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the balls have really oh god they're coming on with game maybe that all right Jack just live courage if I ever get down and you saved my life I will get this up before you Bob and he's dead but you'll get the sub Dorrit oh wait I would have suicide if you saved my life hope I said your wife oh yeah look it over you look at helping [Music] [Laughter] I'll go with delirious you go with yep I'm ready can you rift us no do you want to go with just with first of the hamster ball Riddler going to the balls the shoelaces delirious is the other place where are you going I don't know we're going with don't you have the treasure back we should all listen everyone just hold on to your own ball I can't miss my own has mine I don't know Oh someone shoot down my balls we're trying to cut your balls we're dead running back forth you wait no one reads my holy ball yeah I'm the only one that can touch her but you know going up and over here where they at right great front of Osiris oh wait no no there's all this Oh No he got run away we're on the way there's a guide recording ever try to keep up is this so challenging more supple oh you have that chug nice it's the hell out of here you that all dead oh you'll get in our ball he's all fake it was all as it's actually built wait he actually could have built I'm here hey guys we're gonna go be launched bad and wait after the sky today he's gotta be 50 HP he said here he's been here breakfast mid-level 25 white he's one shot he chased it down play the music suavo can't escape eyeballs boy boy could be in a tree oh you made a grave mistake hit our connection soon [Music] the day you die kid oh my god how they all watch bad chase them down boys Oh get out of your room going on the portal noctem it's gotta be the kid it's gonna be you guys earlier I got [Music] [Music] Eve go [Music] [Applause] I know bad you know he's on it which right now like in the back of his mom's Toyota Camry like yes that was too good all right blasted him through a wall he thought he was safe a good session guys thank you later do you guys wanna fly all the way out of the map with the hamster balls kind of all the way out of them and how do we do that retail I've never did it was slain black top side I'm an infantry rifle perfect the back in World War no this building this building got bigger there's nobody keep running there's one in this building to the left of Leo yeah there he is you gotta poop shotty be careful no shield laser there's a homecoming content oh my god right here take me a little bit like the godliest becoming ever I need a bear gone I need better gone no way through the balls you know I know oh my god it's like that mr. tomato man's playing a little game of chubby bunny we're good we're good we're good is this guy doing I'm interested in having a conversation with your buddy I've got the chills bro wait Marcel you think you're for your viewers were noticed it's like one of those times you in I mean like put it on [Music] [Music] [Laughter] oh my god wait there's so many people oh [Music] god there's a guy on me the elimination st. Patty's Day is over people are in the hotel wait these balls our play will protect you in our ball operation oh god I'm surrounded by three I'm on you myself very weak very weak early let's go boy go back out 840 great you can go higher all the way over and over oh my god through the trees just wait I'm down on them wait up will there someone here I mean I hang of courage is embattled everybody it's simple 16 16 59 59 [Music] you try to read away George believed sending Superboy I feel that way can we just cover the fact that we almost has dropped a dirty bomb while doing all that stupid shit [Music]