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this is your moment you're born into this you breathe [Music] [Applause] % wanna see what the skin looks like doing this what was that sound is that a leaky tire that I hear right now yeah we have coach JD in the natural walls falling debris what am i listening to the a K is the worst kind ever I started throwing the a K off the map not even vinegar I walked I walked into Memphis Road offered time I get it okay no copper timkuli I got a chat guy pull him down there see you jack oh yeah he's gone for four years get good where's me where's me what are you eating Jack tell me describe it Smith it is a mouth Jack it is uh roasted roasted tomato salsa corn cloak with a speed at its dude help us on the way drop down this right here hold on I'm getting on it I help this is your moment you were born into this you've read it I got your help I got your help yeah get closer on the mic Tim on the mic and he hit you oh no no no no once life's cloak see not on my watch this is interesting Oh homey gives one one bump and pulls of snug like that oh how mad oh how mad oh how mad I got my cows here we go folksy 1vs1 bill battle going on up [Laughter] building one one hostile at least I'm sending grenades inside there's a lot of people believe that's 110 oh that's a knock that kid did not react at all he's two guys Oh [Music] up there and you're just gonna one two three you know everyone land on the ball the drumline we kill I'm landing literally right in front period oh my god [Laughter] my god he destroyed my god I gots I did the fish get wet yeah ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the fortnight World Cup grand finals here in these old out Barclays Center dr. Lupo - one versus five I he died oh my god [Music] Wow that's hard to explain but there's a gap there you see that is that cloaker error is that yeah that's oh he'll be Jackie okay jack I'll catch you at twitchcon bro Tim would fold Jack that's where one of my longest most supportive subs okay guys now wrong not wrong chef nobody barflies they've been healing the streets that I grew up on see what I had to do I wouldn't even need a fight yet I just throw a freaking a value meal at you and you scramble to the floor okay always got to bring in the food dude you know listen I love food Tunica sex we'll both fat and it's true ridin you totally could just throw up yeah cool store eat it what the hell was that we'll never know now wait who was that oh no I don't sell it sound like he was talking through a nextel walkie-talkie friend it's not like the first microphone like [Music] [Applause] so here comes ginger coming back from the shocker - did joke's on him I'm about to deafen so I can read subs in your face Tyler oh god I'm Randy 25 all right poke it into the wall you build more build one more use it by that Tim no switch with that with that on well Tim you kill everyone but the conga line there's one gasps the fingers you have to keep the conga long live what is the ending of this game right now okay Tim Tim you get your grenade launcher ready as soon as the other guys join you did [Music] [Laughter] that's it [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] they're all battle pass people so they don't have like yeah get him get him on a campfire box them all up and drop the Nate's is I'm fitting that right now I'm tweeting it right now Tim is have mana stock jumped into it he went to complete of the big shield on yeah there's just use on the outside yes this is actually disgusting looking so this looks like a this looks like a thing straight out of saw bro look at that's that's titled timet at man's getting banned 100% timet at men's getting banned for this 100% my last fortnight car star star not clickbait star star star suave rolling up [Music]