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[Music] hi guys welcome back to my channel so real quick this is everything yeah I went ham at Ross TJ Maxx and Marshalls yeah J get some things from Marshalls so today we're gonna be doing a haul and it's kind of like a mod podge I have some things for Penelope's nursery which give this video a like if you would want me to do like a nursery tour once we have it all set up for her and everything yeah so I got some stuff for her room I have some fashion stuff I have some stationery stuff but let's just yeah I get going with this so first I guess what ahead and start with Marshalls I think about like the least amount of stuff here alright so the first thing I got is I found a Calvin Klein set of bra and chummy's so I'm hoping to do I don't know if I'm gonna do like an official maternity shoot with someone in these or if I'm just gonna have Jesse shoot me or something just cuz it's like it's broncho knees I don't know anyways I want to take some maternity pictures in Calvin Klein stuff and I found some nice ones so the bra set was 1999 the tag said $44 and it comes with a gray and pink I'm not a big fan of the pink especially this color like this pepto-bismol pink I know I'm having a girl but I just I really don't like this color for some reason so I got it for the gray and then I found some chonies for $14.99 for three of them and this tag said it was $33 originally but it came with a black agreed to match the bra and then a pink so I'll probably end up selling the pink set and maybe the black Tony's on Poshmark not sure yet but I got those next thing I picked up is a little something for Penelope's room I got this little crystal here and it says it's a zeolite which I've never heard of before but basically the tag says that this hand-selected zeolite is a gorgeous specimen that enhances healing and is extraordinarily helpful for absorbing and removing toxins it was $7.99 which i think is such a good price oh I'm filming in my living room right now and one of my dogs she likes to like roll on our couch and make those noises so that's what that is but $7.99 for a crystal is really good I am slowly building up my crystal collection and I want to put a lot of crystals all in Penelope's room I just want to put lots of good energy for her in there and I know I mentioned this a while ago but let me know in the comments if you guys want to see my crystal collection and a little bit about the crystals that I have you can just kind of say hey I want to see your crystal collection but anyways yeah I've been building up a collection for Penelope's room as well so I got that and then I got one more thing at Marshall's and it is just this Puma t-shirt I picked it up in the men's section let's see the tag said it was $28 originally and I got it for $12.99 that's a little trick guys head up the men's section in TJ Maxx and Marshalls for t-shirts I don't know I just I really like stuff like this it's comfy and I really liked the stripe down the side I don't know I just I think this will be so comfy with a pair of leggings and some tennis shoes and I'm like slowly kind of getting into Puma a little bit so yeah that's what we got from Marshalls what's going to TJ Maxx now the first thing I picked up is a 2019 planner I've always been somebody who I love stationary stuff I love planners I did use one when I was in school but since being an adult and adult I don't know I just I have not gotten into using planners and I want to it's just a raid I know it was $12.99 which i think is such a good price and what I liked about this what are you doing she is like rubbing herself on the couch anyways I thought this was so cute and what I really liked was that it had tabs but that the Tavor like inside the actual like binding if that makes any sense and I really just liked the layout you get like a full calendar you have like a little to-do list here and then it breaks it down by specific days and everything like that I don't know I just I really like this I really wanted by using a planner and I don't know totally in that typical like 2019 let's go get it and get organized you know what I mean I just I've been really feeling that so yeah I picked this up next thing I got is another thing for Penelope's room and it is this Himalayan salt lamp but it's a great one which I thought was so nice so for her room I want to do kind of Grey's beiges White's neutrals and then add in like some kind of softer pinks like I said I don't like the pepto-bismol pink or like the super highlighted pink but I like kind of soft Mavi Pink's but anyways this was $9.99 and I hadn't seen a gray one which I thought was cool so I figured this would be nice to put in there as Pretty Little Night Lights then I have my hair I picked up some socks and these were $5.99 for Ella tea we got one two three four five six seven eight nine ten pairs of socks which is really nice they're from Vince Camuto and I'll show you guys so I've been picking up a couple new pairs of tennis shoes and I kind of want to start matching my socks to my tennis shoes I don't know I just love that kind of matching matchy look so these are kind of the colors I like to wear Gray's this is the color pink kind of that I want to do in Penny's room but then we got some blacks and whites and I've just been meeting these socks also so I got those okay guys I did find something last night I've already filmed the video but I found this last night and I figured I'd show you I'm gonna show no bill you never like to be in the videos say hi everybody [Music] but ojos naty's and this Marc Jacobs divine decadence Oh everybody else wants to see too it was on clearance for $40 and this size is $100 I love my ladybug one and then I've had Daisy before which I line oh dang oh she's a little tassel who's so nice I hope I like this smell that's the bottle let's see it actually smells pretty good so I just looked up the notes and it says the top is champagne extract orange blossom and Bergamo and then like the mid is like gardenia and honeysuckle and the base is vanilla and amber and saffron I definitely smell like the woodsy amber would not go for it so anyways I got this and I think that was all from TJ Maxx now let's go ahead and get into Ross first thing I found are these pair of Adidas Pro fair shoes oh I just think I know like some of you apart like those are the ugliest frickin things I've ever seen in my life but if you guys have been around my channel or if you know me in person like I love big ugly tennis shoes I used to be obsessed with the Nike Karachi's which these are kind of like adidas version and I just love these I can wear them to the gym I can also kind of wear them as it like street style with some leggings and a t-shirt you know what I mean I don't know I just really like these I love the color like kind of that peachy pink and these guys are normally the tag doesn't stay the price I think these are normally like a hundred and twenty dollars or something like that and I got these four I got him for forty four ninety five I don't know where the tag went where'd the Rost head go yeah I got him for $44.99 guys which is a freakin steal I got a size eight and a half which now that I've been pregnant I used to be an A and now I'm kind of more of an eight and a half but I feel like these runs just a little big I wish they had an eight and I went to a couple different Ross's but I couldn't find an eight so like I'll just wear a couple extra pairs of socks or something but yeah I'm so excited about these next thing I picked up is a coffee mug and it's just this really pretty like marble grey and it says hope on it I paid 399 and I love big coffee mugs like this like I like if I'm gonna make coffee or drink coffee like a lot but I really just like the word hope and this looks kind of like great done but it's actually not I don't think I don't think it is but anyways hope has just been something that really means a lot to me if you guys have been around my channel for a while and you know kind of Jesse and ice fertility struggles and you know miscarriage struggles and everything like that we did have three miscarriages and it did kind of get to a point where it was really hard to have hope you know especially because once you have three you're labeled with recurring miscarriages and they say after like each miscarriage you're less and less likely to have a successful pregnancy and so I don't know I just since being pregnant this pregnancy has been awesome everything's been going good so far I don't know I just I really like the word hope like you have to always have hope and you can apply that to anything in life like my mom always told me which I think my doctor told her but I guess he told her when she was going to time he told her something like where there's life there's hope and it's so true guys like if you have your life it doesn't matter what you're going through how bad things seem like if you're alive there's hope there's there's a promise for tomorrow tomorrow's a new day there's always hope you can always hope for something you know what I mean so that's why I like that next thing I picked up is a pair of Calvin Klein slides so you said they were a size 10 they're definitely not a size 10 I feel like they're maybe like an eight and a half maybe a nine again these are just a little bit big for me but this was the only size they had they were only $14.99 and I just think these are so cute spring is around the corner and I've wanted like a nice pair of new black neutral slides so I was super excited to find those next I picked up some things for Penelope's room the first thing I got Aarthi is a blackout oh no they're kind of ripped right here I didn't even see that Wow he probably won't even be able to tell but I got these blackout energy-saving noise-reducing curtains it was $29.99 for I think there's four of them in here which is nice she has a window in her room which right now has kind of like see-through white panels but I wanted something that'll block out this sign that way you know when she starts sleeping in her crib she's not gonna wake up from the Sun and they're energy saving too which is nice it'll keep her room nice and cool and this is kind of that pink that I like so this is kind of the color pink that I want to mix into her nursery so I thought it was perfect it is kind of hard to find like pretty energy-saving curtains so that's why I was excited about those so I picked up this is actually technically a shower curtain and okay so we used to have like cheap cheesy sliding doors for all of our closets and I hate those and they're just like it's hard to find things like especially if you have something in the middle you can either slide one side or the other anyways we took the doors off and our plan is to put tension rods and put curtains and have like the closet doors the curtains which I think looks prettier anyways I think it really like dresses up a room we kind of already have that in our bedroom right now and I love it but this is kind of a new idea I saw it was actually in the curtain section so that's what gave me the idea but I want to go ahead and instead of do like two curtains just put a shower curtain so that way I can slide it side to side to get in her closet and I just thought this was really pretty it's like a linen and I love the tassels I kind of want to mix in some like natural looking things like this and it was only $12.99 so I liked that and the last thing I got from Ross is a ginormous rub it's furry and soft it's huge guys I'm sort of clip right now of how big it is you can see it if you see in the clip her room is a disaster it's like not even close to being put together so don't judge the room yet it's gonna look pretty hopefully by the time she gets here I promise and this was so cheap guys this was 39.99 which for this size of a faux fur rug is such a good deal so I was so torn I picked up it's kind of like a beige a white color with grey on the tips I was so torn because they have this color they had just like a solid flat light gray which looked I don't know let me see I can't even find it was kind of like a cooler just almost kind of looked cheesy gray and there was no kind of like naturalness this kind of looks natural know what I mean because it's like that ohm braid so yeah you had that grant and then they had a really pretty like dark Mavi purpley pink which I put up next to the curtain and they did look so nice together but I was like oh I really didn't want a lot of pink in her room as much as I can fight it so that's why I got this one but yeah they had other colors I think they have white too which I cannot with my dogs like white will not work but yeah I thought I thought this was cool too cuz it'll like you won't be able to see the dog ears as easily and this will be good too for taking pictures of her I can like lay her on it and this is a great backdrop so that is everything I picked up from my little shopping spree if you've gotten to the end of this video and are not yet a part of my family you have to hit that subscribe button I would love for you to become a part of my YouTube family and if you're gonna Abid youtube watch her like if you use YouTube for like usual entertainment hit that Bell button too that way you're notified every time I post a video and yeah guys hope you're having a wonderful day or night or in the morning whatever time it is that you're watching this you know feel you know that lady from gosh she's in so many movies I don't even know the actresses name she's in Legally Blonde she's like the friend Elle Woods Reese Witherspoon's friend and like in the second movie she's like you look like the 4th of July makes me want to hopped up real bad you look like the 4th of July makes me what a hot dog real bad but anyways any time I do that I just feel like her [Music]