TJ Dillashaw talks Tony Ferguson vs Justin Gaethje


Chael Sonnen


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I'm in New York I have made weight I'm going to be facing the dragon that is on I'm doing my press I'm sitting at the press conference and the way that this works quite frankly because everybody that's up here sucks at doing media and I'm not trying to be a dick about it but they're so bad about it the Bellator couldn't even schedule a normal press conference they now go to what they call a press day the way a press day works we show up to what we think is a press conference instead there's a bunch of chairs set out scattered throughout the room and everybody who was invited to be part of this which I would I would believe would be the main card fighters then have a little name tag and they go sit in their seat the press gets turned loose and you see who comes up and talks to them okay fine actually it's nothing to do with my story other than one I'm sitting there I look across the room and who do I see my buddy TJ Dillashaw I said TJ I'm cutting weight I got a level of misery I'm stressed out about my fight and I got a podcast to do could you come bail me out he said man I'll be there what time you need me I said how about right now so TJ Dillashaw welcome welcome and thank you very surprised you're doing this on weigh-in day way awesome I'm on the grind man I got a commitment I got an audience I got an obligation and you know what see if I can tell you I've been at this 4 and a half years I have never missed a day at work I was so sick last week I couldn't I missed my first day really I missed my first day and four and a half I love saying I've been doing this and then fill-in however long and I've never missed it I missed a day okay and I'm not gonna miss another one damn it's quite thanks quite an impressive man it's very quite impressive oh I must say I got to tell you as soon as I saw you I thought well what is TJ doing here so you must be cornering and so I asked around Archuleta yeah tough fight yeah very tough fight yeah he's got it he's got a good butt it's a good name it's a big fight but the guy's tailor-made for his style those Nova young guys they all fight the same on the feet he's very defensive and kind of a boring fighter he likes to put his hand out really block you coming in he only strikes coming forward and wants an aggressive guy and the way this fight is gonna go down as one's gonna use his angles get outside his left hand push him up against the cage take his back he always gives us back up I mean watch the Joe Warren fight that takedowns were easy and you just give us back up and be happy there and so why just one is just gonna grind him out I've got a call two of one's fights and I'm close I'm sure I'm off off the top but he's like 23 and 1 or something he has some crazy record so he's a former wrestler he's running around with you so I'm paying close attention to the guy he puts a pace I mean he's a competitor he comes in he's mean yeah and for quite frankly Dantas is very good I don't know how mean he is yeah Archuleta's mean I mean he's got bad intentions I respect him mm-hmm he's a the hardest worker I've ever worked really you know he's one of those guys that's I never say no guys at every practice and wouldn't you only see smart too he's got Sam calvini behind him Tony when he used to slow it down but he's one those guys that never has to he's in such good shape year round so they'll slow it down is that something that he has he yeah he'll I mean not at his workouts I gotta say I never I never got part of the slowdown he makes sure we show up fresh for his workouts but like I say if we're not recovering through the night he's listened to our heart rate to wake up in the morning and we're not as recover as we should be make sure you take a solo state champ you know and then make sure we lead back up to another a harsh recognition program you know cuz he uh he pushes us very hard sometimes our practices would be like three hours with him you know so Kevin Lee did a coach Cal workout and said it was the hardest thing he's ever done and I thought that was like expression and he goes no no this is the hardest thing I've ever done and I never went back yeah he said it was so hard that I I told myself I told myself that's bad that I'm gonna grind myself down he goes it was that difficult I just wanted it to be over yeah and I know what that's about I would try to coach Cal for a meaningful period of time and there was a couple of workouts where he could not come so he sent his daughter in his place no she was only 18 she was a gym little smog we did everything that she said because we were scared it would get back to him yeah I didn't know what would happen I only was with him on good day he was in a good mood I didn't know what would happen if you pissed him off so we did everything she said she wasn't easier TJ yeah Jimmy she and she follows them everything he's got laid out the guy is more knowledgeable than anyone I've ever met and Kevin Lee's right I've never had a harder workout in my entire life as well of all the years of competing then working out with Coach Cal but I've also never recovered as well and as my body's never felt like the way it's felt because of it - so by the way David Taylor oh yeah were you did you train alongside him did you get that I have trained go inside him so you heard about his knee yep and to beat the streets and he's out I got so new something happen you know what whenever there's a knee injury and you watch it and go I don't see what you did wrong there I don't see it twisting us it's always something really bad every time yes there's never an injury where you go it looks like there's nothing just put some ice on it never it's always an ACL and MCL yeah he did everything that's bad - it's a good one yeah he seemed to good spirits though he's staying in the gym and Sam's got him you know Sam trains him remotely so he's uh seemed like using good spirits it's like really hope for that's all you can hope for did you watch did you watch the final X did you watch by example Jaden Cox a bo nickel Oh in an even better series they won't get the credit the best heavyweight series I've ever seen it ready for that turn gable Stevens just finished its freshman year at Minnesota versus Grizz okay I mean this was heavyweights yeah well minutes these score points going up on the board mataji heart guts yeah stuff you only see with the lighter weights you exactly yes even when Bruce Baumgarten was making his run year to you do you know the name Bruce Punk oh yeah okay so yeah he never had that opponent it was just brutal just win anything particularly in America and so now the heavyweights you've got all this iron on iron and it made for something very special let's steer back to fighting pay-per-view was just last week and I'm gonna assume that you saw it let's talk Tony cowboy which man fight i I'm not one that goes home and watches fights in general unless I'm a game plan for someone or watching an opponent for one it even gave me kind of a little bit of anxiety I could suppose like take a work home with you make me think I'm getting around there anywhere you can watch our to fight so I'm not one that like watches as a fan and as of late I've been even more so that way I've kind of dude away from from watching it I saw some highlights um I heard about it but I didn't watch it okay yeah even without seeing the fight and I bring that up because it ended a little bit of controversy and only a little bit but Nia was still there yeah and here's the deal though Tony Ferguson was the world champ and it never lost yeah but he's no longer the world champion solve that real if you have you got a super rod dealing so as you look forward the big question comes what do you do with Tony now the obvious answer is you give him a title yeah but it's not quite that easy because one or two days before that fight took place they made the announcement it's gonna be Poirier versus could be we also can I mean we don't have to be you know Colombo to figure out that when Connor comes back he's only coming back for kabhi yeah so it ties could be but that's my point it just ties kabhi I mean they can't have Connor fight and if I this not for the title because it's got to be a pay-per-view there you go yeah yeah I mean it's it is just not gonna work car is not a journeyman anymore I don't believe yeah I I haven't spoke to him in a meaningful period of time but I do follow his career through the media I feel like I have a good pulse on on everybody quite frankly and you do yeah he's not coming back unless it's compete he's not coming back to fight Justin gaijin by example yeah okay so let me lay this man that for you then tell me if you if you think my deduction is right but going back to Tony Tony it's heartbreaking he's not getting the title shot he's just not he's just not even if he go ok I'm gonna sit around I'm gonna wait for Tony's been sitting around he had the knee injury and all these different things now you're gonna make him sit around until December this sport doesn't it just it moves too fast so I believe that Tony is going to fight if I'm right on that the question becomes who and again I think we can take Connor out as you and I just eliminate of course we can take could be banned Poirier out in the short term because we've just eliminated them mate Diaz is now apparently busy with Pettis so we can eliminate it but it does leave us with one great option Justin what do you think I good idea someone put her on social media and I already saw that was like in the talks I was a god well I love it I love that fight I mean gay Chi will always be an entertaining fight I mean he doesn't have the footwork or that I thought this isn't to be boring sure he's gonna stand there and he's got heavy hands he's gonna slug it out with you and hope for his chance and then Tony Ferguson is just to create a street psycho so yeah as a me I'd be an awesome fight have you ever been in the room with Tony no not really I mean I've obviously said hi to him and passed by Chad I've never really been I don't either been in a practice room I I have seen him he works hard yeah I guess I'll just leave it at that and Tony Ferguson worked hard but I mean he I've seen him get kicked out of the practice room he's in there so long and wore so many guys out when everybody quit and went to the showers there's no one let then he go over the heavy bag I mean it was a really remarkable thing of how hard he works I will tell you just for fun I won't get my way but I would like to see your facial reaction you want to know what make that fight even better if it was three rounds that changes everything it changes the conditioning it changes Tony's greatest weapon that intake that pace yeah it would be a more interesting fight to sit around and break down and dialogue about if it was three rounds it really would I think a five-round fight it would be kind of a no-brainer that I think it'd be Ferguson hmm I mean even watching gage he fight three round fights I mean he gets he gets tired you sure so yeah I mean I think I think that actually makes the most sense would be it for your own fight and it would it would change who you thought was gonna win say I'm with you if you do five I'm in I'm watching but I I know who's gonna win this yes you two at three rounds not so fast cowboy I know you said you didn't watch the fight but I'll tell you this and it may surprise you cowboy won the first round yeah and then the second round I'm quite sure that Tony wanted however there was two takedowns cowboy got a bowl cowboy took him down 20 now he couldn't hold him there but judges do care about that I mean it would have been interesting there it is quite possible the cowboy was up two rounds to none I don't think I think it was one to one okay but I've said that was a three-round fight who knows what would have happened and that's where some of the controversy came in that you missed you