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L: Karla?! L: Miss Smith? A: What the fuck is that?! A: Lauren?! L: I mistook you for someone else, I'm sorry! C: No problem! A: There is a problem! Let's go, Camila! C: Stop! L: I didn't imagine meeting you here. C: I'm surprised you are here! L: I had to celebrate today, right?! C: Yeah! A: It is exactly what we are trying to do, celebrate! C: Austin! L: Sorry if I bothered you, Camila! C: That nothing, you didn't... C: Austin! C: Mrs., I wanted to apologize for what happened there. L: No, I'm the one who apologizes. I didn't mean to disturb you with your boyfriend. C: He's not my boyfriend! D: Camila! Austin is mad at you! L: Miss El... D: El-Bainy! L: El-Bainy! D: Good evening Mrs. Pugliese! L: Good evening! L: Camila and Dinah, meet our new manager! L: Leandro Deam! L: Nice to meet you, Camila! D: I'm Dinah El-Bainy! L: Hi! D: I work in the commercial sector of the company when you want to appear there, feel free! L: Of course! It will be a pleasure to work with you Miss... D: El-Bainy! L: El- Bainy! D: The pleasure will be all mine! L: No! All mine! D: Imagine! L: Let's move over there! D: Yes! Sure! L: Tell me more! D: What else? Do you want...? L: What do you do there? D: Ah, I'm from the commercial sector... L: Commercial, of course! D: And what do you do? C: I'm going to have to go back, but I'm sorry for anything. Dinah? L: Camila, they are having fun! Are you really going to get in the way?! C: No, but I really need to go back. L: Okay! Good night, Camila. A: Can we go back?! C: I was going now. L: Relax man, wait for a little longer and stay with us. D: Yes, guys, stay here for a little bit. L: No! He no! A: As if I wanted to stay here, right?! C: We will stay! L: Ah! Whatever, I don't care! L: Wait a little bit, ok my love? I'll be right back. A: Let's dance! D: Let me introduce you to someone! Leandro, this is my friend Ally! L: Hi! How are you? Leandro, nice to meet you! How are you? D: He's joining the company now! L: Yes, I will be the new manager of the company. A: How fancy! L: Yeah ... I'm going to do some surveys in the commercial sector. D: For sure! L: I think it got dirty! C: What a scare! L: Sorry. L: I didn't mean to scare you again. C: No problem. C: Oh damn! L: Let me... Let me clean it. C: I have to go, but... thanks! C: Thanks for the night! A: Did you really like it? C: Yes. A: That's why I think I was a little bored... But I hope you understand. A: I can't like that woman! C: Are you talking about Lauren?! C: She's a good person... A: She's just good with you, right ?! Which is really strange! A: She is unbearably arrogant! C: And you shouldn't be talking about her like that! A: I'm not afraid of her, Camila! A: She barely arrived and has already messed up everything! What was that balance sheet today?! C: Austin! I have a headache, the only thing I don't want is, to talk about work now! A: Sorry... C: I will go up, I'm tired... A: Sorry... Sorry, I was a complete idiot. A: I know the night was not the best A: But it can always get better... A: You are a beautiful woman! C: Yeah... Austin I'm going... C: Thank you! C: Bye! L: I want you in my office in two minutes! C: I brought this medicine for you... L: Thank you! C: And there's this other one here... L: What's that for?! C: That's great! C: I imagined that you were feeling sick, burning, these types of things and it is great for that! L: I will not drink this potion! C: This is not a potion because I am not a witch! And this medicine is really good, you can try it! L: Do you always drink this ?! C: No! But if you don't want to... L: No... Okay, okay, give me. L: Give some water! For the love of God! C: That?! L: If you keep laughing at me, I’ll fire you, okay?! C: Sorry... C: See, it wasn't even that bad! L: Aren't you tired at all? C: No! L: Last night was long! C: Yeah, but I didn't drink much! L: I needed to have fun... L: Leandro liked your friend. C: I guarantee she liked him a lot too! L: It looks like we have a new couple here... C: New?! C: Do we already have one?! L: You tell me Miss... L: You went out with Ferraro yesterday! K: Ah! At last! I thought we would have to wait for your goodwill to get here! C: I asked you to be punctual, right, Karla?! C: You know this is a group performance. K: I know Candence, I'm sorry, but the traffic in São Paulo, you know how it is. C: Okay, come on, go! Rehearse with the girls! W: Come on people! Come on! W: Come on people! Let's go! Positions! W: Come on, you guys are late! W: Let's start! Come on! W: Girls, you were perfect today! W: Karla, my love! W: Wonderful as always! K: Thank you! W: Ah Karla, I was forgetting! K: What is that?! W: Delivery to Miss Karla Delevingne! C: Let´s go girls! W: Incredible right?! K: Wesley, could you teach me some new steps? W: Why this now? K: Something personal... W: Ah! Understand! Sure! W: Only if it was now!