THE BOYZ더보이즈 Road to Kingdom ‘花郞Sword of Victory’ PRACTICE VIDEO




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(Day 1) We're practicing now Q is going to float in the air He's nervous Are you nervous? Yes, I am Jacob is going to push his butt - Right? - Yes - It's very important... - Yes, it's an important role These guys are going to hold Q's legs Juyeon for his left leg, Hyunjae for his right leg These are Younghoon's chairs Chairs (Sword of Victory starts with difficult dance moves) This is the most difficult dance move The most difficult one... The first move is very important If he misses the sword, we'll be in trouble But if he catches it, it will be awesome We should do it again - Are you all right? - Yes - It looks strange if we grab like this - We can change it like this What if we rotate it like this? 1, 2, 3, 4 5, 6, 7, put it back Now, let's do it all together 5, 6, 7, 8 5, 6, 7, 8 Sorry I think the music is slower than this (Day 2) I think I can make it (THE BOYZ warming up in their own way) Bring it on! Bring it on! Hello, this is Sangyeon Cam At least this high They play the most important role Just catch it, wherever I throw It's your destiny - Do you know how I grabbed it before? - I'll do my best for sure It feels like 'Screening Humanity' THE BOYZ's 'Sword of Victory' challenge I grabbed it like this He's practicing how to throw the sword Q should catch the sword that Younghoon throws Will he be able to catch it? Of course! This is from Sangyeon Cam Now it's Sunwoo Cam This is one of the most difficult dance moves - Hyunjae... - No, it's not - Is it? - This is the basic Hyunjae and Juyeon are working really hard Q is practicing hard, too Is Q going to spin twice or three times? I guess it's twice He didn't throw the sword well I can't jump well today Things didn't work out for Younghoon well Well, something's wrong (Younghoon practicing to throw the sword well) Haknyeon, you keep getting that part wrong It's so hard... - Why aren't we in sync? This part - Where? We need to be in sync (Younghoon fixing the sword so that nobody gets hurt) - Is this gum? - Yeah It's chewed gum - But I'm in trouble - Why? It feels different when I throw it (D-1) Let's try Well... When I heard that I'd have to do this choreography I wanted to run away, seriously I was afraid of falling from a higher height jumping at the same time If I only jump while dancing, it won't be a big problem But the thing is that I have to catch the sword And I should fall on the ground nicely catching the sword Then I should jump and roll right away That made me crazy I was not able to do acrobatic stunts I had no clue about it What I thought was I felt pressure because I had to be responsible for it Do you know what I mean? I kept telling myself, 'I can do it' I tried to focus and practice hard And now... I made it Yes, I made it Finally I did it And I'll make it work on the stage If I fail, I will be quiet for the next 2 weeks I'll feel really sorry for the members Anyway, bye See you later Wow There you go (Hyunjae Cam) Is there a problem? What's the problem? - Sunwoo, you did well! - It works! Yeah Hello I'm Younghoon with black hair Do you see this? The black sweat is coming out It's because of the hair dye This is our sword (The final practice is over) Thank you for your work He's doing a lot for me Don't gain weight I won't eat ramen tonight I shouldn't be heavy for tomorrow Please look carefully the spinning dance move You might miss it because I'm in the back The reason why I'm in the back is when you see me in the face, you can see only me, not Kevin So it'll look like I turn in the air But actually, it's possible thanks to Kevin - I do the hardest part - Yes, Kevin does We've prepared a lot for the performance If we do our best paying attention, we'll get a good result, I trust them We'll do our best like we always do so that our efforts will pay off We'll carry on performing 'Sword of Victory' until we become the king Please look forward to it! I'm worried a lot, but I'd like to finish tomorrow's performance successfully and prepare the next one Hope THE B likes it We tried to upgrade our performance So we practiced a lot We practiced really hard I hope you guys like our performance THE B, you guys are our motivation no matter where we are You're our source of power, so please watch and support us Bye! See you tomorrow Today was our last rehearsal Everyone, good job Tomorrow, we'll show you an awesome performance See you later See you guys! I wonder how it will turn out I'm so nervous We will do our best... to show you guys our best - We'll definitely get 1st place - I'm nervous Yes Good night We practiced a lot We'll try our best to win This time, it's really... going to be fun I'm so excited Anyway, let's do this! It seems like it's going to be fun It's like watching a movie 'Survive!' 'Road to Kingdom' What? From what region does your last name Choi originate? My last name isn't Choi '90-second performance mission!' - It's starting! - It's starting! Yes! Oh! Why are you so excited? Who is today's 1st place team? Congrats! THE BOYZ Good job! THE BOYZ really nailed the performance! THE BOYZ are really cool It's such an honor to get 1st place We'll try our best in the remaining competition. Let's do this! I wasn't expecting the first episode to near so quickly, but it was great that we got to do it so early Crybaby! We saw it all together and it was so fun - In the trailer, - Crybaby! there was a scene of me crying You can check out why I cried by watching the episode As you can see, the performance isn't something you can see anywhere There are many performances that you can only see on Road to Kingdom Show us a lot of love and cheer on THE BOYZ We'll continue to work hard and show you good results Bye, bye Everyone, THE BOYZ got first place Can you believe this? We were able to get first place thanks to THE B We received a lot of energy on stage Anyway, we got first place, so we'll continue... to work hard and get first place Stay tuned for THE BOYZ THE B, please keep supporting us THE BOYZ will show you better performances Thanks, everyone! Congrats, on getting 1st place! THE BOYZ! I think my heart is beating harder than ever I'm sure it was the same for THE B There are many performances left, so join us! Bye! THE BOYZ are so cool! THE BOYZ are so cool! The performance was cool! When the results were announced, I just dropped dead on the floor as you saw I was dumbfounded We worked really hard and prepared a lot For the rest of the period, we'll continue to work hard and have fun with THE B Stay tuned Okay? It was very fun, right? What was our result? - We got first - Yes I was so proud that THE B could feel proud of us I think we were able to get first because the members worked so hard We will continue to work hard to get good results for the remainder Stay anticipated Don't worry too much We'll continue working hard just as we did Shall we shout out 'Don't miss it?' 1, 2, 3! - Don't miss it! - Don't miss it!