you know I want you it's not a secret I try to have I know you want me so don't keep saying you hands are tired you claim it's not in the comments and their fans pulling you miles away until out of reach from me but you're hearing my heart so who can stop me if I design so well my destiny what if we bring by the stone saying you were mine to Bhima nothing could keep us apart you be the one I will make two fun it's up to you it's up to me you want to be so why don't we we write the stompers maybe the war can be no Sena you think it's easy you think I don't wanna run with you but they're my bed and there are doors and we can't walk through I know you're wondering why because we're able to be just you within these walls and you and go outside you're gonna wake up and know how can you say everything it's not up to you it's not up to me when everyone tells what we can be and then we never be right some say that the world can be young all I want is to fall then you are me to be my nothing can keep us apart what I would say to try you know to you it's up to me no one can say what we need to be so I write the stuff home changing the world to be young you know I want you you know I want you it's not a secret I tried to hunt want you but I can't have you we're bout to break [Music]