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join my discord and join my game I already did yes I did yeah knock one I'm dead I'm dead I need Jack I did I did how about that a trap on top of the trap wow you juggle this heavy shotgun okay dynamite I pick up because they say I really need that but I'll leave the AR right then what you do is you make it look like there was a fight with random walls right yeah if you want if you want you could just like hide next to it watch yeah but what happens when no one comes oh they ripped it right next to us hijack hide what are you doing no no it's a quarter percent calculated Oh coming what's the planning up good job jack this job listen I'm gonna run away listen listen let's talk about this let him die let him die boys let him die jack this is for the content for the content for the content died for the content yeah I died for the content come on Marcellus for the content for the content for the content for the content for the content please let us all be worth it Oh what happens when they don't die it now they know it's there they're so scared you gotta edit for the content mr. shoot you shoot at the plane and then hide again break the stuff break it break it and build out of ring we got a break in tax you got kids you gotta break the picture the caller may not get ready for me to check for the contact the pyramid wasn't it further than that I swear oh he broke him I think he broke him where there's only a storm right there what Oh jack Oh dad this is so sad can we please get five gifted subs that was so sad can we get back if it sucks I hate you guys welcome to four night season seven ouch they killed him by the way they didn't kill me cue the music swamp he's right here to our right he's right here - I want out of green beans by the other guys one the one of the balloon is beamed nice I have no man this one for oh I have actually throw mats - this is fuck you jack my people down he's got girls right over this hill south I see him I see him crawl down crawl down oh my god please save me I'm a poor boy eight rushing rushing nice one more rushing I have nine shots in my SMG Jack what's you oh my god scissors let's go baby zero math nine boats my SMG again ready I went to edit and I helped a wall they're gonna be right over this little building jack all right you ready nope are you Marissa all right ten step way he looks a bit of course he'll you're gonna get a chug chug and a launch pad you got neither jack don't fight this guy you don't need to be a hero he's looking myself he's not looking he's not looking nice teamwork the team are always I'm clutching everything in my body I'm clenching everything that I can hold you didn't to be heroes there's one below you guys Jack to my watch back no one talks about the guy who hides the win you gotta be heroes I'm obviously in that situation you just gave this kid a second whenever plain plain I'll slap it right out I had it for 150 don't worry ourselves the best pilot in the game jack is the best co-pilot oh my god what do you mean no I'm saying a she doesn't need help like Wow Jack were you being sexist did you say that that Ashley can't protect me because she's a girl are you kidding me Wow chat can we get a cab lady : there's any ladies in the chat you're like and you're like Ashley and I need help Ashley you're the one that died okay and I hope sprinkle of it what a bitch oh my god he's so weak please extra apples here Ashley don't tell chap I said this but he's an even bigger bot than you at the death John Jack Oh Jack hey at least he's got heart wait when did you get raised poorly enough to start being mean because I've never been mean he wants F do we need do I need to pull up the clips I've never been mean to you in my life I seem to recall a certain phone call I received on the stream a few days ago when they grieved my death thrown math and you're like hahaha something about like I'm glad they did it and I hope that you lose your subscribers or something I think that was you right where's that someone else I can't live to want to help him oh I heard some noises what you got chicken tenders lightly golden brown perfect amount of crunch ash perfect amount of chicken waffle fries with the sweet and spicy sriracha sauce which is delicious then you also have the chick-fil-a sauce cuz it's savory wait Jack I want a bite key Phoebe bite you came right now yep can you go to my stream I'm watching I'm distracted Jack do all the dirty work you shot my balloon what a party pooper oh I just shot you I'm smoking now dad did you just hit bursted I got it wait he hits those wait don't let him wait you know when you guys are done look over buddy just look in this area let's go boys shotgun ammo heavy bullets please I I forgot I have 30 bullets in my a K and that's it i 252 I hate you salty yeah okay boys brother there yep you made that up yep Tapani cold him to come warm me up yeah a little bit actually I was wiping off the crumbs from my mouth you know that I actually I felt that personally right there I actually like wow I actually feel like I know everyday my life we relatable because that's what I this is the hottest this is the hot girl challenge in fortnight guys with you watch us on our YouTube drop it like hit dab and I've got my bent the ice and a bad bitch attitude let's lay come on sisters get up is for all the times I dive in death run attracted get him I got a ready for you oh my thank you so much good teammate got you bro watch this editing 19 saying their auto rappin II he's insane oh and you don't go on that for your bed Wow hey happy puberty buddy he's a bitch Wow Jesus Christ that was a full plane full plane nearly 20 to make jump if someone said I'm never using a zip line again [Laughter] [Music] Oh Jaclyn jack good job on grand champion by the way wait you got it and then I lost it playing down to our right I'm a salmon right now oh whoa no but you didn't die fine where are they jack are they on you 237 mido mido to understood he's got me no me no wife okay grapple Jersey where is he oh fuck grapple yeah he's dead twenty other ones dead in three two one wait he really should be that hard Bobby death where'd it oh my god they had that diego jack up at 14 they don't know they don't know they don't know you got me they don't know swamp up I don't know if you're still here but we're telling this video this is 100% the most toxic player in fortnight Battle Royale and it's gonna be jacked silhouetted in the thumbnail and we're not gonna credit any of his stuff in the description [Music]