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oh god you guys kill me alright Jack I'm coming pal those kids seem pretty body I'm not gonna lie Jack likes the gas himself up by saying that he has sweats on them so that when he kills donkey feels good okay guys sorry that I just need to get the point across to my teammates that I needed help I mr. talk are behind us I'm lucky in this crisis bursting me oh you feeling all right here bye Oh buddy look you will not I love you keep it up also Tim's hair light is in a cover three I guess it's a defensive position does that mean it means you play back unfortunately no one's gonna get it in the trash but yeah I was about to say isn't it we're sort of like quiet you guys weren't troubled gradually I'm playing music you like you're actually mu bar TIPNIS god you guys killed oh my god my god next him listen dude it was desperate time for me wow that timing bro alright I want to where you were I needed help wait directly underneath us right now crazy gggggg training for baseball season equip a small quilt time streaming out man pay attention actually Trevor and Idriss changing lives so you don't think my stream over and then I'm gonna go be a picture for the twins you know that's a joke okay Tim you're really toxic today I don't know if it's cuz you're like a little bit yeah I'm not there anymore for you to grab on to and hold late at night or what but it's got to change out look this guy goes at this point courage debut would be an upgrade over most of the twins bullpen signing season tickets oh wow that is tough dude get back up booth beaming me from here we go to the tab man let's see it York quake know what it did so April its 14th and 21st at Coachella is Dylan Zed and re also eyeing can you tell Alexis to have the baby at Coachella I saw the show I was like dude that show so awesome I definitely want to try and go saw the dates I'm like dude come on I think you me now it's like right around the time my son's gonna be born there's no possible imagine her giving birth at Coachella what what the clickbait if a man - sorry full plane plane Oh [Music] it's gone it's gone Wow okay I hope your career like you see see you hope you're here is dead capital T college a mindful pot the secular value TL on me after you drink my fault my parents from watching every stream on New Year's by the way so if it even if we can have it happen again my parents had a fun new year so I think that means we need to do it again to pop that we stream from inside the ball thought yeah I was thinking I was thinking I'm crazy where we all we shrink for every single New Year's because we the new year starts at 5:00 a.m. central way well Tim Tim does about 18 hours a week so he should be fine okay jack Jack can we did a sub count check if there's gonna be a new thing sub count Chuck for Jack this is where I'd rather be than with Jax hey chat let's get a hundred gifted sub say where's mo skills in this game Fox oh wow yeah good for you I'm gonna make that a video first time I ever got 10 kills I was true and it's Tim's editors in my chat like 10 Tim stay alive for more than just one fight so I can have some content hey true edits we got some openings you doesn't love better prizes you wanna come at it on my channel did you find it you can have Ryan I'm gonna hire your editor I'm gonna double that's toxic someone goes when Trevor called 195 after yesterday X sub Cal I assumed Trevor was answering the questions and not calling our location Tim we gotta clear this building there's so many people here I have a scope they are bro should start rushing straight to the top floor muon Ford Center with you I'm with you I'm with you oh wait we can get back in absolutely I literally thought you're gonna get every single one of those kills and I was about to be easy I was trying to be couldn't tell sir in the corn what secret ambush against him literally all I have from here there's an AR he was in the stone last I saw he's still in there Jackson and there's people coming down to the mountain behind dude [Music] and they're all landing direct on top of Tyler literally on top of him bro I have no shotgun ammo this is gonna be tough 61 killin one bunch of pot isn't that we Jack you were going into Hellfire kill one oh my god behind us at least to tag one 150 jump out jump out jump out everybody well we asked the kid to one country someone's got an angle on me up here they deserve to snipe me how to shoot at someone behind them by the bridge I'm gonna launch patched or something oh man for off a twenty mile by the way I can maybe get some help on let me get this at least oh sure alright tag one for 150 away doctor Marcel's that guy still on you huh zip on the other side two of them going get him jack get him Jack Jack he's duties complete one shot there you go that was heaven you're fine you're fine these guys just missed that much dude it's the absolute I won't shoot it beer don't know I don't want a bomb dude featuring man he actually died to the storm no don't do it don't do it every time he gets a graphic you know so much I love them so he just uses all ten charges and as I said yesterday I said again I hope your YouTube gets demonetized forever deeper deeper deeper deeper deeper oh my god this is not good I'm so dead oh no Tim just go Tim Tim they're shooting down just run Tim no pressure be I'm a disco ball above your head showing exactly the disco ball maybe we need that boogie bombed no it's still there so the balls on my head right now yes it's far on a Tim of you like a good three feet of bug light goes through like they see it right now about that for what not even a cat this is the worst coach you could ever have oh no they see all this they see I'm just gonna oh wait can you see it receipt of my life hey he trying to break through it Tim Wow that's toxic he emailed hurry knives Wow you're to say I need a feeling and then kill them I'm in bound up one or it killed one No hey back up you're going into the Rockets no way he just killed us both with rockets only two kills man that was your video listen to F a video bro it'll still be on there [Laughter] [Music]