hey guys it's Bella and welcome back to my channel so today we're gonna be doing another mystery Monday video and today we're gonna be talking about the clam on serial killer and this case actually is so close to home for me because I was born ten minutes from where all of this was happening at the time that this was happening and I remember my mom and my dad telling me about this case and the fact that there was just blanket news coverage about this at the time my mom was telling me actually how my uncle or her uncle but I also call him uncle so what does he let my great-uncle I don't know but he knew the dad of one of the victims so this case obviously took place in a Clement which is in Perth in Western Australia in the mid-1990s and Claremont was a very like well-off wealthy suburb and it was also a suburb that a lot of young people went to potty it had a really good night life at the time and that was all until these disappearances and murders started happening and the first one actually took place on the 26th of February in 1996 when 18 year old Sarah Spears disappeared so Sarah's parents with Don and Carole she also had an older sister named Amanda who she was incredibly close to she was actually really close to her entire family she was a very family-oriented person she was also described as just like a really cheerful happy fun-loving girl that always had a smile on her face and her and her sister went to the same school they went to the iron a presentation college which was or still is an all-girls private school in massaman Park and when they graduated Sarah and a man actually got an apartment together in south of Perth so like I said they were really really close and Sarah ended up getting a job as a secretary at an engineering consultancy company so Friday the 26th of January which I think that I said it was February before I always get sorry muddled up in my head when I do these cases I mistake so many things because there's so much information but this was Friday the 26th of January and it was Australia Day which Australia day it's a long weekend it is a time where people in Australia just go out and get drunk as fuck basically sorry Sarah and her girlfriends were all out they decided to start the day by going to an open-air concert at Kings Park which is a massive Botanical Garden in Perth it is literally like one of the biggest inner-city Botanical Gardens in the entire world it is 400 hectares which is just an insane amount of space and it overlooks Perth it's right on the edge of Perth's central business district then later that evening after that Amanda picked Sarah and her friends up and then she dropped them off at the urchin Ocean Beach Hotel which was in at kosai which is just like the next suburb over from Claremont Amanda didn't come in with them she just dropped them off and then went to go to a friend's house which wasn't too far away and then she came back at around midnight to pick them up and then take them to Club Bayview which she was in Claremont and this place was already like super popular at the time but it was Australia Day so it was especially chuckle Sarah no friends had been going all day so she was getting a little bit hot at around 2:00 a.m. and decided she was gonna go and get a taxi to go harm but her friends decided to stay because they wanted to keep going so she left she talked to the security guards on the way out because she was good friends with one of them and then walked 500 meters to the corner of Stirling highway and Stirling road to a phone booth to call the Swan taxis sir it was 2:00 or 6:00 a.m. when she called the taxi company to order a taxi from where she currently was to massaman Park which she was actually going to stay at a friend's house because south of Perth was a lot farther away it would have been more expensive and muscleman Park was only ten minutes away so she ordered her taxi and then she turned and crossed the road so that she could wait for the taxi on the other side of the road now while she was waiting it was actually right near an intersection of traffic lights though these three guys pulled up at a red light and they noticed her there when the light went green they noticed the car behind them pull up to where she was and I think they began talking but the guys in the car I mean they were a little bit concerned and they considered stopping and asking if she was okay but for all they knew the car could have been anyone it could have been a friend picking her up her sister it could have been you know a taxi getting her sore they just decided to keep going and they didn't say anything about the make or model of the car so I guess they didn't really pay too much attention to it but then three minutes after the course was a very short time frame from 206 to 2 or 9:00 a.m. the taxi pulled up because it was literally early at Eric Street in cottlesloe which was three minutes away and by the time a taxi pulled up she was gone it did three loops to try and you know see if she was coming or if they missed her but she was nowhere to be found and she was actually never seen again the next morning Amanda woke up and went to go and check her bedroom to see you know check on her and how she was going how hungover she was I suppose but her bed hadn't been slept in so she called her mum and her mum hadn't heard from her neither of them could get in contact with her so they contacted all of her friends none of which had heard from her or seen her on knew where she was which was really really unlike her not to tell anybody where she was she would always tell someone where she was going or if her plans changed so her mum decided to call her dad who was actually three hours away because he worked as a sheep shearer and he was three hours away from work and as soon as he got the call he dropped everything and he made the three-hour drive back home which is when they went and told the police now immediately the police thought the whole situation was pretty sketchy based on what the parents had told her about Sarah being so family-oriented and within 48 hours they called the major crime squad in her friends family even some volunteers from the community 35 people or up to 35 volunteers at a time without handing photos and missing persons photos of Sarah out to the community they hand out thirty five thousand of missing persons posters not long after that they started receiving so many calls just being absolutely bombarded with calls with unfortunately prank callers and a lot of clairvoyants and it was a really sad situation because the family just wanted to find her so badly that every time a clairvoyant called up and said you know all I saw in a vision that she was here or that her body was here or whatever Don would go and check all of these leads out and he everytime was disappointed because her body was never found they're just taking advantage of these poor people I personally don't believe in clairvoyance and in this case it's just so sad because when they called up they would have known that they knew nothing and that they were just pulling this out of their ass and they were just sending this poor family on a wild goose chase just going all over the town trying to find their daughter it's just so sad to me just thinking about that so anyway back to the investigation taxi drivers became a massive part of the investigation because there was just such a high demand for taxis and just not enough of them to go around so people started like pretending to be taxis kind of like an unofficial version of Reba and sir after the disappearance obviously there was a massive crackdown on this because there was just no way to monitor it a few taxi drivers came forward trying to help or give any sort of information they could including a man named Steven Ross who claimed that the night before he actually dropped Sarah and two other people officer one was a woman who he dropped off then he was going to drop the man off in the city and also Sarah off and he stopped to drop Sarah off at the Windsor Hotel and south of path which is right near where she lived and then apparently something we had happened the man like shoved Sarah out and got out with her and paid for the cab fee and then the taxi driver didn't know what happened after that but I couldn't find out any more information about that so I'm assuming Eva it was a dead lead or they ruled it out five months later in the early hours of June 9th in 1996 23 year-old Jane Rimmer disappeared Jane grew up about 10 minutes away from Claremont in a place called Shenton Park her parents Trevor and Jenny also had two other children which word Jane's older brothers lien Adam and she actually went to the same school as Amanda and Sarah the iron a presentation college but obviously at different times because of the age difference now she was just a really beautiful human being and everyone described her as just having a really kind heart and she loved working with children so after she graduated she managed to secure a job at a childcare center which is was like her dream after work every day she would call her parents because they were extremely close and at this point everybody knew about Sarah Spears's disappearance because two months after her disappearance I mean there was just a lot of coverage on it firstly but two months after her disappearance Don and Carole actually wrote an open letter which was absolutely heartbreaking just like pleading for any information on her disappearance or her whereabouts and this was about three months before Jane's disappearance so she was very aware of it and was very cautious she would always pay for her friends taxis to make sure that they were getting in a legit taxi and that they were gonna get her him safe so on the 9th of June her and her friends were gonna go out and have a few drinks or her dad picked her up from her and dropped her off at the Shenton hotel which is where her mum worked and they were just gonna have a quick drink before she met her friends at the Ocean Beach Hotel which if you remember the Ocean Beach Hotel is the same one that Sarah Spears was also at the night of her disappearance so they stayed at the Ocean Beach hotel for about an hour before they decided to get a taxi and head over to the Continental Hotel at around 9:30 and then after that they decided to go to Club Bayview which was only a block away so I think they walked and they got there and they just saw that it was absolutely packed and they were like one of their friends was actually having a house party that night in the suburb so they just decided they were gonna get a taxi go to that instead but when they went to the taxi rank Jane decided that she was actually gonna stay and so her friends just went on without her they just thought that she met someone or there was you know a guy there or something that she wanted to talk to her now the next day she was meant to have her weekly Sunday roast lunch with her family but she never showed up and she never called them to let them know that she wasn't gonna come which was extremely unlike Jane first of all to miss her weekly Sunday lunch with her family but especially because she didn't call them to let them know she wasn't gonna come which I mean I feel like that's weird for anyone even if you're not super close with somebody so call them up to let them know that you're not gonna be able to make it so they tried calling her they didn't get an answer from her and so they actually had a spare key to their apartment they decided to go over there check on her obviously they not first didn't get an answer so they opened the door with their key and realized that she hadn't been that her bed hadn't been slept in now as I mentioned she knew and everybody knew about Sarah's disappearance at this point so immediately her parents were freaking out they waited until the next day Monday to see if she went into work they called up her work and they said that she never came in and she never called us to say that she wasn't coming in sir straight away they contacted the police and reported her missing the police arrived really really shortly after they called and immediately they sort of linked the two cases together and thought that maybe they were dealing with some sort of serial perpetrator but they didn't announce this to the public straight away they did however announce the formation of a task force called the macro task force which was dedicated to finding the perpetrator of both of these cases detective Paul Ferguson it was announced as the head of the task force they also made everybody in the task force sign a confidentiality agreement to not talk about the case with anybody who wasn't in the task force but also even if you were in the task force you could only talk about the case and designated like safe spots so you couldn't just go and talk about it at a bar after work or something like that or on your lunch bake which actually one officer did do that and was fired the task force also had two meetings every single day at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. to ensure that everybody was on the same page and no information was missed officers were also encouraged to partake in counseling sessions or whether or not they thought they needed it and if the counseling sessions sort of indicated that they weren't coping very well than they would be kicked off of the task force so they kind of wanted everyone to be at the top of their game if they were gonna be part of this task force they also had some very questionable methods the task force did get sort of mixed responses some people were all for it but some people were very critical of them methods and one of the methods was this questionnaire that they did and they brought in a hundred and one people to partake in this questionnaire suspects and they asked questions like did you do this why we meant to believe you which a lot of people just thought was really stupid because you know the person is not just gonna come in there and be like yep it was me you know they also kept so much of the case under wraps and just nobody knew about it except for those in the task force they only release some information 10 years some of it is coming to light just recently which we'll get into later but there was so much of the case that they kept hidden and I can understand that to an extent because their reasoning behind this was so that if they did catch the perpetrator only that person the person directly involved with these crimes would know these specific details which does make sense because then people can't falsely confess you know like people in prison always like to do that to get special treatment or to take credit for crimes that they didn't commit like the guy that tried to take credit for JonBenet's murder which was just so dumb and everyone was coming to my video saying it's been solved but that guy actually confessed at the start when JonBenet originally was murdered he's just trying to get his 10 seconds of fame and I got a little bit off topic here but that is what happens so I understand why they kept some of it under wraps but some of it just didn't make sense to me for instance ten years later they released CCTV CCTV footage of the night Jane women disappeared and it shows her talking to a man he approaches her and her face seems to light up and then the camera pans away and then 28 seconds later comes back and her and this man are gone and they didn't release his footage until 10 years later and like I mean I'm sure they have their reasonings but also I feel like if they released it you know somebody could have known the person in the footage and could have come forward saying yes I know who that person is I mean that CCTV footage so it's not the most clear thing but they could make out Jane from it so maybe someone could have made out this man anyway six weeks later on the 3rd of August a woman her husband and their two children were out in well odd which is a rural area it's about 40 kilometres south of Perth so about a 30 minute drive and they were there stopped picking some water lilies which is when the woman stumbles upon a body which was completely naked she started yelling she called for her husband and immediately called the police she stayed with the buddy until the police arrived because she didn't want to leave the young girl's body alone now when the police arrived the body was so heavily decomposed that they weren't able to directly identify her they had to use dental records to identify the body of that of Jane Rimmer they also managed to calculate the time of her death based on the lifecycle of the bugs on her body so she had been there exposed to the elements for about 52 days almost all of her jewelry and her handbag were missing except for her bellybutton ring and a watch which was found nearby and they scoured the place top to bottom to see any other you know possible DNA information leads that they could take from this area if there was anything that could lead them to Sara Spears or anything like that but they didn't find anything they they collected a little bit of DNA but DNA testing wasn't great back then so what they didn't really get any leads from the dead body so they continued that investigation and they were working off the basis that the killer lived in the Claremont area everybody at this point was considered a suspect Trevor even was asked for voluntary DNA sample 78 taxi drivers lost their jobs they questioned local sex workers to see if they had any clients that were sexually perverted or anything out of the ordinary they also made appeals to the public as I said there was so much news coverage at the time and they made appeals to the public asking anyone for any information but people were really scared at the time so they just started to blame everyone blame their friends name the spouses blame you know that siblings their families none of it helped none of the people that called in gave any solid leads the police did try and follow them but nothing came of it so they were trying to think of who could have done this they were thinking you know it had to have been someone that they trusted maybe a taxi driver because point they were thinking whoever took them they the girls went willingly so they were thinking it's a taxi driver or maybe somebody they have met that night or maybe it was a friend someone they mutually knew so we're trying to look into what were the similarities what connected the two cases they thought you know they both had similar builds they both were blonde beautiful girls they both were of a similar height similar age they both went to the same school they both were abducted from around the same place but nothing was showing up any leads and then on Friday the 14th of March in 1997 nine months after James body was discovered 27 year old Cara Glennon disappeared Kyra was born in a bush Hospital in rural Zambia when her Irish parents Denis and Oona decided to move to Africa to take up teaching she was described as a fun-loving extremely caring and a little bit feisty but she was very very popular with everybody than your head she was an amazing ballet dancer she spoke fluent Japanese and she also worked as a solicitor at James Blake Walden in Perth she actually had only recently gotten back like a week or two before her disappearance from a year-long backpacking a holiday that she went on in Europe and she was back for her sister's wedding but because she was gonna be a bridesmaid and the wedding was about a week after her disappearance which is so incredibly sad so she had returned to her job as a solicitor at the same firm and on the 14th of March they were all gonna go out for after work drinks all of the colleagues kind of like as an early st. Patrick's Day celebration because st. Patrick's Day was like three days later and they were all gonna grow the Continental Hotel so it was her a guy named Neil Faris who she had known for about two to three years because one he was her colleague and two he had known her dad for like 16 years or something because he was a friend and also a client of the firm and then there was also two other colleagues with them so Neil left first at about 11:00 p.m. and then I think at the time Kira was talking to a couple of people at the hotel and then she ended up leaving 15 minutes later at 11:15 p.m. so she told her friends and her colleagues that she was just gonna grab a taxi home and she walked down a baby terrace down to Sterling Highway so as she walked down Sterling Highway she passed three men at a bus stop they were like across the road from her and they were calling out to her yelling to her saying that she was crazy for hitchhiking and um I guess they thought she was hitchhiking maybe she was but she just kind of dismissed them like just waved them off and kept walking down Stirling highway she walked past the Claremont Baptist Church which is where she was seen talking to an occupant of a light-colored car so the three guys at the bus stop saw this they couldn't make out the model they couldn't make out anything else about the car except that it was a light model car it was actually right near that same intersection that those three guys saw Sarah Spears at the intersection of Stirling Road and sterling highway right near the lights so the guys I guess they weren't taking that much notice of it they just kind of looked away talked amongst each other for a few seconds and when they looked back Keira and the white car were both gone the very next day she failed to turn up for a hairdressers appointment for her sister's bridal shower and then that same night she also didn't show up to her sister's hens party which was a major red flag no one can get in contact with her so her family immediately reported her missing and went out looking for her now by this point police were absolutely certain that they were dealing with a serial perpetrator so they finally decided to tell the public what they thought that they were dealing with when they also release the details of Kira's disappearance so the serial killer is prowling the streets of Perth after the disappearance of three women from the same Perth night spot police are now certain they're looking for a methodical killer stalking young women we certainly have fears that there is a serial killer pollution proof as well all all the circumstances are exactly the same as the first two in fact the location everything smacks of a serial killer now now the case was massive at this point pretty much the entire police force was working on it and the Glennon family were very well off and very well-connected to say the least and Dennis was actually friends with at Richard Court who at the time was w as premier so he got him to make a public statement and offer two hundred and fifty thousand dollar reward for any information on any of the three disappearances they also had a local newspaper print and distribute five thousand missing-persons reports to try and help find Kira and within the following week of doing that police received thirty five a thousand calls of people trying to call in tips and leads none of which led to anything the macro task force also had ten teams each with at least six people on the floor and each team all of which had multiple missing persons to look into in the first week alone from Karis disappearance there were over fifty persons of interest that they just couldn't eliminate any of them the police also questioned Neil Farris for over seven hours because there were rumors that they were romantically involved but nothing ever came of it and he was ruled out as a person of interest now three weeks later on the 3rd of April in 1997 a 24 year old laborer named Jason was working in the Eglinton area which was about 40 kilometres north of Perth and it was also a rural area it's like a bush land and while he was there working he discovered Kira's body in the scrub he ran down told his boss immediately called the police and when they got there they actually made him sign a confidentiality agreement so that he couldn't tell anybody anything of the details of what he saw that day and just like with Jane Rimmer they never disclosed any information about her cause of death after they discovered her body pull Ferguson to the public tan you know ask them if anybody had noticed any suspicious activity particularly somebody who had come home the night of her disappearance in the early hours of the morning and had you know cleaned their car they were constantly appealing to the public asking them for help any information that they could give but they never released any information to the public to help them at all so at this point that was signs everywhere there were posters and bars and pubs telling women to be careful and not to go anywhere alone the party scene as I mentioned was absolutely huge Clermont was like the place to be but this was drastically different people were too scared to go out I mean every single one of these girls like was out like on a night out with friends so people were just too scared to go out people were very very wary of taxis in fact 2500 taxi drivers were asked for voluntary DNA swabs because they were under such heavy screening at the time and this DNA swab actually like eliminated a bunch of drivers but it didn't give a single person of interest it was actually the first ever mastered a swab in Australian history they were really just coming up empty-handed and Dennis and Neil decided to take things into their own hands using their own connections to create the secure community foundation and they raised over $600,000 from their friends and businesses in the community to put towards resources for the investigation into these disappearances which actually did come under a little bit of scrutiny because people thought that they were only focusing on Karis disappearance and not the other two girls but this six hundred thousand was to look into all three cases so this money paid for international experts to be flown in it also paid for a lie detector to come and be brought over to Australia because Australia didn't use lie detectors at the time they also use quite a few unconventional methods in this investigation the lie detective being one of them because Australia didn't use lie detectives and lie detectives aren't very reliable either which we'll get into in a little bit they also used the help of clairvoyance they like listen to them full of their leads obviously didn't find anything and Paul Ferguson actually decided to interview David Birney which if you guys haven't heard of him he's also another serial killer from path and David Birney actually called him and said hey if you want to come and interview me I can give you my perspective from a serial killers point of view and Paul Ferguson decided to take him up on this alpha he went down to the prison to interview him he never disclosed the details of that interview but just said that it was helpful shortly after this Paul Ferguson was actually removed as the head of the task force and they replaced him with a guy named David Cape Horn and it was actually under day of Cape Horn that they had their first major prime suspect in September of 1997 and his name was Lance Williams so how they actually caught on to Lance Williams was they actually had a few decoy girls hanging around Clermont at the time like there were police officers undercover police offices and they noticed that this guy was circling around Clem on a bunch of times every single night and his white Hyundai sedan and they just saw this was a little bit weird and decided to look into him he didn't really have many friends he had five siblings and only got along with one of his brothers he showed severe signs of depression and had actually attempted suicide of twice he worked at a bank from age 17 to 28 and struggled really badly with alcoholism sir it was to the point where he actually had three drink-driving convictions and on the third time he lost his license for 10 years in 1984 then in 1995 one of his friends died and he just went cold turkey on every he stopped drinking stop smoking and stop gambling all at once just like that and police sort of thought that maybe this triggered him to start committing crimes in June of 1996 he went through a pretty hard time he actually had to go to a psychiatric hospital and when he got out he moved back into his parents house and then shortly after he ended up moving out on his own again to cottlesloe which as I mentioned before is literally the next suburb on from Claremont and as I mentioned before as well police were working under the theory that this person had to have lived in the area so obviously he was living in the area at the time and they decided to put heavy heavy surveillance on him day and night when they had surveillance on him they noticed that every single Thursday Friday Saturday on Sunday he would do the exact same thing he would guard do about three laps around the clam on area he would then go to Hungry Jack's Drive about 20 minutes away to Northbridge the exact same route every single time would come back through his chocolate shake in the same bin every single time and then he would just alert around the Claremont area up to like 30 times a night before heading home so obviously they found this really really sketchy they had the decoy undercover police officers doing the same 15 routes every night that he was around they also had 50 police in total surveillancing him at the time and two months later on the 5th of April in 1998 on a Sunday that they decided to stop him and question him and when they stopped him he actually wet himself so they took him down to the police station to ask him some questions and not once did he complain he answered every single question it was extremely cooperative and never once asked for a lawyer they held him there for 13 hours and he also did have an alibi for Kira's disappearance he also agreed to do a polygraph tests or they brought the polygraph back over to Australia and he actually failed it but I take this with a little bit of a grain of salt because they did do a polygraph test on 50 persons of interest six of them failed six passed I think four refused to do it and then all of the rest of them were uncertain so I just don't think polygraphs are very reliable I mean he's not the only person that failed so such a huge amount of them were uncertain as well sorry I mean what does that go to show but either way the police found this really sketchy that he failed I think it's because they were really like Herning on in on him and they just pretty much had tunnel vision just for this one guy so they decided to search his apartment such as parents plays they also searched his car and find anything they also decided to increase their surveillance on him which is when they found that he visited sex workers sometimes up to three times a night so it's very frequent and sometimes he would spend up to three hundred dollars at a time with each sex worker they also thought that some of the sex workers he did visit resembled the Clairemont victims so they decided to install surveillance footage at his home and at his work and at his work it was about the size of a mobile phone and they had it like above his desk and it literally just like fell out and was dangling by a thread just above his desk and he was not at all like shocked by this it's like he knew what was going on they decided to question some of his female co-workers as well who said that they asked not to be alone with him because sometimes he could have a bit of a temper some people really accused Dave Cape Horn of just having tunnel vision on this guy because I mean sometimes other people on the task force reported going up to him with other leads and whatever and he would just say no don't worry about it man we've got our guys it was to a point where Lance would call up the police to let them know if he was gonna be doing something that was a little bit out of the ordinary the police took him in for questioning six times and not once did he ever complain every single time he was extremely cooperative and he never once asked for a lawyer but finally in November of 1999 at the surveillance stopped and he was not a person of interest anymore over the years they released only small bits of information at the time in 2004 they decided to release information about the fact that small souvenirs were taken from every single one of the crime scenes so in serra Spears's case it was a sunflower ring in Jane's case it was a small bag and in Kira's case it was a clatter Burch I don't know what the first one is or how to say it in 2005 they decided to raid Steven Ross's place which if you remember is the taxi driver from Sarris Pierce's case they were raiding it in regards to some sort of tip they had gotten and they were looking for clothes of the victims but didn't find anything in September of 2005 the macker task force was disbanded and the special Crime Squad took over which is when they found a new suspect named Anthony Clair so he had been convicted of raping a 16 year old girl in Essex in England and he actually lived in Claremont at the time of the Clairemont abductions and murders and was a person of interest back in 1999 so when he was convicted of this rape they decided to request some DNA to compare it to the Claremont victims and they also flew to England so that they could question him however he was eliminated as a suspect shortly after in 2008 that is when they release the CCTV footage of Jane rumors that I mentioned earlier and then in 2009 they had a major breakthrough in the case which they actually didn't release any information about until October of 2015 now this breakthrough was that the police actually made a forensic match between Keira Glennon and a teenage girl who was abducted and raped in February of 1995 sir just 11 months before Sara Spears his disappearance now the case that cure was connected to a rape and abduction of a 17 year old girl the victim in this case was walking home from club baby when a man jumped out put a bag over her head tied her arms up with a washing line and then threw her in the boot of his car everything happened so quickly that she didn't catch a glimpse of the attacker and after he raped her he dropped her off at a cemetery completely naked and she had to run to a nearby hospital for help so but the method for this was obviously extremely different to the Clairemont victims but you know methods change and also their method or the method they thought was taking place how they willfully got into the cars was just a theory so it could have been incorrect and the girls could have been abducted in December of 2015 police revealed information that the killer drove a white mid-90s mulden model Holden Commodore V S series one which they were able to determine because they found fibers of this exact car like the upholstery of this exact car and Jane Rimmer's hair a year later on the 22nd of December in 2016 Bradley Robyn Edwards was arrested in relation to the deaths of Keira Glennon and Jane Rimma the next day on the 23rd of December he was charged with both attacks and also with two other attacks which we'll talk about in a second one of them it was against the 17 year old in 1995 and one of them was against an 18 year old in Hunting Dale in 1988 then later on the 22nd of February he was charged with the willful murder of Sara Spears and his trial is actually set for July of this year and he has denied all allegations against him just a little side note as well he recently this year in February was taken to the hospital because he was injured in the prison in the showers there was like an ear injury and they found a pencil in the shower he was actually taken to the exact same hospital that my grandma was at so bizarre okay so anyway let's talk a little bit about the evidence against this guy so the prosecution was trying to bring in a whole bunch of evidence against this guy and each of the evidence categories were named so the first category of evidence was called the Huntington Prowler so basically in January and February of 1988 a whole bunch of women's undergarments were stolen from a clothesline in a hunting Dale and also a silk kimono apparently then a man also broke into a woman's home wearing this silk kimono that was stolen that same not the same man was actually trying to get into somebody's rear door but then somebody in the household saw him and he ran off the same men also broke into the family home of an 18 year old women woman he unplugged all of the phone lines and also tried to attack her in December of 2016 three out of four prints that were found were matched to Edwards and they also tried to argue that he had a fetish for women's underwear sorry guys I just realized that my microphone actually died so some of this order was probably gonna sell okay so anyway the next piece of evidence is called the Telstra living witness project and before we get into it I do want to mention that the title of that reminded me that this Edwards guy is a 50 year old guy that actually works for Telstra so anyway this piece of evidence basically suggests that Edwards in 1996 and 1995 would drive around the cuddler and Claremont area and his Telstra issued work car and would stop and offer women lives apparently he told one woman that he was looking for damsels in distress like her and then he grabbed her and tried to kiss her another time a white male in a Telstra like in a car with a Telstra logo on it stopped and stared at two women for a while making them uncomfortable before driving away now the next piece of evidence was called the Hollywood hospital evidence so this piece of evidence basically talks about allegations that when he was working at a hospital as a Telstra technician he tried to attack an older social worker while she was sitting in a chair he tried to put something in her mouth to gag her but she managed to kick him and break free and then later when he was arrested they noticed that he had cable ties in his pockets so he was convicted of common assault and received two years probation the next piece of evidence is called the car cutter evidence and this piece of evidence is basically about the 17 year old girl that he abducted and raped in 1995 which I told you guys earlier and the reason it's called the car cutter evidence is because the cemetery that he dropped her at was the Calcutta symmetry and swabs from the victim matched Edwards DNA that's how he was tied to the Clement killings victims in the first place now the final category of evidence and trying to present is called the clan month series which is about the three victims that we've spoken about in today's video the last time Sara Spears was seen she was actually leaning up against a Telstra Balad while she was waiting for a taxi not long after this a series of blood-curdling screams were found were heard by some residents at Mossman Park a witness also claimed to have seen a white or cream car matching the description of one of the to Telstra vehicles that Edwards was given access to via his work parked on the wrong side of the road which raised suspicions and this information by the way it wasn't actually released to the public until it was all presented in court which was literally this year which is why I didn't talk about it earlier because I didn't want it to get too confusing now when Jane Roma's body was found a witness also found a Telstra logo knife it was a standard-issue Telstra knife which had been issued to many other employees a but one had also been issued to Bradley Edwards they also presented evidence which suggested that they found two other knives of similar descriptions in a toolbox in Edwards car they also revealed that DNA taken from Keira Glennon's body and under her fingernails was a match to Bradley Edwards DNA as well and they also said that fibers found in have matched the upholstery in his car that was issued to him through Telstra which they seized in 2017 Kiera's cause of death was also released in this information and they said that her cause of death was consistent with her neck having been cut the knot her disappearance as well Edwards was meant to spend time with friends but never showed up and then the next day he told them that the reason he didn't show up was because he was trying to reconcile things with a previous partner of his they also found evidence of violent pornography on his computer and also like stories on his computer which were very similar to the abductions of the three Claremont victims so on his computer they found files which were titled like the Nicolas story Chloe's story surfies story and these stories were basically about non-consensual sex and abduction of women that were very similar to the Klamath victims now I did read that the judge didn't allow the pornography the violent non-consensual pornography found on his computer and the stories that were found on his computer to be allowed into evidence they also didn't or he the judge also didn't allow an application to have the rape and abduction of the 17 year old girl in 1995 tried separately to the Claremont victims so that is all for now the trial is set to start in July so I'm sure that I will have updates for you guys after that I think it's apparently gonna be a nine-month long trial and at this stage they have 580 witnesses that they're planning on calling did read that they were gonna try and get that number down but gee whiz that is a lot of witnesses sir that is everything up for today's case and I'm sure that I will have updates for you guys for this case in the future and hopefully I'll see you in my next video bye guys