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[Music] we got right everyone points we ever get I'm the captain of the ship and I will throw you out yes ready to go let's go do it jacket in the boat I'm in the boat you fatty oh yeah summit just a little heads up you'll want to meet me in Game two before we start PV pool you want to mute me in game I might right now my gaming PC mic is a webcam for 2009 so he yells and it's like mental warfare as well fighting them in me he removes their comms I really do remove their comms uh yeah you think I'll do it well I did lower the volume on a tip so it's 50% alright okay okay go Jack like yell like you're yelling at someone it might disconnect me but hold on let me see sounds someone cut them out of my eye patch but it sounded sarcastic Oh second level hitomi dead gotcha bro they're sinking oh sorry done GG gets slapped hey good games guys maybe go play a different game like fortnight hey guys what's up I'm friendly that wasn't me talking crap up there those look red dim the fat one get on the ship real quick see that mermaids gone I think I think there might be tucked in our ship somewhere hiding if he's in this crow's nest and I have this Megan barrel I'm gonna fucking shit my pants the crow's nest body try to sleep smash that absolute unit Jack you there yep all right I'm doing still fear to their hearts you know what to do and I'm gonna position we're cruising up and light out of it hard left hard left hard left hard left oh my gosh we're gonna hit we're a ram right into room you'll never catch me alive and I already killed them with the 40 it's impossible for us to have Athena quest right because we all just started well I mean I can sign one down I've never done one thena Quest is like a rare quest thing that came up and they're like impossible we're not we're not prepared to do that we're BOTS I want to ruin some it's Athena quest I tell you pick them up at Marshall Jack look at you you're not even you're missing a hand you're missing a leg how are you gonna do an Athena quest you eggs back or a fatty two points we ever get I'm the captain of the ship and I'll throw you out no one's directing wait it's me Tim you're in charge of the ship you're the captain oh we're crashing for hundreds and crashing we're good we're good we're dead oh gosh did I do it I'm a ghost I'm the go Tim there are holes everywhere in the front of our ship what do you mean yeah go take this and go take a look at her autumn art ship homey are we good I'm watching water spew out of the walls we have a hundred and two bananas this or world record no surprise you put birth blanket charge at our food supply is it number one priority we don't need point we're low on cannonballs we're low on flex but you got there believe we're max on bananas I mean I'd honestly never seen so many bananas I do I do [Music] oh dear God Jack it back to the ship I'm waiting oh shit the ramming us brothers [Music] you guys are BOTS that was right there hip hit him dead bye have a good - buddy have a good - that's 50% it's like with a stun gun sound system this guy's kids their dad's gonna come down there oops hey Jack wait were you stopped you see me I was hitting now post originally and you moved it just barely enough that I launched me but I missed the no way we both just did this dude it's playing the default dance over his microphone boy [Laughter] [Laughter] different team it's a different team different team different in that they have some stuff which is you know one seafarers chest hey take that beer boy yo he jumped in the water with the chests you try to make it get away with the chest we got to unload our ship quick and get off the server oh yeah are they my sprayer take something and turn it in no wait guys wait we got to turn into what we call Tommy the big bombs or not right now that's true it's not safe you're not wrong I'm going for the bomb I'm just getting the thing I'm getting them going over there one shot at this go Tim go I'll protect you dude we have a silent ship was open none of our shit makes noise freak out here hey nothing makes noise in our shit wait guys do you not hear the water no no nothing this is the silent ship do you think the bell works the Bell doesn't work oh god he's like nine years old go left left okay wait tonight she has a question he ate the fact I ate all our bananas you guys have any extra 13 thank you bro oh you hear that you fatty is 13 bananas from this nice man right here ninja here comes ready wait I didn't mean to do that by this and it shot by gun I didn't me to do that I smacked my desk at the shop my god I'm sorry and you guys do that courage is a kid hey he said surprise you haven't I see you are gonna do the Athena yeah yeah we should go know different servers here I'm gonna give you guys all bananas I have weight they're sinking what why they thinking what why we're sinking oh you guys yeah we gotta save them save them fill them well the fuckers are boat sinking far boat we're leaving anyways we're saving America's youth church your tune we're molding us kid two more subs gimme gimme all right playing it through his mic right now you'll I walk the play the play are you sub to any of us did you go - I went you're super dude sitting down in a black shirt with so big god damn it you went the silver stream get back here [Music] alright Chris became have I leave right here he's not technically the water fall straight to that I'm insane bro oh my god - I would literally like was on the pixel at spawned on Ted you want to see a whale I see a whale oh wait I'm gonna get the captain's on this side watch the fucker back here what up there what up what the hell whoa I need you just put that shit so he can hit cannon shots that's perfect hit it hit it bring it to the middle through the middle ah sacrifice dude the sacrifice I will be remembered you drop the ship or sell if you're so good three grab the shaft yes we're coming up in the middle of a fight we're coming all over the middle of them dude they're together the right go to the right Galion oh my god are both sticking onto the water we're taking outside of water any help down there it's on the second level some signal live Marcel you there no I'm on their boat I need a skirt bro hey somebody's got to repair Marcel siren what is going on someone is everyone okay Marcel's gotta breathe underwater I can't tell what's content Marcel you're scaring me man yeah he's a role player forgive him yeah he's a youtuber slummin yeah I guess like a different breed different breed I am preparing for battle I know cannons oh I figured it out it's gonna be right here I fuckin in my life it's not rare it should be right here oh my god dude I'm gonna freak out I got my chest I got one thank you God yummy hi I don't think we're close enough yet oh is it this island huh I was gonna shoot you in a rock yeah do that sleeps coming back to your brothers we're gonna push the sandwich right now hurry up Tim almost got it that fast sloop spotted the southeast opposite side of the island if I turn around on one of these guys has a fucking explosive for Harold oh my god dude oh my god dude sloop slowly but surely getting closer oh they're real close real close literally this entire stream has led to this moment aren't the boats it up for this who's this - please tell me slope is coming in to the other side they're about the pinch we need all hands on deck we need all hands on deck bring the bell ring the bell we're about to get sandwich boys this is where legends are made okay okay okay okay they're opening fire they're opening fire clothes clothes left on us oh my fucking ghost ship auto ship or ghost ship and a man and two ships Mary idea idea idea idea idea energy where is it worse than out pole occurrence take the chest jumps off at the outpost hurt the bitch my god all right give me one give me one in this in this ham is Henry ax we need an outpost I got the Athena this is it boys get ready you ready fucking hours let's fucking go boys let's go boys launching the militant they're watching yes I see Emmys in the tavern he's in the brush right in or go get back your backs let's get back to the shed oh my god get shit on kid get shit on me dude hot when did we start playing see thieves today we're so 9 hours ago oh it's been 9 hours of C apiece no I that's not even through I've played for six hours before with the moment [Music]