Let's go Let's go Let's go Let's go Yes Let's go!! YE DAM!! Let's go WAYO! Hello everyone! We're the MAKNAE LINE, DOYOUNG, JEONG WOO, HARUTO, AND JUNG HWAN. [Celebrating their successful greeting] YE DAM is currently filming the M/V for WAYO. * 'WAYO' M/V is currently out * (Make sure you let the world know) Guys imagine how touched he would be if we bring him a surprise lunch box to cheer him up? Can any of you guys actually cook? [Proud Boy] Yes, I'm good at cooking! [What are you most confident in?] Cup noodles and rolled omelets. (Anything from you will be yummy RUTO) Should we decide on what to cook first? I think fried tofu rice balls would be good. [HARUTO recommends fried tofu rice balls] Let's see if they have the ingredients first. Oh, they have it! [Thankfully] [They have the ingredients] [Delicious just by the thought] We should eat it too while we make it. [That's the whole fun in making lunch boxes] [Shopping for fried tofu rice balls done] I think it will feel nice to receive a lunch box. It would feel like a picnic. [Meanwhile, YE DAM has no idea about the surprise] Hello, this is BANG YE DAM from TREASURE. Today I'm at the filming site for the M/V of WAYO. I'm in the middle of a road, and there's a tunnel over there too. [Jokes] We bought the whole land! [Don't buy, it's for the M/V] I wonder what the other members are doing. Really wish I can show them this. I should take a pic. [YE DAM makes sure to share it with the members] [SHARING EVERY MOMENT] I'll make sure to finish off the shooting well. Guys, so we bought the ingredients right? DOYOUNG, what are we making again? We are going to make Kimchi Fried Rice and Fried Tofu Rice Balls! So it's a KIMCHI FRIED TOFU RICE BALL! (revolutionary) We have trust in DOYOUNG, it's his very own. Today DOYOUNG is going to take over the cooking scene. Ok, so let's start cooking. I'm feeling more nervous than the final stage of 'Going Crazy'. What happens if I screw it up? (practicing his knife skills) [The pressure is real] Woah! [One cut, one cheer] Guys, I feel pressured if you do that. [Who's flipping eggs like a pro?] [JEONG WOO] [Everything must be on point] [JUNG HWAN's squid sausage reveals itself] [Fruit tastes best when stolen] [Shake Shake] [Put the rice in the middle] [Add salt] Do it like this! [Tasting salty is a must, cuteness is a triple must] [Playing with rice balls] [KIMCHI FRIED TOFU RICE BALLS complete] (Guys, it's just a taste not a MUKBANG) [YUMMMY] [We reveal how it tastes soon] Guys we finally finished making his lunch box! [Lunch box for YE DAM complete] We will now go to the filming site. [Let's go to the M/V filming site] Hello from TREASURE! [Kindergarten teacher's voice] What are we doing here guys? We are here to cheer up YE DAM! [SO LOUD] [Excitement explodes by the thought of cheering] Enough said guys let's go in and surprise him! [Let's go to surprise him!] We are now on our way to where he is, his waiting room. I bet he'll be happy. (I'm excited too) Our members are the best! 3 seconds before meeting him. [Shouting out from the bottom of their lungs] YE DAM!! WE'RE HERE!! [The touching moment where all members unite] [Camera goes way in out of excitement] [He feels so happy seeing the members] [We missed you YE DAM] I want to know what's inside that. Oh this...! [We prepared this just for you] The makenae's made it for you. [Full of excitement] [Lunch box just for you] We even stacked up 3 boxes for you! [Here comes un-boxing] Woah! [KIMCHI FRIED TOFU RICE BALLS] [Looking so tasty] It's a fusion dish! The visual and smell is great. Please do a close up of the food. [Lunch box insert scene by JAE HYUK] (Let's not tell him it's out of focus) (He has the food in his mouth for a long time) How is it? (What does this smile mean?) (Say no more, we can already tell) [Lost for words...] [The members can sense their failure] Someone put salt in here! [Salt...?] [This is what exactly happened...] Should we put something really spicy in it? [DOYOUNG suggested] [Crapshoot fried tofu rice balls] [They put in heaps of chili pepper to make it spicy] More! More! [Put in heaps of salt to make it super salty] [This is how the lucky draw rice ball came out] But the ones that you guys seriously made tastes good! Don't fool with us! [But it actually tastes good] Oh it's yummy! It's good hey? [2nd floor is about fruits!] [3rd floor is all about the dessert!] (The combination of snacks is out of this world) Can you score the taste of the Kimchi Fried Tofu Rice Balls first? (Desperate) Oh the main food first? This is a serious matter for DOYOUNG's pride. (No, no that's not it) It's the first time someone is eating what I cooked for them. But it feels really good. I don't think I can put a score on this food. You guys did this just for me. Ok, enough. Out of 5 points? -Why? What's the problem? -This is all 5 points. Full points. [Stop it!] You guys want to know the score too right? (Stop breaking the heart-touching moment) I like both Kimchi fried rice and fried tofu rice balls but I liked how they mixed them. and it was cute how they thought of the idea of putting heaps of salt and chilli in some of them. YE DAM, cheer up till the very last moment. Thank you. One, two, three! Cheer up YE DAM! -Did you practice your cooking? -Of course I did. (Shocked) I knew a couple of days ago we had to make something for him so I learned from my parents every night after work. (Respect) Here comes the footage guys! [He really did practice just for YE DAM]