TOEFL Practice Test The Reading Section 2019

Are you ready to take a complete TOEFL Reading test? No? Well, you are gonna have to to do it anyway. So right now we are going to start a 60-minute TOEFL Reading test that was designed by TST Prep to copy the exact structure of the TOEFL test. Now, you can also download the PDF version of this test in the link in the description below, and strongly recommend that because it includes an answer key with explanations to each one so you know why you got the question correct or incorrect. And it also includes a grading rubric. Hi, my name is Josh MacPherson, I am the head instructor at TST Prep where our mission is simple: to help you get your TOEFL score as quickly and easily as possible. And today, let´s get a pen and a piece of paper ready and start the TOEFL TOEFL Reading section. Ah, you are still here. So, congratulations! You stayed to the end, woohoo. Seriously though, congratulations! Sitting through a whole TOEFL video online is not easy, and it means you are a motivated student. And you are the exact type of student that keeps us motivated at TST Prep. So thank you. Thank you for watching, and if you appreciate high-quality videos like this one, please visit our website where you can find more TOEFL teachers, resources, and tests that are designed to help you get your score as quickly and easily as possible. So thanks again for watching guys. Until next time, take care, bye-bye.