hey guys it's me Miranda so x2 you guys once you wanted me to do next for a video and lots you said read hate mail which I'm pretty sure I don't get hate mail anymore so this is gonna be a really boring video for you because I'm gonna look it up and there's not gonna be anything there so get ready for a journal see thank you like my listen I have lots of fans on this one horrible don't you say that to me I will fart on you well it's very wound you were too online to be on the internet you kidding me I'm not a glein I'm a merry game Thank You sis I'm a bug fan hey bug point she looks like a crimping potato I am not crippled I am very healthy and also who cares if I was crippled there's lots of amazing crippled people in this wall junk but thank you for calling me but they know we want a boy or a girl damn cups boss Oh nein it is 2018 it is not time for gender stereotypes anymore and I'm obviously a goal they've long hair how long I searched want Dominic to Cosita means and it means give me your wet little things go behind I'm a woman look at this dude stop promoting people on my video I don't know who this dude is but he sounds freaking rude if he's going around kissing people all the time look at this freakin porn comment it's from booth and it's just a sex noise know your name don't be a smart alecks how do you know you know my name I don't know who you are who's got the upper hand now you need to stop groping on camera most people don't like talking about I watched David and I'm seeing you on tour in London in June okay again stop promoting other people I don't know who David is but don't promote him on my videos but thanks for getting tickets to my show in London you guys can all go get it there's a bunch of tickets laughter Miranda sings don't comment going all over the world so go check it out make sure you get to get skin I can was too close to your face it gives me hit a cue when you keep doing that with the camera do not blame your lice on me if you own fly sets you want problem not mine unless you've been in my meet and greets than it is my problem because I probably am a TN we can see near boogers in your nose hammers a nice one thank you so now I know I have it so I can get in thank you I'm wacky that's disgusting ran to TM oh I don't know what the Freak language that is but it's freaking rude I can see right through your hate comment even if you're speaking in another language why your boogie line why are feeling Guylaine this must be one of those things where you have to figure out what it means like alle well or beyond our being so maybe it's new rock under God I love you Thank You Shannon finally a nice calming eel but I'm a fan don't say but in my goal means it's wrong I think you know one more comment and it better be a good one or I'm freaking suing did you go [Music] why did you have to bring that up never pooped in two days very sore subject for me how did you know I haven't done it yet to rub it in so comes the baton I'm sick of the economy you do not stop sending me hate comments right now I swear it gone I will sue you so hard don't this all mean I thought my fans suggested a fun video today but I guess my fans are heaters too because you wanted me to read this stuff no look what you've done I'm crying and I'm reminded that I still haven't pooped in days if you want to apologize to me you can pre-order my book my diary I'm Miranda sings don't calm or you can get to get some I tore those only ways to apologize or you can subscribe but other than that I'm not accepting apologies leave a comment let me know what video you want to do next and no hate comments this time thank you once sick of the Heinkel means have a good day not [Music]