THE ARMY OF SATAN PART 1 Why did God Allah Create Devil


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who is this devil is he real or is it a figment of your imagination or is it just something in philosophy corny the Quran is very real substance is real you just don't see it he lived before us he's still alive today that's an amazing subject right there isn't it that's amazing the word Shaitaan is derived from the root schatten means am pure and base Shaitaan refers to an entity that is rebellious irrespective of whether it is of humans or jinn it has also say that it means a nefarious soul who is distanced from allah subhanaw taala and from the truth so Shaitaan is in both arms the jinn and the humans as a lost pen or a disease waka none can join our community Naga one shine cleaning she will G now what what is this about the gin why do you have to believe in that well they're part of something called alpha y means the things you don't see the unseen you agree and I agree we don't see a lot okay so he's in the I am the unseen we agree there are angels and you don't see them there in the hype unseen made out of light and now the jinn and we don't see down there also in the club they're made from a fire which has no smoke to it and if fire has absolutely nothing like you smoke to it or that it could be it you don't see that either there's heat that you don't actually see is natural the both kind of shayateen are trying to lead people to evil deeds the Jain kind of them are whispering to your hearts so that you can't see them or hear the whispering and the human kind of them are whispering to your hearts in a way that you can see and hear but not realize it as whispering and he can be anyone even a friend of you who suggest you for drinking alcohol or any other kind of evil leads as far as the question is concerned with the police it should be noted that Shaitaan is a common noun whereas it places a proper noun it leases also from among the jinn was the first creature that disobeyed almighty Allah's command we don't see the jinn but we said that they have choices and they were making choices even before Adam or human beings were ever created and their choices were sometimes good sometimes bad from them comes the one we call Lucifer or eglise and who is that who is Lucifer who is he please you might say he's the devil that Satan or Shaitaan is he's called an Arabic language but actually he started out as a worshipper of Allah and he was worshipping and praying to Allah and extolling a law to the extent that Allah raised him up to be even with the Angels now remember this guy he believes is not an angel but he was worshipping alongside of them because of his ebody or worship being so lovely and allow raise him up you see but then what happened and this is an important story so we'll digress from a moment from our beauties of Islam to go into this to get a concept here to understand a big mistake that some people make when they say that he's from the Angels Angels don't make mistakes they do as they're commanded so when Allah created the best of his creation what did he create created Adam the human being he created Adam from what he created him from mud or clay I want to show you what happened after Allah created Adam Allah ordered all the angels bow down and all the Angels did because they have to do is they're commanded and they bow down all of them bowed except the police he didn't bow down now if you read this in context you understand that he was not an angel but if you just read the words all the Angels bow down except Iblees you say we'll see that my Eve means he was an angel but other words in the Quran we find in other places that Allah said he wasn't an angel but he was from the jinn and he's created from smokeless fire and that's exactly what he said you created Adam from mud but I'm created from something better from a smokeless fire so I refused to bow down why because I'm better than him I am better than Adam and I refused to bow down to him by so doing he disobeyed Allah and whoever disobeys Allah he's in trouble but especially if he does it out of his arrogance in his pride I refused to obey because huh I know better and in this way he put himself in the worst possible condition law law condemned him different to hell forever and he said I don't even care this let me take him meaning Adam and his children along with me to help what for what because of this thing called pride or arrogance Kippur in the Arabic language and what is Kippur and Kippur is something comes from Kabara Kabara is the root of the word akbar and only Allah is Akbar Allah is greater and greater and greater than anything but human being has no right in front of Allah or anything is created the jinn the angels nothing have the right to come in front of a law like this and say her Who am I you know I'm their son that knew Allah Gabriel come on you do it now the important point is that everyone think that it is because of Shaitaan that we commit sins that's why they're asking some questions like why Allah created Shaitaan or why Allah didn't finish Shaitaan so that we wouldn't commit sins here is a misunderstanding Shaitaan cannot do anything more than whispering to make it more clear let's ask a question before at least become Shaitaan there was no other Shaitaan right so who told it leads to disobey almighty Allah's commands here's the point there was no Shaitaan before he he did it because of his mouths suppose that even if there was no Shaitaan still we'd have enough so we'd commit sins because this world is a test for the mankind and the jinn kind now same as the case of the police he's also in this test because he is a jinn and he has nuts so Allah Spano Allah didn't create him as shaytan rather he himself choose to be Shaitaan not only a police but all the other shayateen are choosing to be Shaitaan by disobeying Almighty Allah order now what happened next well that's when Allah told Adam that he could have anything that he wanted and all of the paradise squared enjoy but there's one tree don't eat from it of course you know what's going to happen and the devil came to him and to Eve and got them to eat from that tree and they were cast down because of that but Allah knew from the beginning they would eat from it that's why I'll I'll put it there because this life and this is the whole reason for me telling you the story so you can get this one beauty of Islam to understand this one thing this life is nothing more than a test the obvious point is that the police was the first of all charity therefore he is the leader of them and all Shaitan are tools for this test even though they are also giving tests