THIS Is Why Girls DONT Like You Survival Of The Fittest




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have you ever wondered why girls don't like you if you answered yes to this question then you are not alone guys who are rich or guys who are really good-looking and also guys who have average or below average look ask themself this same question every single day and have never been able to get an answer until now they always say that the best solution to any problem is always the simplest and this applies to females your work your finances and everything in between so the answer to why most girls don't like you at its core is actually really simple you have to understand the why when a girl leaves a guy or vice versa we always want to know the why when a plane crashes or somebody does something bad do somebody else once again we want to know why why it crashed why they did that and so with that said let's get right into it so to understand the number one thing that can make every girl that you meet unattracted to you you have to understand that it's all built into the world around you nature or whatever you want to call it always seeks out the most efficient way to do something even today in 2019 our best technology still cannot replicate the efficiency of something as simple as a leaf on a plant so you're probably asking yourself what does this have to do with girls not liking you and the answer is simple nature or the same program that governs our entire world is also the same thing that decides whether or not girls like you or will be attracted to you as humans we have programming inside of our brain right now that secretly runs our lives and everything that we do every day so when you're out to lunch with your buddies and a girl in a tight dress walks by you this built-in program is what causes you to feel attracted to her and it is the same program that causes girls to feel attracted to a guy but for reasons other than just physical looks and this programming is in place why well to ensure the survival of the human race no less then the main goal of the program is simple and it's to guarantee our survival but here's the crazy part this program is extremely cold and calculated so if you were raised in a way that causes you to lack confidence or other traits that girls typically find attractive then the program simply doesn't care and it will arrange females with a more suitable option than yourself now you have probably heard the saying survival of the fittest also known as natural selection and this is the program that I keep referring to and it's built into every living thing on the planet now why is this important this is incredibly important because it is the exact program that causes attraction between males and females natural selection is always running in the background of every brain in every person on the planet and to put it simply it favors the strong and seeks to eliminate the weak however unfair this might seem now this program is always seeking to guarantee the survival of the human race and all living things on the planet and it does this by causing men to seek the most physically attractive females while also causing females to seek the most mentally and emotionally strong males think about this imagine if natural selection was turned off what do you think would happen to the human race what do you think would happen if females were programmed to only seek out the weakest men and men were programmed to only seek women who were very physically unattractive which is a signal that they probably aren't the best option for bearing children now this was the case we most likely wouldn't be here today because all of the weak men would have been eaten by lions before they had a chance to build tools and outsmart it so if you're at least in middle or high school you can see that natural selection is very real and it's always running in the background and it is the number one thing that determines if a girl likes you or not so when a guy acts super nervous intimidated or scared around the girl and she completely turns him down and feels no attraction for him it is not personal it is just natural selection at work pretty much all females are programmed to seek men who have mental and emotional strength and who lack weakness because these are the traits that the program needs to ensure not just their own survival the survival of their children as well as it if we lived in a world where girls only looked for men who are unconfident insecure in mentally weak these undesirable qualities would be continuously passed on from generation to generation until there are no strong males left many guys feel that it's unfair that females don't like them because they show endless signs of insecurity shyness and low confidence and so when a girl rejects them it is not them it is simply the program or natural selection at work this is the reason why 99% of girls don't like some guys and it's nothing personal and in fact it is about as unperson 'el as you could get many guys think that you need to have tons of money or good looks to be attractive but the truth is that you only need to understand natural selection and make it work for you rather than against you and if you want to completely flip the script there is once secret that you need to understand and it's that you don't have to be born with perfect genetics to be considered the fittest and it's the choices that you make every single minute of every day that shape who you are arguably even more than the genetics that you were born with it is enduring the struggle that makes you mentally and emotionally stronger and it's facing your fears every day that makes you more confident and if you do these things and a few other things consistently enough you can eliminate insecurities in shyness and gain the confidence that you need to make the program work for you rather than against you this is survival of the fittest and if girls don't usually like you now you know why but even more importantly you know exactly how to fix the problem and change your life forever and with that said until next time thanks for watching