Big Boy


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[Music] see he said set it up he's gonna set it up aren't they nate will be the main event [Music] never feel better than when you're in the gym guys oh yeah bundles today huh yeah bundles today bundles all right what you're going to hit 15. what yeah i think i could do like impress me today 25 25 25 all right let's see [Music] oh [ __ ] harder than i thought a little bit a little bit nope [Music] okay [Music] [Music] wow [Music] yes [Music] nice [Music] oh yeah got some strength [Music] hey [Music] hey [Music] they called nate out they called them out i don't know which one but we're going to find out right now remember this guy and then i'm like oh [ __ ] line means that the wall is fun to match you upside down let's do it [Music] we got the heck here [Music] [Music] [Music] girl [Music] my [Music] [Music] or you putting cooks in it that's good because it starts in the room you're like what [ __ ] yeah [Music] [Music] and like say you're trying to pull out we did this [Applause] all right cool we're gonna do a sprawl go ahead and scroll boom keep your legs out good take the back [Music] come to your hands and do this this is going to come up this points north as much north as you can [Applause] you want to squeeze the jugular right here so we're like this okay so look we're playing and you're bigger than me too and i crack you so you grab my [ __ ] house like like there you go like you take that so we end up here and then even how you're walking forward [Music] i got you my head and then i got you here i don't have to stand up to fight your big ass yeah and and i don't want to shoot on you can you begin if you stop and you're going to crush my [ __ ] when you hide it so it shows i gotta over and under whenever i whenever i people grab you when you land a punch right grab you so you end up here i'm going to step back and i'm going to snatch it if you started stand up and pick me up pull back and [ __ ] then i'm not like attacking neck and you're already going backwards you know what i'm saying once you get something right you don't have to shoot and take him down you just drag him down by the head [Music] [Music] oh [Music] all right what's up heavy hitters so we got a lifting session in with nate diaz and the no boys then we took it to the mats and uh mess around little jiu jitsu um it's funny they're going at it with each other they submitted one one of the guys submitted the other guy so it was funny it was a good video it was a it was a good time it was a good time so stoked to network get out of uh you know my my um what do you call it my industry which is working out tapping into you know mma jiu jitsu pranks all that stuff man so it's dope and it's dope to uh just network with different people man so i hope you guys enjoyed the videos it was a real good video i thought um it was fun it was different so um yeah appreciate everybody that tuning in to my channel um thank you for all the love and support and don't forget to like comment and subscribe and if you guys want the merch or the subscribe keep banging you