hey guys it's me Miranda as you know it's Christmas Day and yesterday was my important thing and guess what I got nothing thanks my mom why didn't give me presents it's just oh yeah we combined presents on Christmas Day that should be illegal wow so I'm just really ticked off so as paint back as per usual it is 4:00 in the morning right now and so I'm gonna open all my presents before my mom wakes up down T Charlie good happy birthday light up balloons my birthday's over now what good is this gonna do me there is not any light inside of things that is a ripoff Thank You zine but John would thorium eat chocolate chip cookie this looks nothing like cookies I'm thinking jarred aunt and Dandrea and I want the light women in my balloon this is small thing she's posing everything is this supposed to be some kind of joke this is not a cheese ball you can't eat then are you kidding me a bomber these are illegal in the United States of America how do I won't even get this in the conjuring no let's play it happens I didn't get arrested what if this blonde why I'm holding it mom you can get arrested for that that's child development I'm gonna call the child service on you see my ocean zoom this is poor look naked people on it close your eyes right now if you're under the age of 21 you will not see this this is literally porn naked people on AIDS Wildeve absolutely guaranteed to grow what does evening I'm gonna monetize what is these peonies Wow my mother freakin perv on giving me panties and bras look eat dance sleep you can't eat sleep go to school Jojo see you on my why she watches a strange Lully I just spent 12 days with this girl on her channel who did 12 collapse for Christmas on her channel together she is so annoying why didn't she stay in prison okay this is a month this is glass it could break and they could hurt myself on AIDS it's called plastic Jojo trying to save the earth for once this could bring can kill in person no no the only thing this bag is going for us to keep my boogers in okay I'm going to give away this booger bag and the Jojo see you on TV me I'm gonna give all these away cuz I don't want these if you want this Jojo Sewall stuff please just share this video all you have to do is tweet this video and subscribe to me tweet me and prove to me that you did it screenshot it and I'll pick one of you randomly Prince miss today and I'll send you this cuz I don't want it I want us wrap kind of good so weapon got freaking tiny the writing is was time for night yes bring only something going down this amazing I've been wanting one being this one's for my uncle Jam this is all this inside I mean this is a great picture he looks very handsome but I don't want these I want to freak him laptop then someone go picture them anything like Mina every single meal I say get me some presents I don't want birthday presents and Christmas presents and one I want separate prisons in ink and Eve mean I want I got trim I'm out well you know white that's okay because I'm having a huge New Year's Eve party year so I don't need my mom my uncle to get me any good presents so I'm giving myself the best present of all popularity and fame and once they get more richer and famouser and proof I'm pretty sure that's Santa see you down do you hear they mom I thought she was freaking San Juans way to kill every kids dreams mom literally just ruin Christmas for everybody anyways you know nothing I forgive I mean someone's birthday increments every minute