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you know early today uh yeah I got something going on sighs I won't be able to be all this late I thought it was cuz ninja was offline this morning so you just hopped in just parked in view farm oh yeah exactly Tim Farber Jack here jack Tim where are you going for your little vacation that's cool man that's cool what are you doing what are you doing for the years Jack I think I'm gonna I've really got to painting as of late so I think I have like one of those like nude art things I'm going to wait are you gonna be nude or are they gonna be nude yeah yeah yeah you just you didn't answer the question you just said yeah three times so paint nude yeah so I'm nude for it they want like hot there we go ready buddy Beach everybody's coming up wha hospita don't let this happen to me doing ever they can bro I guess don't bite I'm sorry man I bet that kid just walks into just puppy orphanage and just keeps them around Wow you know I feel like being an OG right now chat I'm og og og right now to emphasize how og I am in real life in my webcam you're dabbing know what I'm og - yeah dude PJ be og with us dude what I got to do right now bro just be no no you're not be an OG with the Black Knight oh I didn't know that you're probably still playing pub G then I didn't know if you played club G I just fucked out it's a funny little insult that would get like a little bit of a laugh words her Jack it's okay I'm over it yo PJ look at this what's up you got yo stick out it's thank you how much you weigh right now check Oh God probably 1 165 I think wow 6th grade 10th one lagged walk I think like to probably 215 that's a con 250 enough that really is yah I went I went in to check my like body fat percentage he literally said it was 2% I think that's the least truthful thing I've ever said is 2% body fat bad no that's incredible you know I was earlier where I was streaming obviously and you Streep oh wait let me tune in I think I saw it earlier but I oh I'll never say notice it's getting a free look at your face let me know when you're looking I'm looking Oh add the dust right so I'm wearing this adidas sweater that's fire a guy goes in my chat and goes adidas dot dot really not and I realized that that everyone gets offended by everything yeah but uh someone just by wearing a sweater dude I mean you're a height beast now look at that what language is that right writing in hello the adidas numbers below the adidas are you saying this like this the other letters below that what leg is it that says okay perfect are you sure it doesn't say use a supportive creator code to the tab man it's a versatile language it depends on the tense of the sentence I think it's master contacts yeah oh my god PJ you you versus the guy she tells you not to worry about the little brother little brother yeah let your little brother Timmy play with you today haha all right let me show you these at its chat wash ready to see this first Tim I'm not even gonna be looking at my screen are you ready watch wait wait wait I need my wait I need this SiC attitude that's a new thing are you doing the scrollwheel no tilted I don't know what I just lying shut up jack fight me dude you got seals dad I've lost my monster I can't see I can't take the bus cover means him cover me I think we're good stuff him here too many stuff Italian you asked missing once or twice a week are you Greek I can't remember I'm Irish and Italian I either sneeze I just sneeze with my eyes open my eyes open you're gonna die I just broke the physics of the world I could message see Brendon Urie wants to play he's streaming dude real casual oh my god I'm sick evil ready man Tim like is it Brendon Brendon Urie Brendon Urie you know that monster yeah hey what so don't revive him monster okay don't suck but he watches like us make plays he just freaks out it's hysterical like he's gonna think you're a god that's really saying something Tim Jack I'm better than your old ass Jack I didn't realize you're like streaming pretty regularly right now it looks like yeah man I'm loving it it's cool man kinda got an ego with all this stuff so we're coming from you Jack weird and follower of Christ Tim please stop home you're not allowed to come to me like this all right as a fellow dick hey man that is true I think people that look like Brendan are a personal attack on you the job courage when we're in there in Jackson move to see buckskin got to I'm crawling in getting your mouth you're teaming up a Senate first I won I need to get rid of that guy you could call us out of the way Fanny Robins racking up some of the clips in the last time we played it like you just freaked you free get out of that one double snipe I hit was so funny Oh Mike now we go to the balloons he already thinks he's made was gonna do even better this time notification oh man we're out to ruin someone's day in this boys absolutely oh it's chaos no we just we just fried everybody he's literally playing on a Kindle if I died to him I'm giving away my channel I'm gonna I'm gonna crawl I'm gonna crawl and wait will this be fine it's it's all the hating for two right Yes No maybe he'll make it make it make it okay get my math going in my head here way come on relax deep rest calculate them I think I think I'm good hold me see y'all in Baja I love it I'm Way out here Mahal way out here Reverend wrecking ball Hall I've been here a minute let's go is a victory Royale it's efficient it's efficient you're singing so good what holy Frick serenade me bro bajie brother I can sing too - no you can't stop it you raise me up so I can stand on mountains thank you I did more inside inside inside he's throwing a to me building some of my chat just said it wait this is this exact same squad from yesterday except we replaced ninja with Brennan with Brendan I think we have the same I think it's about the same skill level lobby that we have right now I know what Brendan gets focused he could drop the same atom numbers as Tyler Howard that you would hear that saggy flaps 68 I'm gonna have an angle one second one second way I got a bolt-action sniper here we go someone's landing right next to me dodge it I'm dip dive under you wait off to our left front guess I'm insane with the sniper bro you know I wouldn't the heartbeat if I knew who is panic Rendon he actually won a giveaway to play a game with us Tim hosted a giveaway page you can choose just by entering now see and he retweeted and luckily I've drawn so congrats to him time sometimes you get lucky chat you know somewhere is somewhere [Music]