TREASURE 3분 트레저 ✍🏻 온라인 수업 편

[JUNG HWAN's DORM] Hello from TREASURE! Hello, this is SO JUNG HWAN. Today's 3-MINUTE TREASURE will be about me doing an online lecture. [Pro. SO JUNG HWAN gives an online lecture?] (Hold up) [He means his year 9 online class lesson!] [3-MINUTE TREASURE] [ONLINE CLASS LESSON] The floor upstairs is getting rennovation work done so it might be a little bit noisy. [How can we not with your pretty face] I ask for your understanding! [The first lesson of the day is?] [SOCIAL STUDIES] [He clearly looks thrilled to be studying] Wow, this is actually scary. (Study begins) (Hi from TREASURE) "Human rights is something every ***** is entitled to" Human! (Please listen to me teacher) Human! [Lead by example] Human! [Answer: Human] (Big pat on my back) I got the answer right. [DORM TABLE] Hello, this is JIHOON from TREASURE. Today, it's been a week since our JUNG HWAN started his school term, so I'm thinking of cutting up some fruits to cheer and support him. I'll start by cutting up this apple. [Cutting up the apple as best as he can] One thing i know for sure is that I'm pretty good at cutting this. (So proud) But seriously though. (Self close-up) You can tell that I'm good at this because you can see I've only peeled the outer part of the skin. This is suppose to be 3-MINUTE TREASURE, but it's taking me 5 minutes to cut one fruit. (He's not practicing his rap skills LOL) The right to practice dignity, value, happiness... [DIGNITY OF HUMANS] [VALUES AND HAPPINESS] [His unique way of remembering terms] (Done memorizing) Are you watching this mom? Watch out because I'm taking over your role. [JIHOON is done slicing up Korean melon, apples, and mango!] This is my decent looking fruit platter. (Took 30 minutes for the record) SO JUNG HWAN, here I come! [Meanwhile, someone is about to dive into the monitor] [KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK] Who's that? Mr. JUNG HWAN~ [Take a break with some snacks] -I cut this up myself -Woah what is this all? Where did all the seeds go in the melon? [Where did the seeds go?] [JUST THEN] Here's a question! Do you get rid of the inside seeds or not? I just get rid of them. What class are you listening to right now? Social studies! Hey, you know I'm a very social person right? Then help me out with this question. [Invites teacher JIHOON on the spot] Ok, look. You have to choose two answers right? Then what is the percentage? 50:50! Then, you're basically already half way through. The question is about basic rights to freedom right? The first one is the answer. And the third one. -The third one? -Yes Isn't number 4 the answer? "The answer is number 2 and 4" So...that is why the answer is number 2 and 4. LOL! [He's about to turn not so social anymore] [PROCESSING INTO A SOCIAL PERSON] [END OF LESSON] That was such a meaningful time. [JIHOON] This is the first time I ever cut fruit for another person. (First person to ever taste fruit cut by JIHOON) Well I'll cut fruits for you next time. -Um no I'm ok thanks. -No, no, I insist. [Just focus on studying] [JIHOON is just worried our MAKNAE will be tired] Student TREASURE MAKERS! I'm sure it's difficult for you guys to take online classes in the morning...but cheer up! You should finish off your studies JUNG HWAN, I have to go to pilates now. That's it from us today. One, two, three! -Bye! -Bye from TREASURE! [SEE YOU NEXT TIME♥] Oh, I'm so tired! (Meanwhile, finishing off the fruit) The mango is so good~! [THE END] [Cookie clips] [JIHOON trying to regain his confidence] (Studying hard) (A) is political rights. (B) is right of claim. So then the answer would be E. (This is the type of man I am) "A is political rights, B is right of claim..." The first round, I was just joking... This is my real knowledge. I knew the answer straight away! Yeah, I give you credit for that. [Took back his title as a social person]