[T-TALK] [Keyword is Chemistry] 1, 2, 3! - Hello! - Hello! [Awkward moment] Cheers! [Getting started with a cheer] [What should we do now?] Today's topic is... [Taking over] Today's topic is chemistry. Anything about that? [What is there?] Then let's see, [I'm gonna lead] we should talk about chemistry. From what you think, the chemistry we have... [Blinking] [JUNKYU is funny] There are 11 guys beside you. Who has the best chemistry with you? - Let's say that at the same time. - Okay. 1, 2, 3! MASHIHO! [Reading his look] JUNKYU! [Check out our great chemistry!] But what exactly? [Hmm...] Can you give an example? [Let's buy time drinking water I'm such a genius] What is there exactly? [Maybe I'm no genius...] - Let's find out with a test! - Test! Jajangmyeon or jjam... [Stuttering] Start! Jajangmyeon! What? [JUNKYU doesn't follow him] [My heart is spring watching them] My bad! I didn't understand. What is there? Ah! [Telling him to read his mind] I'm gonna get it right. Rice or instant food? 1, 2! Instant food! 1, 2! Rice! [This must be the end...] But you like instant food! No! I only eat healthy food! Let's do this again. Alligator or... ...hippo? What's that? Hippo! Hippo? [The animal looks like this] Ah! [Super descriptive] You can get killed with one bite. And it's really big! [Does he get it?] Not big this way, but like this. - I know what you mean. - It looks sweet. Alligator or hippo? 1, 2, 3! - Alligator! - Alligator! [Laughing together] [You're watching a very frustrating and slow-paced clip that makes you smile because they're just so adorable] [Let's do another like this] Something special. [What is something special?] I got it! Rock-paper-scissors three times, and make the same hand! Three times in a row? - You mean we have to tie? - The same hand. Rock-paper-scissors! [How great is their chemistry?] [Success!] [How can you get that right?] [We might clear all three] [Scissors vs. paper] [Breaking apart] - Scissors comes after paper! - No! [Whining] You know what to make after. We're making this more interesting. If we match in every hand, then we'd be the same person! What is one plus one? Two! If we know each other that well, that won't be any fun. You know, rock-paper-scissors! Why aren't you playing? This is what makes this fun! That's what I think. I think our chemistry is this. The differences! - The same people don't attract. - Right! So our chemistry is... - Here! - Here? What comes after that? Wait a minute! We are here filming like this, but it's our first face-to-face talk. I hope we can talk more and eat out together sometime. You're right about that. But not now (due to social distancing). When things get better, I'll treat you! - What? - I'll treat you! - Are you sure about that? - About what? - You promise that on camera? - I really will! [That makes him beam] Alright. Ring? I'm not wearing one. [High-five one more time!] From now on... - MASHIHO! - And JUNKYU! [Not a pushing game] Let's hope we have forever chemistry! [Don't remember what they said] [But they're really cute guys]