C: What are you doing here? L: I came for explanations, Camila. L: Or rather... L: Karla! L: Did you really think you could fool me?! C: It wasn't my intention, sorry Lauren! L: Was it good for you? L: Was it good for you to play with me like that?! C: No... C: No... C: What you... L: You shouldn't have done that Camila... C: Lauren... No, no, no ... L: I will teach you to never lie to me again. C: Lauren... C: Lauren! C: Lauren, stop! C: We can't do this here. C: Lauren! Stop! L: Be a good girl and don't make a noise. C: Lauren... D: Camila. D: Camila! For the love of God! D: Camila! For the love of God! C: Hi, Dinah? D: Are you all right? C: It's okay, I just need to take a shower. D: Are you sure? C: Hunrum, I'm just going to take a shower... D: You woke up tired, did you? Miss Pugliese sucked your energy?! A: Guys... Dinah! C: I just had a heavy sleep, Dinah! A: You see Dinah, a heavy sleep! Why do you have to think about sex all the time?! D: Don't you know Ally ?! She woke up all wet. C: Guys! I just forgot to turn on the air conditioning! It was just that! D: Oh yeah? And how long have you not had sex?! Oh, it must be full of spider webs there?! A: For God's sake! D: And you don't look at me like that, you need it too! C: Dinah... A: Don't come and put me in this! D: In fact, today we are going to talk to that guy from Human Resources! He is so hot! C: Troy?! A: Ah... Yeah. C: You're in love! A: Stop! A: Oh, people! He is very cute! But I don't even have time for that and you know! C: Oh, but we can find a time, right? D: It is your friend Camila, or not so much right?! D: Why is she divided between the rejected and Miss Pugliese. C: I'm not torn between Austin and... My God! L: No. Lauren Pugliese, nice to meet you! C: Pleasure... I mean... A: Good morning! D: Good morning! L: I expect you at my meeting room in five minutes... L: But first... Go drink some water! C: I can't believe it... D: Were you scared, Camila?! A: You should have seen your face! C: Guys! You guys love to tease me! Even you, Ally?! D: Oh! But don't delay, that she only gave you five minutes... A: Five minutes... D: Save it for her, dear! C: I'm saving... A: My god how thick! A: Come on! L: Good morning! C: Good morning! L: Can we?! C: Yes, everything is ready! L: All with the balance sheets? C: Yes! L: Perfect, what you see there is what Richard did. It is an example of what I don't want to do. T: Congratulations Lauren! His balance sheet was impeccable! L: Thank you, Troy! But the merit is all of Miss Smith! C: Tanks! L: Without it, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to make it. T: Really, you two did an excellent job! C: Thank you! C: Are you all right, Miss? L: Is it possible for two people to be so similar? C: What? L: Nothing... Everything is fine. C: Gracias! C: And you guys stop laughing ?! I had no option but to accept going out with him! W: Ah! Didn't have another option ?! D: Ah for Camila! You run from him as the devil runs from the cross! C: I know but... Austin is a good guy! It's beautiful, elegant... W: The question that doesn't stop is: The powerful boss there, how will it be? N: If she knows this... W: For that there is this private room here, right? C: But people... Guys! I have nothing with her, okay ?! Nothing! W: Is it to pretend Camila?! We will pretend then! A: You still have nothing, because there is no lack of will. C: Wow, Miss Allyson, how are you doing? C: What have you been contributing to the corridors of the Pugliese Industry? Can I know?! D: Play on the wheel! A: Guys, nothing! W: You can count! A: Nothing happened! Me and Troy, we just talked! N: Who is troy?! W: Only? A: Only, and he asked me out! D: My God! C: Did you accept it? W: Do a sexy dance for him! I teach you many things! C: Do you already know what clothes you are going to wear? W: Go enjoy it! Stop being silly! A: Stop! For! For the love of God! Stop asking questions! A: We are going out today! D: I knew! I knew it! C: This is a glory to God! You see?! W: Shall we eat?! C: Hallelujah like that! Allyson, Allyson! A: Stop! C: It's delicious! W: Here, eat a tomato ... Oops! W: Eat a tomato! D: I only have one! W: No need, no! I don't want to, take it then! L: Oh, I'm exhausted! What a tiring day! A: Natural Miss Lauren. After all, you have other responsibilities now, don't you?! L: That's right ... I'm dying to get home. L: I mean ... Alfred, change of plans. I'm going to do some shopping, okay? A: Yes, I will find a place to park. L: Thank you. D: Camila, what a wonderful place! C: I know! D: But I won't be sailing in?! Where's Normani and Wesley? C: Ah, it looks like Candece arrested them a little bit there, but they are coming. Relax! D: She kills you if she knows we are here. C: Hunrum, I know... A: I'm going to get some drinks from Troy! C: You don't drink, do you ?! C: What is that? A: What is it? D: Climate pie! A: Oh my! C: Tell me, how are you with Troy? A: Oh, he is very beautiful! C: I know! A: He's very cute and he's a knight! D: Hey! First date and is it done? C: Leave her! Leave her, because of I already I saw it he is really cute! A: He is very cute! Perfect! And Austin ?! C: Ah! Okay! D: Oh no! Mila, I'm sorry, but you two make me sleepy! C: Oh yeah ?! D: Look, seriously! I'm team Lauren! Austin looks too weak! C: Guys! What Lauren! You are crazy?! Speak quietly! C: Thank you! D: Ah, I want to! A: What were you laughing at? D: Woman thing. T: Always full of mystery, right?! C: Exactly! D: Let's dance, guys?! A: Come on! A: Do you want to go? C: Yes! L: Karla?!