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we're just getting started and we got some killer sounds today's episode would be taking a look at my favorite sounds in Amish air what's good YouTube mr. boy centered welcome back to the studio welcome back to Swiss heal TV this this would be part two of the first video I did which was ranking all the sounds in omnisphere from one to five one being some I don't like to being a sound I might use three being a sound that's pretty decent I could use for being a sound I like and five being the Dean baynor sound so we're only checking out a Big Bang and presets in on this year I'm excited to share this with you guys but before we get into the video if you haven't already done so hit the subscribe button as well as the bug notification got a whole lot coming up on this channel including live shows DJ gigs I'll be doing some more ableton live performances hips and tricks for anyone using Ableton anyone looking to start making beats I'm bringing out the talkbox festival is coming up so hit the subscribe button as well as about notification [Music] let's get into are jumping right into it I am in ableton that is the dog were using for today I have two different Ableton templates one for making beats and then I have one for my live sessions but I'll be talking about those in another video this isn't any specific order guy let me know in the comments below what sounds you guys like and plan on using in your beats we go y'all hear the pantings wah and like that about this preset [Music] this backward studio pianos one on my favorite sounds I'll say that for sure [Music] we're just getting started and we got some killer sounds I have to finish that up later but yeah cedar on point as a dam next we got this it's a little weird clubbing children choir I don't know any children choirs go clubbing but this one does [Music] now one thing I do about this is stored in module indeed I said I wasn't gonna really mess around with presets but I like to take off the solo and the glide that could be really mean right there [Music] that could be some fire right there giving away as much information to you guys as possible so when I help out the community what else we got frozen piano dreams next let's go to church I'm not just saying that because your boy grew up in church but that's what it's called go to this church a little rusty on the origins I really like this I just like a pattern so if I was making if I was working on a bass I probably put the 808 and then put this underneath it [Music] so imagine that behind an 808 that would be some nasty that would be pretty cool you know it would add some rhythm to the bass section you guys will see I'll put this into a beat real soon it already sounds hard enough I'm not even getting into all the arpeggios I found in on this year as well as being able to manipulate all these arpeggios I can't stress enough about really diving into your VST people like just buy it and expect these sounds to just come out I spent a week watching movies and going through so many sounds to figure out what are my go-to sounds and I'm sharing just 25 with you guys go into your VST whether it is Amna sphere Native Instruments Arturia whatever VST you're using dive into it learn it in and out you squeeze every penny out of it onto dream piano [Music] this is a perfectly sound I feel like I already made a B right there only have ten more for you guys so let's wrap this up this one right here is one of my favorites [Music] there's another ultimate favorite right here this is the sound I always loved playing live now Bing is fired [Music] I feel like I play this out of way man you're too young for that I'll probably know this song [Music] [Laughter] [Music] whoa love that sound love I feel like I'm saying this for every sound but that's because they're my top 25 you feel me five more and we are done I like this right here sounds good but what makes you stick out for me as a musician instead of hitting all the notes together I might hit separately we got it we got a nice pad right here [Music] that was more wraps up another video I'm hoping you guys found some useful sounds that can help you step up your game I've had plenty of other vsts I'll be checking out as well so if this is something you're interested in drop a comment below let me know which VST you'd like me to check out and you definitely want to subscribe and hit the bone notification to be notified when those videos drop I want to thank the 400 people that have subscribed to this channel real talk it means a lot I really appreciate you guys thank you if you're new to the channel join the sweet skill family hit the subscribe button as well as a bail notification is your boy set it from swing skill TV I'm signing out but I'll see you guys in a video real soon peace you [Music]