courage said Twitter deems now whenever on the tip is stream is thinking man this fat sack it is useless well let me prove you're wrong chat watch this no way no way well let me prove you wrong chat look hey did you land first Oh little Timmy went to the market Oh little Jeffy came back to empty handed oh no I got it let's go all right it's game over I got a shotgun hey GG man I was a shotgun it tilted every five whites everyone wait cept I might go bro little bub stay on your feet soldier bro a little you some this kid oh I'm so disgusting I'm gonna get myself a hand on my leg at this point she's just twice can't beat like a family's bro hey Timmy how's Jesse doing at school guy build it up on you weird oh gosh what's not Bush over here I saw in the corner of my eye did oh that's a that's a--that's a kill for courage JD launched out I'm watching onto this stuff I don't know why his place that launch battle be honest doc one no shields number one sweaty soccer down to the right well I'll put the heavy sniper you sir on me good job for me I mean nasty Turner are we like nasty did honestly if the viewers asses aren't at least a little moist I don't know I mean I don't know if it's a normal thing I normally do but my ass is dripping right now chat five gifted and I show it on stream Oh up in the right below so I'm jumping home the 411 big damage value hey Timmy fuck it how many fucking cleaners do you have always week oh my god if I died there actuate of like screamed like you're numb a dad what on earth is occurring oh my oh my god Oh shooting it down go for our brothers home getting sniped like not coming knock on one got him I hit this launchpad to be placed the lowest down to hit it I just took fall damage to some Tim I'm getting destroyed right now yeah hold on I'll be there in a sec taking a bloom Battle of the spot both dead there we go brother what the whole lobby it's 30 bomb again Jesus he's good meanie every minute I'm sure I just popped minis this guy's right next to me oh whoa that was his loop what just happened he heavy said wait what just happened bro [Music] still possible did all I need to do all right dude 15h broke perfect 53 15-15-15 like that's like a that's a YouTube you drive and receive one swap at or get to it it's a sab dude it's a SAP it's got an RPG [Music] [Music] ready to go bro you just got our bikini just salivation [Music] oh shit I got a chug chug in an infantry rifle okay so when I go back to world war fucking one hey Timmy there's two of us buddy ever it's zuo's come on season eight cleaners hit them I'll give you two gifted those guys seemed like their awareness levels were at an all-time high mm-hmm well it's tough to hear when they're playing on their moms Kindle you know yeah I meant to read books not play fortnight but that's they're playing on it's not even a fair duo dude like are you kidding me dude dude you need at least 15 RPG shots to take us down at least bro that was actually the first time I think I've seen RPG get to kill at ages cuz like no one gets them anymore just laser because literally my father started got shield Oh buddy him he's got lasered kid my god my shot is insane ooh Jeffie and Timmy next time go hang at the public library quad okay I'm gonna Canon myself to retail all right see you there brother absolutely paradise no I see a guy in the corner my whispering uh hit it bro hit him this is your chance hit him in the air ah fuck 105 a top guy actually there is so much movement right now like no planes if you know how to like chain all this stuff together you can just keep going and keep going what I love it I swear it to get shot down I'm gonna do the new trap placement and launchpad myself up and literally I'm gonna get like ten thousand retweets and Ari's gonna like it okay you ruin the whole damn thing oh I just flicked him 198 not by Jeff II don't open that really dude what just happened better player dude that's how we just died I guess our cleaners the best item they've ever put in the game is an attack shotty watch this move these got children that play huh mom doesn't talk to me anymore bro I can't hear people in this game ah that guy jumped right on my head Jesus Christ like a beat like our these are kids that play on Friday nights dude what am I doing wrong my life I got to go out and like get a girlfriend or something these the kids that are playing of these nights bro I'm gonna guarantee I take off anonymously this is something some fatty TV call that from a mile a fucking way Jesus Christ that gets crowd spamming editing he's on enough caffeine that his fucking pupils are just the size of us oh hi he looks like those people who get tattoos in their eyes Google that picture tattooed eyeballs that's what I'm talking about their desk when they start up and drink their morning Red Bull at that exact temperature to hit the peak amount of performance to wear their testosterone catches in pieces right I'm here my socks are half off I'm thinking of switching his shorts like I had a hefty dinner turner here probably submit that Jake jet-skiing and on his private yacht when he bought his third warehouse for his 18th million longest month and this dude here literally goes to gets his hands massaged each day because his carpal tunnels kicking in at the age of 12 dude where do you want to go let's go salty that that's what I feel oh oh come on up see what happens brother love you oh my god oh my god this is good Oh oh my god he's on me getting the res not in my house kid not today Dahmer thirst labeling are dilute get cone homie straight fiddled on kids nuber oh nice no shelter this guy here nice another rift here you wanna make a big old a candy oh god yes get the scar out of my hands ballooning right at us yeah if you have a cinnamon on my way he's aiming at me I'm scared oh that was a suspect that was just disrespectful what I just did it oh my god I've to be hopped 200 damage what bumped into he legit only had enough time to pop his balloon two of them yeah yep yep yikes oh my god this guy's suck bro double 95 oh my god your weight you're below me better than you both kid stick it right here oh you aren't stuck in the weirdest spot ever I can't even move dog I'm actually stuck that hole there we go all right come on fishmoley that cold Roberta we'll Superstock shot at me - in the zone let's go my mg was not loaded that could've been disastrous what je BES or nasty bro that's it I gotta launch bad how many kills you got we have 1100 just shy of 30 she you know it's gonna be bad when you're the only one that builds an all fight this is not good no this is not good I feel bad I know I actually feel bad at this point was like cuz I want kids like that to keep playing for and I want them to have fun but like it's so tough to it tears me up inside cuz that's like therapy for me like sliding it out right there but at the same time like no I feel you write it like that's why I always let fucking shit players win when I'm in solos yeah I need to start to second do you know I need to start doing that bro you're so right dude that's actually such a good thing to do oh Jesus where was that one Ted pickaxe yeah our winds are three winds art what was it 30 oh no we got we had we get 29 with a second mm-hmm 30:28 in a 29 second no bad car JBL JBL what does that mean what is courage JBL courage JBL yeah homie huh [Music]