hey guys it's me Maria happy Halloween or as I like to call it happy this is a day of reading sane teen I've always thought it was disgusting but people celebrate Halloween people kill cats on a roll means they drink their blood they eat razor blades basically the entire holiday is all about say teen every year no matter what I'm doing people keep thinking celebrating NATO this year I thought I would do a video talking about how to celebrate Halloween this year because if you can't beat them then tell them how to do a battle basically what this video is is how to have the most scandalous Halloween costumes because everybody on Halloween every single year always tries to be the most scandalous there's a little corn outfit a bunny rabbit doesn't wear a bra ladies a kitty cat doesn't wear a freakin song thanks trying so I thought if you really need to be scandalous I figure why not I teach you guys how to be the absolute most scandalous outfit ever to exist on Halloween but you won't be freaking porn and discussing and showing your testicle pranks and you're a tingle so let's get started this is the most scandalous Halloween costumes every I want first customer of the day what is the scariest bulkiest most scandalous pistol costume we can find a course James Charles the most scandalous person ever if you want to be scandalous on Halloween Jean Strauss is a go to scandal you can be so on meat this coffee is something black to wear I'm almost line that fits in stores okay so [Music] let me share scandal choice sugar bear here today haha I'm sister Sean I'm James tools use code James for 10% off for my new Paolini's they love shuttle bear hair delete cheese this is one of the spookiest costumes you can have this Halloween I strongly recommend this one it's easy it's cheap it's funny it's DIY its YouTube friendly ad friendly James makes a lot of money and sewing as a testament so you might even make money if you want this song James Joyce next this next scandal is a really fun one and all you need is some pink or red paint balls oh you can't today you also need black paint ball and you also need some sort of a wig and some tea so first thing you're gonna do is make a circle with the black paper face her make like a black circle like this now on to pink now the pink line you're gonna make another circle but make it a little bit smaller than the black one and also make it pointy like sound next thing you're gonna do is take the weight and you're just gonna take off some hair and put them inside of this thing okay so you put the pink part in the black part and then you put the costume please then once it's on your head you just push up the pink bar and you have a hairy leg thing the biggest scandal of 2019 isn't this a good costume good this is one of the scariest costumes I could come up with so I hope you guys like this one easy it's cheap I'm if you don't have a wig you can just cut off your own hair and put it in so this one's really fun and you just wearing around you can poke holes in the black part if you want if you want to be able to bring Thanks okay this next Halloween costume is really scary all you need is a white piece of paper in a black pin and a blue pin and so right now I'm just gonna write on here literally the scariest thing you can ever find I'm not kidding it's gonna terrify you so you can either tape this one to your body or you can cut a hole in it tape it to your face I'm just gonna hold it for today this is what it is the scariest thing you could be this Halloween is a racist or homophobic or politically incorrect tweet from your past so make sure to put um a date on it from like 2008 2009 some date from a really long time ago and then you just put something racist from a full big planet clean coal drag anything sexist anything like that and you just tape it to your body and this is the various thing that could happen to anybody is this being shown so if you wear this you're gonna scare a want a people this is one of the scariest costumes you could be this hallway oh I'm drew in your green your oh you're happy in your line will stand Twitter some of the rowing boats max here we go here's the next one that could have been a scandal but somehow got turned around to not be scandal nobody need for this one is some yellow paper and a double anthem systole what you're gonna do is you're gonna cut all the way around you just hold your baby and go if you want to add to this costume you can always just I'm gonna add something else for this costume you can add a kylie jenner lip stick and some heels but make sure with this scary costume that you have a baby doll to sing to and you have to look really uninterested and uncomfortable and just all night long just same position this is a really good costume it's a little bit spooky little bit uncomfortable a little bit awkward it's a little bit of everything no this is a really fun one for the kids this Halloween thanks for this next spooky costume that's a really big scandalous one all I need is some money and a piece of paper and a pen and let's play marching now I gotta do is hold the money up and write on the piece of paintball USC applicant gene and you just hold this around a little and your Aunt Becky from full house so this one's really fun you can even rip this up and just hand people money so this one's really really easy and fun and really really scambling but highly recommend this one like hmm hmm whatever happened to predictability milkman the paper boy evening TV everywhere you everywher there's a scandal there's a scandal my mind go to praising him from this is a really really scary one finally recommend this one if you're looking for a super spooky tall scene Lovitz makes this next costume is a little bit more elaborate which the need is something that has see-through white material on it you're gonna need some sort of a white dress I have this white skirt that I'm a super super cute and you're also gonna need some sort of a white hat and a white shirt I'm already wearing a white shirt so easy peasy so first thing you're gonna do is put on the white hey this one's actually complicated because you're gonna have to use a computer to do it so here we go and now we aren't an amalgam ooh and Jake Paul get me married the most scandalous thing this year so if you want scandal it's costume just be ten among the new and jake paul getting married let's get this thing started yum yum yum wits everyday bro ohh DAP it out dab it out it's a date I'm so rich yo yo yo oh hey I'm Tina Tama Connie I'm so cute you like my time I want everyone to see it mmm do you Jay Paul takes an ammonia to be your lawfully wedded wife do have it to hold forever I do Yong Yong dabbing few more any scenes oh do you tan among gonna take Jake partly yeah actually I'm so sorry I'm such an idiot I actually been doing this wrong this whole time if I wouldn't be Tanner Mungo knew I need to face tune myself to be skinny or sone ready don't much better I'm so gone do you tend among the new take Jake to be your lawful husband I do you may kiss the bride I pronounce you husband a 1 but we didn't remarried but it's only for the clown yes we love money sanctity of marriage whom young one reach yo so that one is a really scandalous one if you guys are looking for a super skinless one it's just a little bit harder because obviously you have to have a computer to make that one happen that one's hard okay next the final costume that's the best costume you can possibly be is a course around the scenes if you want the best costume this Halloween all you need is to be me Miranda sings you can wear my cat sweater you want a red pants and say haters bygones on the bite you want any shot with a cat on it button up shirt they stink you get my listing reading some calm so yeah if you want to be the best Halloween costume in the world you can be me because I'm obviously the best person in the world and I'm not porn and I'm not scandal so if you want to avoid being a scandal on anyone avoid being poor just be me hello free Annie so please be safe on your trick-or-treating this year and pray for everybody you meet because everyone who celebrates Halloween is a freaking sinner and it's probably not good to go to heaven I'm sorry seeing it but go on set it in the Bible thou shalt not celebrate Halloween because they key okay so read the Bible for once in your life and learn about it because otherwise you're not gonna get to heaven like you thought I'm just trying to be honest with you boys so anyways hope you guys like this video if you didn't then your heater and also give it a thumbs up and subscribe and share this video with 800 friends let's spread the word about how great I am alright thanks guys I'm gonna need some American cheese and I'll see you next time [Music]