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oh my god Winnie transiti use it a wet hub week you know what it's a great movie scene Dark Knight Rises when he's got a court when he's climbing out of a pit you wouldn't you wouldn't make it up the first row the street game together a lot that this might be one of the since I've ever seen you play today thank you yeah all right I made you polite really [Music] I'm good that sixty sixty sixty plane coming plane coming [Laughter] every time a sweaty soccer skin dies an angel gets its wings growing acidic he died please really eyes got joint so hard oh my god plumber for management saying it's worth no no he's gonna pull kill me yes please help imagine landing jumping they are shots I know you guys do you think got this guy more on me more on me whoa heads came in the Vengeance Pro Mini getting me yeah in my box uh renegade Raider this kids like sophomore year of high school like hasn't done biology homework in four weeks because he's got a cool skin in fortnight landed a minigun through my bill though you get when you get for athletic intense veteran yeah yeah six foot plus gaming specimens in one party you win 12 out of 14 games you go on an eight win streak yeah like so so we're doing that without all being sick okay bro I'm six did you not see my tweet the other night what the gym twice I'm already smarty six or plus oh yeah machine that's why it's literally why you lifted 24 shields my back fifty-two white house other dude wait soul in this building we're in the basement Jesus they just got friggin storm from every direction [Applause] what and the winds keep coming oh yeah come on turn to me I'm watching it my boogie hit upside for dead it's okay got your girl watching Oh a top of on top of red app since its lasering game oh my god all right up all right courage there we go I just set up oh my coffee ran through my traffic gonna take damage let's shop one right below us you ready to place a pad I'm just feel like it could be circled all right simple William I guess trap we kill the bull the trap cipher yo let's go bro grifter shields up a little bit somebody's cannonballed in anywhere yep those are my metal floors you can get it down on him I blocked them I just blocked his shot with the ramp are you building you building the perfect cannonballs you like that that was actually dirty bro get out of my game kid more flying in more Klingon beer right below you fear knock them look South foot south book South looks out look South a silver rip it looks out yeah but you there another team rolling in oh gee down somewhere down send it boys send it 16 wins what this doesn't count right back out oh no sweaty soccer students got a freaking purple pump next to me too I've never done flushing my whole life with streaks not going anywhere boys how many week my inventory is actually safe right now oh just watch my shot 1:36 hang on the suit I'm stuck I'm getting shot the back I need help Buechele week hi cute look at them oh let's go ahead we have to go so far you know you should start making moves or something nice - no way he just has those shots I'm gonna be dead broke but it's gonna get to you thank you six headshot got it go let's go baby the win streak continues [Music]