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a loop was in my public discord I like I'd like I just linked them to this one like three times they're against arias we got it we got it we got him we got him there we go there we go there we go babe imagine if you just used one this board and then just had channels man that'd be amazing [Music] look I love just having 50,000 discord servers it's nice it's really nice um did you want to make another one right now just for this group you want to make one for every group that we have with a different person let's just go make it a discord and it'll be called scissor courage Lupo and no a fun time when someone leaves I gotta make a new one all right don't die oh boy oh wow you look aged peanut dream don't worry about actually do worry about it call me some help quite a bit of worrying would be perfect yeah yeah yeah Jack we gotta go to Lupo that's one bullet oh no what oh my the one that's still alive what's happening the Oppel of the house we did not blow up the house please sick I have no gun okay you just teleported in front of me you're lagging all of the screens sick dude all right don't worry guys we're on supplies eventually jack is there alone and we might be dead I'm not sure I don't know I don't have any weapons no I have two weapons for you guys I'm free I'm 9 HP you guys decide who gets what I don't waste barely alive yep there's one of these one of these just for that Oh oh my god what the fuck where thanks right Larry why are you awake I wouldn't want to be that guy idiot boy ah Jack okay oh there's airplanes why they're those airplanes that are flying around I know there's three here okay oh my god hey Bill they build got one how much help do these things well a lot brif to go oh snap okay oh god I got one there's one more it's so stressful you know yeah I'm there in spirit doesn't help a whole lot I'll be Bob there in spirit I'm there in spirit wait how do I go down oh oh right there you go thank you yeah yeah trying to stop it already stopped her planes we're going with okay trying to landing on a fog I bring in Jack he'll ar mo yep I got to know guys given the play with know everyone four of us four staff now but your plead community planted perfectly new promising the endeavor we get the game and win entire rest of the game alright I guess I'm taking the back I feel the most okay I can't tell what's happening when you flip us over you jackass there so I think air strike the AirDroid air strike the Bombers blade gallery I got another what is going on 35 in the air [Music] so there's the other plane fazilet point there will the fell down on her ears yes so for the hill stuff oh my god team one of the team let's go up in everybody here if that he rented looking five for the air 21:21 chill tag oh don't worry Wayne doesn't have a lot left in it boys [Music] what what even is for night my god oh no I know no bullets but I have three guys down here oh my god no one knocks jack ah another another drop offs just sudden right there oh my god I thought I was gonna fall but I went like this playing oh my god how do I not fly oh Jesus oh oh we're fight that way are we absolutely our date also played tag 1 for 22 got him not got his buddy knocks good luck don't wait I needed them go knock diving diving a diamond oh my god okay okay Oh zero Matt's we drop them right away did immediately let's go nobody else is dropping here it's totally empty 100% safe it's already in the plane of course of course he is where else we wait show me this guy yeah I've got a big shield for someone here I can't even hear my own thoughts what is it don't be alarmed there's actually a plane above you yo yo who who has the gun where's the gun oh I do i funny of guns on your back is that you've gotten that back I've got like 10 help save the planes and planes hit play yep oh I thought you were how much thought you were bed guy oh god this is randomly shot okay cool I forgot that well that was terrifying accidental zip like dude I can't believe you can shoot with balloons now you fly up in the sky and snipe yeah yeah oh I want it that's so badly you all just fell fell in bonding over to him oh and he's dead okay see bud [Music] we forget your come back to me come back to me so quick what do you mean you're not dead he just died instantly right after I have a campfire good use that don't worry just take some fall damage to get down here wait is that a plane yeah I mean no I wouldn't watch with the scope job oh yeah Oh get them again oh yeah do this thing's insane now oh dude it's so good what is going on right I just got so many kills oh yeah dude I mean they're just throwing themselves to you dude don't question alright don't think about it just accept it this is your life now did you get such a good jump if you if you get so if you're if you're running and you build a ramp up and then fly up off that pops out of it you go I so sick yeah you do that rotate your ramps and land on it you go so fast in behind us is dude up the hill that day the a Kade if you're sliding you can fully carry the mission now how dare you oops be sure to sub oh yeah [Music]