Kezia noble



hey I'm Kezia I'm the world's leading female pick-up coach and I'm here to talk about my new book here it is 15 steps to becoming a master seducer this book will give you an honest and powerful insight into the female mind forget any vague advice or vague tips because that's not allowed in this book vague advice and vague tips you can get in loads of dating manuals this is specifically for men this is the book that women do not want men to read I want you to be prepared for brand-new clear easy-to-understand techniques systems and angles that will shift your perception and your results to a whole new level no stone has been left unturned in this book each step will give you either a valuable piece of information a technique or a skill or a system that you can apply to any area of your game whether you're a guy who's really really bad with women I'm talking about the 40 year old virgin I'm to let the guy who can't even talk to a girl this one's gonna help this one's going to help massively I'm talking to also the guys who are kind of average with women they know that they've got a few maybe conversation or skill problems or body language issues just little things they need to tweak this book will have the answers that you need and this book can actually teach a thing or two to some of the pickup artists out there yes even if you think that you are brilliant and that you're amazing with women get this book and take your results to the next level get the super hot women get those consistent results with really hot women this book will cover as I said everything it will cover approach anxiety how to deal with it effectively it will deal with body language how to get the perfect body language that will create attraction with women almost instantly opening lines how to deliver them which ones work which ones don't direct game indirect game day game night game conversational skills including the 10 hook lead system number closing s closing kiss closing and even Bell closing follow-up game what to do next when you get a number texting ping texts emails phone calls follow updates it even touches on a little bit of relationship advice but more importantly this book will give you an honest insight into the female mind my knowledge comes from the experiences that I have had with the naturals out there that had the inability to break down exactly what makes them so good with women and I've combined that with the knowledge I've obtained from working some of the best pickup artists in the world I have combined this and I've created new skills new techniques and new systems that really do give powerful results yes I've known as a picture of the heart but the reason I'm called the bitch with the heartless because my intention is to get you results my intention is for my students to do well my intention is not to be the buddy not to be the friend not to tell you what you want to hear but to tell you the truth guys you can catch me you can find out more information about this book on wWOZ and you can find out more about other products that I have and events and much more about me also so I hope that you get this book I hope you I would say enjoy it but I hope it's an eye-opener for you I know a couple of people who have read it so far said it's it's truly shocked them and but more importantly I hope it really gets to the reason I see