TODAY IS THE DAY Motivational Workout Speech 2019




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you ask yourself why many instead ask yourself now what am I going to do about it what are you going to do about ask yourself that question and then figure it out figure out what you're going to do say to yourself I am going to detach I am going to assess the situation I am going to come up with a plan and I am going to execute and then start moving Thanks it's not going to be a perfect plan but to take action action that moves you in a positive direction and if it ends up being the wrong direction that's fine at least you've learned where not to go now where this gets tough is if it is something that seems like it's completely out of your control and you know what some things are completely out of your control and that's fine and when that happens we ask yourself what can I control what can't I control that will make this situation better and then you go don't get crushed by things going on ask yourself what am I going to do and then go do it keep your dreams phenomenal keep your vision phenomenal keep it phenomenal and now I need you to get your weight up as an individual I need you to get your schedule I need you to get your life up I didn't get your words up I need you to Big Show Auto I need you get your action up I need you to get to a place that every single thing that you see is phenomenal so that the life you want to live you can actually live that life but some of you are holding on some real good memories no longer parent minutes you have a gift you need to find out what it is you pick and stuff that other people think trying to do what other people talking you have to be careful when you hang around average people all they're gonna do is tell you what they can't do and that's okay that they can't do it but that has absolutely nothing you guys we can go from being homeless and high school dropouts writing books and becoming the voice of a generation greatness is upon you you gotta keep going you gotta keep going you gotta keep going