From somewhere deep within The vastness of Youtube. A man come`th. *epic music* [also wtf ken] *epic music* *epic music continues* *more epic music* *enough epic music cmon pweds* *annoying epic music still continues* *ENOUGH* *ding dong* Pewds: Who the f uck is that? Ken: I think its me Pewds: I'll check it out hello? who is it? Ken: Hear ye, Hear ye this message coming from the house of youtube it's intended for the right honorable Felix Arvid Ulf kje-kje-elberg also known as pewdiepie we wish to express our deepest most profound bropology for the delay of your diamond play button award It is not our wish to displease you or your formidable bro army This is why I have provided you... with your horse *neighs* and glitter *popping noise* *such wows and excitement* And now [tense moment] For your diamond play button [TENSE MOMENT] Pewds: Finally It's about damn time THE DIAMOND PLAY BUTTON O: *Felix gasps in exaggerated surprise* The legends were true ! It exists ! Oh my! (how ladylike Felix is) *grunts* So heavy YES ! FINALLY ! *music changes to display conflict* *Felix rubs his (ken's) play button *sexy tongue movements* *Felix rubs some more while zommed in* Ken: My precious Pewds: CinnamonToastKen ! You son of a bitch! How dare you show your face around these parts! Ken: I'm here to claim what's mine ! The Diamond play button *awkward noises while fighting music plays* *ken gets away :(* *pewds whistles to summon satan edgar to smite Ken* *unicore replies instead* *dramatic unicorn? music* *dramatic music intensifies with gunshots in background* Pewds: Geet bahck heer Kehn you son ov a beech That's mah playh button *shattering noise* (Pewd's heart and the diamond play button) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *exaggerated crying* HOW COULD YOU DO THIS ? AHHHHH *sad music :(* *creepy old man* How could this happen ? YouTube I have one last wish (he never stops does he ?) (no he doesn't. Gimme another play button And I will forgive your sins *Zapping noise as the YouTube Gods have mercy on him* *Delighted OH* *end credits music* YEAAAH ! *end credits music continues* lol *sudden stop*