THE THREE STOOGES Malice in the Palace 1949 HD 1080p Moe Howard Larry Fine Shemp Howard

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just past the hour I wonder what delays alpha dollar we are not most illustrious hasn't been sober fear not aphid Allah will get the map by hook or crook as sure as my name is Jin aroma quite so service yeah we have all the service at your service boy if I hadn't ducked we two collided sure what a narrow escape what about you take this off take this off I'll take it easy we'll have you all fixed up in a minute what's this oh happy birthday haha holies yes the millet I'll take it right off I would leave it on people don't know if you're coming to go on with this on hey ah sir you look very pretty in the spaghetti he's as good as new why you know woman dog a dog how dare you a Thousand pardons it was unavoidable wait a minute wait a minute this would degrade you just true I'm an aristocrat I am hustle Ben subha I had a few too many myself quiet we gotta clean up this mess why get busy travel by night perhaps him pedometers nineteen sweeties let's bring them back half a dollar hey chief but as I slipped his throat with his dying breath he said someone else had a duplicate map which is bad we must leave at once if we are to be the first to reach King Louie Putin's tomb make preparations to depart immediately our chief but remember the curse he who touches the jewel first is doomed to a thousand deaths we must secure the services of three and when we get them to do our bidding yes but we best have food before we travel hi service Oh Oh what do you have we want to you don't have any more all we got left is rabbit and hot dogs rabbit hot dog hot dog they'll take rabbit okay come on ain't coming right now coming right in there we are pepper and sold that Busboys off step submit honey it's you you are you can't get out of here come on all right you'll see you the way now I got you come on now Josh mmm it couldn't be how could you stay here you be a good boy you will not sit here you are gentlemen hot dog well it comes to cooking under catch me out sit down oh but I'm not tired I'll just stand while you eat sit down with your hands on or off you talked us into it II did you hear anything yeah I did yeah sit down and eat eat cuz I'm high well Wow I killed it I kill it I kill it but this just can't be Edie forget the mustard so you are the perpetrator of this sit down and eat the dull the pleasure thank you there's the dog and cat won't you tell me what let him along oh man hmm these three they are the ones they get the jewel for us right gentlemen who came in know you how would you boys like to make a thousand shield Lena's cute you have convinced us what do we have to do there is a diamond worth a king's ransom you're here eighteen grand gentlemen this map will lead us to the treasure now pay strict attention yeah awesome Vince Olga you are late I got the diamond you got the gate signed oh my gosh Emer of smoke Oh ruin defeated that murderers cutthroats he has the famous 100 carat diamond a hundred carats he sure knows onions quiet this map is useless to me now with that diamond I could have quit my job as the doorman at the Oasis Oh tell spinach in do you mean to tell me you're only a doorman yes well there's the doorman will you give me five for this no but I'll give you two yeah I'll take a cat there's only one 100 carat diamond and it comes from rootin tootin stone that's government property right and if we return it we've get a big reward yeah maybe fifty thousand bucks boy with that kind of money we could rent a one-room apartment in Hollywood maybe but that Emer Schmo is a cutthroat suppose he cuts my throat well now don't worry we'll be disguised we'll find the shortest way now here study this map closely we start here at jerk Ola down the insane river over the give a damn through push over across Smolin to the stronghold of Schmo Oh who goes there Santa Claus oh there ain't no Santa Claus oh yes there is we got a present for you have okay boys coast is clear come on right come on okay let's find the diamond it's the small variation he's wearing the diamond now is our chance to get it yeah see sighs Oh fun I'm the evil spirit that guards the rootin tootin diamond given to me lest evil befall you yes sir yes it the Spirit commands you to stand on your head and that lily pond until further notice oh hi quick silence coming boom scram gotcha bullseye why are you your hat thank you you're welcome why well that's that get up here little hey the small was flooded sister looks like you're out of a job move