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What is this??? Try not to cringe challenge... *runs hands through hair* OH GOD, I get -- I better get some help *sound* Marzia: I'm here Felix: No, not you Felix: Go back Marzia: What...?? *stares at her soul* *listens to lord Pewds* *elevator goes down* Felix: Okay, fine! Felix: Fine! Marzia: Thank you Poods Felix: Marzia is here, Try Not To Cringe Challenge Felix: Try Not To Cringe Challenge Felix: The one person that I've never seen cringe Marzia: It's me Felix: It's you. Felix: You don't cringe Marzia:I know But you're the cringiest girlfriend ever Marzia: Thank you!! Felix:*laughs* Felix: This has been cura -curated by Kirsten Dunst Marzia: WOW! Marzia: Heyy look at this.... Rainbow socks *pewds looks disgusted* Marzia: Do you see them? Felix: Just-- you're triggering me.. please Felix: this is cringe com-, you're making this a cringe compilation Let's do this! Finnish actor attempts back flip on talk show. (Can you do it here?) (I don't know, I'll have to try something really low) Felix: What's with Finnish people and cringe? Marzia: Wait, is this live? Felix: He's gonna do a -- yeah. Felix: Do the back flip! *The finnish guy fails and PewDiePie (Felix) starts laughing* Marzia: It's not cringey though. Marzia: Right? (He didn't get hurt, he's just acting) (You had me worried) (Tomorrow Matti Esko HytΓΆnen is going to be here and...) Felix: I'm sweating! Marzia: Why? Felix: You don't care? Marzia: Why? Felix: He just lay there! Marzia: So what? Felix: Are you serious? Marzia: What's wrong with it? Marzia: I mean, it's funny to see that he-- he got hurt.. Marzia: But it's not cringey. *cringes* Felix: Okay, fine... NEXT ONE! Marzia: It is funny to see people get hurt but it's not cringey. Pewds: *points at himself* Cringe *points at Marzia* not cringe Marzia: Yeah. Felix: Okay, Hawaii from Hawaii to Hawaii. Miss Hawaii: We are truly the land of the great. From the Rocky shores of Havaii (Hawaii) to the beautiful sandy bitches of Havaii (Hawaii), America is our home. Marzia: That wasn't bad... Felix: What did she just say? Felix: No, wait Felix: From the ro-rocky shores of Hawaii (Havaii) Marzia: YEAH! Marzia: I get it but its not eeeeeeee *PewDiePie (Felix) starts laughing again* Marzia: Really? Marzia: Really!? Marzia: Whaaat? Felix: This would kill me for years. Felix: I would have to go to therapy... are you serious?! Marzia: Why? Felix: From the rocky shores to Hawaii to the beaches of... hawaiiiii. Felix: ARE YOU SERIOUS!? Felix: HOW ARE YOU NOT DESTROYED? Marzia: It-- she can be like-- very nervous, she was obviously reading and she just-- *Felix interrupts* YOU'RE TOO COMPASSIONATE! Felix: Eww... Marzia: What..? Is that pee? Felix: Yeah *PewDiePie starts laughing, yet again* *Marzia is confsued* Marzia: What? *PewDiePie hides, Marzia and the reporter laugh* Man: This isn't your urinal, is it? i think it is man! Marzia: Where did you gooo? News Reporter: Woooah! Felix: What the hell man!? Marzia: He didn't realize... Felix: How do you not realize? Marzia: It's fine! Felix: ITS NOT FINE! Marzia: Hey it was an honest mistake! Pewds: No one would-- *Marzia interrupts* Marzia: He wanted to wash his hands! NnnnNNNNN... NEXT ONE! Marzia: It's still not cringey! Felix: How are y- You are going to cringe by the end of this alright? I promise you! *PewDiePie starts reading the title of the video* Felix: Woman calls Lebron James a crybaby and then gets caught! Felix: UUuuuuuuuuuuu! Felix: Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh! Marzia: Still not cringey, she deserved it, that's what you get for being a mean person! *Marzia exposes the woman that told LeBron James a crybaby* Pewbs: NEXT VIDEO! Marzia: Give me something-- stronger! GIVE HER SUMTHIN STRONGER! WE NEED DAT.. CRINGE COME ON! Aladdin: Very well, princess... Aladdin: As you wish! (JUMP!) Princess Jasmine: Ali! *Jasmine trips and smashes head through prop balcony* Felix: puhHaha, she went right in with her head! Felix: She just wanted Alladin! Marzia: Yeah... Guy: High five people! Guy: Wooooooooo! Pewds: Tell me that wasn't cringe... Marzia: A lil' bit... Felix: Egh, a little bit! Felix: 3 more chances for you to cringe! Felix: I am-- I feel-- I'm in pain... Felix: This is agony Marzia: No way! Joke to Dalai Lama goes awkard... Aussie TV Host: So the Dalai Lama walks into a pizza shop, *Dalai Lama doesn't understand* Off Screen Translator: Pizza shop.. TV Host: Pizza? Dalai Lama: Pizza shop? TV Host: Yeah pizza -- pizza shop. TV Host: And says can you make me one with everything? *Dalai Lama doesn't understand* *PewDiePie facepalms and screams*: Uuugghhhhh! Felix: No cringe... Marzia: I thought it was a lil'... Felix: Eh oh ooh uh whaaa? Marzia: Because if that happens-- then-- that's why I never say jokes... Felix; Yeah, puns should be thrown into a pit of fire and never be used. FINAL ONE! Ryan Seacrest high fives blind guy Felix: Never high five, never handshake, never hug! *PewDiePie facepalms and walks out of the room* Marzia: Yeah but I've seen this one! Pewds: What are you doin'!? Felix: Ohhh nooo! Marzia: Ooohh! Felix: I feel awful. How do you feel? Marzia: I mean, I feel bad for all these people... Marzia: Some are funny Felix: STAPH MAKING ME LOOK BAD! *PewDiePie (Felix) sighs* Okay, this has been the cringe challenge-- Felix: Thank you for watching this video, if you enjoyed leave a like-- Uh.. let us know what challenge you want us to do next and as always... Marzia: Challenge? *PewDiePie kisses his fist* Felix: Stay awesome bros! *CutiePieMarzia kisses her fist as well* Felix: W-wait we should do a hi-five... *It fails and PewDiePie (Felix) walks away in disappointment* *PewDiePie laughs and they both "brofist" the camera* Marzia: Brofist! Felix: Brofist!