be chilly sure but we would keep each other warm finally we would go ahead and land and take a two-week vacation to the Alps in which we would go ahead and get to really experience in Europe maybe backpack together through the countryside that'd be a good first date though I barely thought about it next up Sam what code shall I use of the item shop courage JD it's simple we've got like 12,000 of you guys who right now have been using the support of creator code it's been climbing every single day and I'm very very grateful to support going to soon begin to churn out more giveaways with that that's my plan with it I've actually been speaking to a few people a few companies more information about that soon when am I gonna get a Tesla I love my current car have I have a 2018 Lincoln MKZ premiere edition love it love it love it granted what I like a new car I don't need one I don't drive my current car a lot because guess what I sit right here in this setup and stream and play fortnight all day would I get a test although all I've heard is raving reviews if I were to get a new car it would be very very high up on my list with that being said know it no time for a my getting one now rush eight nine excuse me I just will good go you've been a broadcast you've been a streamer you've got a pro-gamer what else would you hope to achieve in your career and what goals you still have left in film I definitely been a broadcaster in a stream room I joke about being a pro gamer I mean technically yes I've won money off for it in those competitions but I don't play to compete as a pro or anything like that I just hop in me turn them in so I'm invited in and thankfully I've done pretty well I'm on a very gray area and if I'm a pro player but that being said what else would I hope to achieve in my career I don't plan to do streaming in YouTube forever with that also being said I don't plan to stop anytime soon in regards to like years but at some point I do want to go back and do maybe a starting my own company building out you know maybe I just have a feeling I'm gonna discover something that I'm really passionate about and I see an opportunity for business and I'm gonna want to start my own company there and begin to build that out and get into a more of a CEO and Founder type role and just build something that would be like my baby you know we're building something right now the courageous and in these channels and in this community but you know down the road maybe take it even you know bigger route something that could potentially change to change the world I don't know I don't know it's something that I've always thought about how good a relationship would you say you have of some of the viewers and subscribers you have on twitch and YouTube have you met any people through the medium that have claimed a spot your social circle not on the streamers or prose but the average Joe that comes in and subs this is actually really good question Charlie you know I see incredible people in my chat every single day in the courageous people that I know a lot about that have begun I've been able to meet in person and take pictures have good conversations with them and know and those people are the core of the courageous right in regards to people that have kind of got I spot in my social circle as you say here that's tough that's very very tough I'm someone who I've got my fraternity friends I got my high school friends I've got my kind of streamer / you know YouTube friends and colleagues I would almost put that at and that's like my social circles right it's maybe if you've met me through one of those and then you're more like a friend of a friend but I haven't really gotten anyone that's been like my diehard social circle you know someone I talk to every single day like like a true like a true friend friend if I'm just being honest but but that doesn't mean that that that can't happen you know I'm saying I'm just I'm just someone who's always had I'm a very good guarded individual and regards to how I go about certain things you know I joke about the whole single and girlfriend thing but I it's because I keep a lot of money relationships stuff behind the scenes no I don't have a girlfriend but anyone that I've kind of spoken to and I like that I do I do keep very private until I would feel comfortable sharing it next up ignite opinion on csgo having a battle royale mode now I watched the csgo battle royale mode for a bit and man it looked like trash but being honest I wish it was good because I love counter-strike but hundreds of hundreds of hours in that game probably a thousand hours in that game but man it looks abysmal if I'm being honest that is what a lot of people I think worried about blackout being and it just will end blackout wound up being fantastic and its own great standalone game but man the csgo BR I mean it looked like trash when I watched it they need to do a lot of improvements to it this one's from Mako if animals could talk which would be the rudest I bet she never put much thought to this and animals could talk which would be the rudest god hyenas just look like they would be like total dicks so probably hyenas are you gonna join another org if so what order does fly solo for a while uh if you didn't know yes I did leave up to gaming this was my personal decision optics but very supportive super grateful to everyone there for the support I'm still best friends with a lot of them still talk to every single day if I say a lot of them I mean all of them literally zero negatives have come from it but what that said I have more freedoms out of pursue certain sponsored things and and to kind of push certain avenues that I wanted to push that I wouldn't have been able to from the optics side with that being said would I join another org I'm open to anything and everything to be blunt if I do sign with any organization it's gonna be on terms that I would exactly want sort of thing so I'm not rushing in any signings anything like that I'm open to literally any any opportunity with that being said it I will make sure any opportunity I do join is what I want this was from Jordan ninja or T foo oh god this question gets asked so much ninja or T foo here's my answer on this they are both incredible players for one you've got ninja who's born the entertainment playing games with friends side does he have the competitive in him 100% is he one of the best players in the world 100% on the other side you've got T food 90% of what he does is either high kill solos or scripts for his stream when he's not screaming he's competing at an event if ninja put in the same effort to competition and and screaming and and being a better player in regards to all those little things doing the playground build battles doing all these little things you can do to 2 min max your game I think ninja would be right they're neck and neck with with with tifo and regards and competition but that's just it then they are two different players and what they do I think a more fair comparison as if you take a seafood versus poach cloak versus chap you know people that just diehard new competition but it's one known thing that ninja doesn't really scream too much you know he'd missed out a lot of the fall skirmish stuff same boat that I'm in you know I think that if I took my time to compete and do more scrims and in that it would change how my stream but I think I would do far far better in competition it could really hold my own should I give my twitch Prime subscription to you from Fyodor anyone watching this right now yes you should give your twitch Prime subscription to me especially if you're just letting it sit there and not be redeemed cloak ninja or Tim who would you take in a boxing match who could I take it a boxing match Oh 100% gimme cloak see bro give me cloak see in a boxing match dude seriously yeah ok he can probably run around a little bit but honestly you give me a couple good ones on cloak see they dudes done for I've got like 200 pounds on him Jason says what do you think of season seven so far by the way a little your business streams thank you Jason one of the season seven it's awesome it's tough because I've gotten rid of a greasy Grove my favorite landing spot and it risky reels my second favorite landing spot so I felt a little bit I almost felt like naked when I'm landing in like I don't know what to do you know but uh but with that being said I love it it's great love the weekly updates love the updates are doing let's keep it going how can I handle waiting for Avengers 4 people are calling it endgame I can't the trailers were literally so so intense than anyone that just came out I'm ready it's gonna be the biggest and best movie of all time it's gonna be fantastic last couple questions per bid do you put pineapple on pizza no I'm not a I'm not a terrible person actually Robert are you gonna are you gonna stand in mr. bass circle for his video mr. Meese asked me to be in it I'm actually going to an event today I'm actually going later today and tomorrow so I couldn't be in it but man that would have been a lot of fun that also probably would have been a traumatizing experience being near that many youtubers for that long standing in a circle people have been throwing out some personal insults and it worked got it would have gotten dark quick but no it's gonna be great to watch I watch every one of mr. Reece videos yesterday was the he gave t food battle bus video which is awesome so again thank you guys so much for watching hope you enjoyed this little bit of a queue and I hope I got instead of your guys questions maybe got chosen until the next one be sure to leave a like as you guys know we've now uploaded nine straight months of daily videos so if you've been subscribed thank you if you haven't subscribed subscribe use my creative code courage ad in the store after ajaita on all major social media including this one we have over 5,000 a commander of sec so much watching [Music]