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the three amigos name a better trio alway yep this full squad just started doing the same you moan around me oh yeah let's see if there's proof your boy oh my god they're all chasing me I won't report you all of you oh my god make a phone call here what am i watching where we going I'm down I mean uh what do you want I'm down let's go let's do it I'll see that I'll see that squad insulted oh they're gonna be there how good with chicken parmigiana be right now oh my god no I can't keep you fat 9 chicken parm guy what waiter chicken pasta dishes the chicken parm bro name one chicken marsala way up there okay there's a chicken with like peas and and imprisonment it's so good I can't it was cooking process well the lemon is it's got the lemon it's got like he's gonna be there so well chicken piccata but that's lemon chicken piccata and look she forgot it and that's what I'm thinking out there you guys probably never had chicken riggies right homey you just made that up how badly do you need help right now like a shell 1 to 10 I'm so sad you guys don't know what a chicken Rigi is oh you are you controlling I'm not and I'm dead okay so what is it yeah it's like a spicy tomato no it's like spicy tomato chicken pasta with there's like a lot of peppers in it check every chat i'm lookin release is thatis on top of off say no more four ninety say no more part - glad we use all this stuff feet up here I think it's vodka sauce and like peppers and chicken and pasta it's nuts bro well like I said I get screaming you're second student PC that you didn't tell them in the ad so I'll be there scream PC once again yeah like everyone's talking about Utica greens as well that's another like big New York thing but if you don't really like green stuff that you wait I like chicken rigatoni I know Jesus no it's it's not it's different you guys have confused my thoughts I have those dishes you did chicken parms at the top of the list is lit I think chicken parm is I'm not listening huh okay chicken sauce is delicious chicken marsala solutions not a big mushroom guy so tree marsala falls on the right they're probably a communist - huh did you have time I love that chicken caprese though chicken caprese plaintiff oh is this the voice sure it's the boys it's them it's them oh dear God hit one 386 its the stream cyphers I just hit so many of them bro one my god oh did that glitch Tim anyway have to be earlier Tim I got them all for death I don't know how to middle weight were you in it were you in the game with me earlier where it happened to me which cipher was with me I do not land it in the glider on the plane next thing you know I'm just sitting there looking at him he's like wait people like we were like wait I gotta make it for you I gotta make you for you though try to emo bro that is which seats I switch seats hoping that would fix it but it didn't hear too good I got a poor drift that guys still slice people up over there we go kill him pop and I had him dead which direction it well I think he's gonna be over here right he's still using the sword all the way at there still think we can always get a plane to over here Paul all the planes are over here white pizza does that have to do and goes on a treadmill for 10 minutes you know it's up there it's up there right is it isn't the blue blue beacon the sword no Jack marked it no I'm almost positive sword figure riot forget it jack so I'll shoot you off if I can write up oh oh how is that floating right there it'll explain you see that this I don't know oh you picked it up are they boys I think it broke my hand I think I broke my hand on my desk did you slam it yeah bro cuz I pop pompton 156 varieties he picked it up oh yeah we got a plane how's your hand it hurts and may be broken those you have small weak fragile hands or I have a very hard slam you know you choose right the gorilla beats to bear listen brah I got hit by a Ford f-150 her I did I can take a punch from anything earthquake on the wing throw this place durable where's the map gotta be salty Fox not getting him ah she'll go down bro let's get it we're getting that we're getting it I'm going with you we need shields you guys sorry I left there's multiple there someone breaking something - I'm risking it all boys in big bloom you know who's gonna land it's got laying on you guys Landing us yeah he's in the skies land are you one of us plane above us I blew and blew and the big blue still any mini summer no okay we got some one question we got some fishing I gotta go Launchpad dude right to our right and the broken broken Nick you're going right on them copy hit him right up here Tim he's one shot absolute there's a few up there thing you another one - yeah I'm both nice job bro I think there's a bot on me jack okay I hear walking yeah yeah building up on me right now I'm looking at only one hello yes we can go get Nick no we're all going to help all right where are you now if I can get up there with this thing the other 1000 this band is up here doctorate boy yeah sure it's not you got a lunch over here what yes we're all there all the zip line right here the West oh yes oh my god there's two am already going I'm going for a clip I'll see you boys in the front page wait wait it was not cliff worthy though and didn't work swine wipe and they were but they were BOTS too yeah yeah you know they're probably not the best at four of them are ziplining in tandem like that doesn't grow I landed behind the guy though off the are you sick good game off the off the glider and I couldn't take my gun out that was what I was going for we will take any squad wipe in this channel okay guys fun game bro seven plays baby that was 31 kills between the three of us that is that YouTube content 36 of 200 damage dubbed by being my feet [Music]