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yeah I can what's up tough day at work dude man Tim Tim Tim thank you for your prayers man it's a tough day yeah I'm broke I don't know how you're getting by do you need me help a check what's happening Tim made shots behind me just asked me want to rip my rip is the jewel I'm with him I hope he puts it in his in the fly of his zipper and lets me rip it from there what Marcel Marcel Marcel Marcel Marcel Morse what is was that sound one of us was that sound something yeah howdy partner where's your fellow skin oh my bad yeah my bad sorry where is the skin where is this skin now you're doing there Kim a Batman bird going downhill in here to the farm got my Fox on my back gonna do some skeet shooting I got a great batch of moonshine by the way in the fridge after this maybe have some drinks talk about life y'all just gonna come on out here and milk these cows now you hear JD Moe sorry my nipples what J can I live beside know how all of the street about lacrosse okay brother the horse you save in the barn I'm gonna go ahead and harvest this here field because the corn starting to get a little out of shape I think we got our hey Oliver you under go check it out ever since we got rid of that enemy farm the NRT acres oh dear God I got one person melee in me Oh Oh Ross here I got my gun it's a bit Oh my rifle and the horses are rebelling it is very sad oh no not the horror horror hammer belt give the horse it get please go I got a purple shotgun I call this one Winchester I have shot the enemy here browning Browning's underneath me oh there goes browning today is saying that I don't need to do an accent because I'm from Alabama hey the world you know you're from everywhere you know that's true don't you take this from me brother this is Ben's nut this is Ben Schmitt ignite this is Nebraska's big night and fortnight I got 85 people shoot me first real hard Oh God okay way thank you guys appreciate that I'm effing lying don't ever do that again I'm going numb cuz I want to eat food all right oh Jesus Christ I got a sweat on me boys super sweat on me super sweat on me Jack just shooter I'm holding this wall I have two builds left super sweat on me too right above me right about me this whole team's on me dude they're all galaxies naw Goff's it's like Jesus guys put your mom's Kindle away and go to your swimming lesson so you learn how to swim without having on floaties dude so tomorrow I'm playing an extra mr. beast airsoft battle royale thing give me Gibby's your tips what should I lose some weight [Laughter] god damn that was heartless dude bitch God there's only one way to kill someone like this you didn't bait him into your grenade watch amazing step I have the entirety of the mob in my chat right now nice yeah I'm like literally put celery and enchanted I'm literally considering a toaster now yo I haven't checked in a while is avalanche still unverified is the Sun still hot and I feel bad oh yeah that is true at Avalanche is verified on Twitter cuz it's a hockey team you know who could it be me not him my bad so yeah avalanche is verified Congrats a village maybe you can ask them to give you that account yeah just say hey could I have that please I'm a big streamer on Twitch [Music] that's just not even right crank those nineties tim crank those nineties nice bed kids got high ground another one out here by us oh that's nasty like that okay we get my stream title change to wiping squads please yeah wiping squads um pretty as fast again I'm here papi I'm sure you feel real safe tim is in the thick of things knocks what above you guys Jordan knock the guy down next to you knock Tim - yeah - more pushing from that other side Kobe no Tim chug-chug right here [Laughter] nakta wanna toss jack must be nice I missed I missed again Tim I'm pushing this dude I think yeah push Nick is dead wait come on Ben yeah they're all better brother Ben got him let's go boys oh you're down jump down by the river Tim Tim Tim cannibal attention in away the Tim give it to him give what they want chill for a second that I'm going back at it this is the same voice what not squat - nah three dead I'm their dad I'm being shot at right now from Oh back here I'm gonna land and then side flips I'm literally my own papa I got a cannon right here do it set in it Jack's gonna come out not when you redeploy you'll find a way I believe enemies meenie minee oh my god wait Ben Ben you have a heavy sideburns yeah you want to keep y'all shoot that bottom wall three two wait he's moving now let's go baby 35 bomb betting bet that ain't mad at all right down here Tim in this box and this box you're me Tommy Boy City no please Oh nicely done thank you settle one takes down my partner damn it we are you bowing on your second screen right now no no no I was this morning I'm now ready oh but Timmy said to me this morning that you weren't I wasn't even technically wow I know I was riding Steve you were riding on Ben's editor yes ha god I'm get it guys topic Oh cause he's talking about his editor go all right hold on I'm joking first give me Tim wait Tim wait Tim wait Tim wait Tim wait Tim wait a minute wait a minute sign they decided wait Tim wait Tim wait then wait and go with what does it go for the full elimination I said yet even though we've gained fifty shield try to get the high ground right now wince the shotgun shot oh my goodness goes to the quick scope there hello goodbye Travis now what Oh for the nose Luke bowed knocks another can he go for these full kills it looks like he will have a good cue Timmy dropping down low trying to find Jessie Cassandra looking for the res will Lupo find the elimination Oh with the snow day tomorrow kid that means you're a lot of plate nice and late and everybody go Lupo with the final one for eliminations for Lupo tying his kill record yo oh it's they gonna fire I'd get to the trap like [Music] I wonder if Sam just like a honey's being himself again you told us a story one time where Alexis had friends over and like it like you were about your finish upstream you just scream and she had to explain it wasn't even friends it was like someone coming to do something at the house oh yeah Herbert's there we go there we go on that right there right there do you really think you really think I would ship these the best play here Jesus all right jack now people are gonna go shifty and they're gonna get jebaited won't be there I know it does my plan well XD long XD long XD long [Music] we're actually shifty all the sweeps divers out there get bamboozled fools are probably like Paradise Palms and sunny steps one of them definitely named Jared ecology guys I'm back hi jack do we got a team fighting us the dudes up there Jack waited Jack's use the rift that Tim points for next year yeah I'm confused I love you put that down so I get back into the fight no I put it down there so we can all build Tim build building is in this video game you idiot there's a fish above me I don't know where he went I'm on the fish fish is dead thank you that was the squad more more this way [Music] sweats above me sweats ABAB ones right next to me once head on it 110 I'm getting beaten by the teammate watch this [Music] jump in stock yep yep [Music] [Applause] [Laughter] [Music] Wow we're out here farming farming jobs getting water real quick in theory Shack yeah I just do this this may give me killed guys get ready to resume I'm excited okay okay what Tim's forgetting is he doesn't have the way Wow dang it Oh bring me higher a bit Lupo actually be a math to do that right yeah all right let's see this guy's 200 can we get charge IQs of the chat okay so we might be marking the bush oh yeah it's a bush I can't aim any lower okay here we go nope all right gun wait you guys have redeploy or something get offed I'm gonna blow this thing up I do yeah I did Jordans ah okay Oh sick wait but it didn't reload well cuz you're not high enough you need the reason why you need those vents is cuz there's a reload time so we just took his choking the kids choking Tim's got this oh my god oh yeah dudes I mean that it's gonna be a tough ones boys there's so many things going off in my ears hi Billy [Music]